Little Life Box Review Winter 2021

With the Spring Little Life Box this month, I also received the Winter box. I am ready to let Winter go, but this box, I could never let it pass. There are 10 amazing items that I need to share with you.

First, let me tell you a bit about Little Life Box. It is a seasonal box filled with 8 to 12 different products (mostly full size), most of them coming from Canadian companies. There are always new products and brands to discover.

If you want to try Little Life Box, you have two options: subscribe for one season at a time at $49.95 per season (you can cancel anytime, and shipping is free) or pay $179.80 annually ($44.95/season) so you will receive one box every 3 months. I would highly recommend the annual option since you cannot be disappointed with LLB and that makes you save $20. (All prices are in Canadian dollars.)

Little Life Box is simple but well designed and so full, there is no need for a ton of fillers. When you open the box, there are two cards at the top. One has a nice design with the season written on it (those polar bears are super cute) and the other one is the list of items. This box comes from Quebec where most people speak French, so the list is also in French on the other side.

Now, let me tell you a bit more about the Winter box.

*Little Life Box kindly sent me this box for review.

Hand Repair Gel from S’Aimme

“The gel provides intense hydration while sealing and repairing the skin with botanical extracts and polysaccharides (sugars). Deeply hydrates the skin and prevents dryness for up to 72 hours after a single application. Immediately reduces transepidermal water loss (TEWL).”

Cold might have been at play here, but mostly washing my hands numerous times every day created a problem. My skin has never been this dry and the “instant hand repair gel” is something I am very happy to find in my box. I have read excellent reviews and hope it will do a miracle for me too. The key ingredient is Canadian Hemp Oil which is naturally rich in fatty acids and repairs damaged skin. It is impressive how quickly the product is absorbed. Peppermint oil was added and there is just enough to leave your hands with a pleasing smell.

Winter Wonderland Ambiance Mist from Scentuals

“The beautifully aromatic 100% natural Winter Wonderland Ambiance Mist will keep your house smelling divine with the perfect blend of Cedarwood, Juniper, Berry, Fir Needle, and Cypress. Handcrafted with pure essential oils, lightly spray anywhere you wish (linens, pillows, and rooms), avoiding wood surfaces. This is the ideal gift for the entertainer or anyone in the mood for a little holiday spirit.”

As I am posting this review, I feel far away from Winter festivities, but I could see myself spraying this ambiance mist in my living room fully decorated with Christmas decorations. The name for this spray is fitting. When I smell this blend of essential oils, it brings the image of a green forest covered in snow.

Lip Gloss – Knockout – Laritzy

“Formulated to give you an effortless high-gloss, editorial look. We took out the stickiness and the glue-like feeling and created the ideal gloss. Unlike other glosses, our gloss is designed for ultimate comfort, so we packed each swipe with a mega-dose of unreal hydration.”

I already own this lip gloss (I think I got it in a previous Little Life Box), and it is one I find to be perfect for everyday wear. It gives a flawless look and is comfortable to wear. For those, like me, who have dry lips, it is an excellent product.

Rescue Blackcurrant Pastilles from Bach

“Our popular and delicious Rescue® Pastilles range! Keep a Rescue® product nearby with this handy format for your handbag or in your car. Each pastille contains four drops of the Rescue Remedy® flower essences and the click-shut tin makes it the perfect travel companion to grab and go.”

I tried Rescue plus lozenge before, which is lozenges with Rescue Remedy® plus Vitamins B5 and B12 and still have some in my office drawer. These pastilles are similar and contain four drops of the Rescue Remedy. When I feel my anxiety is getting out of control, I found the Rescue Remedy helps me feel better.

Scented Soy Candle from Puur Cosmetics

When I saw this container, I thought it was a small jewelry box made of clay or something similar. In fact, it was a beautifully scented soy candle. The aroma of eucalyptus tea looks perfect for a relaxing bath time. With approximately 30h of burning time, it should accompany me for quite a few baths. The container is made of aluminum, and looks so nice I will reuse it. If you do not know the trick, when you cannot light your candle anymore, pour boiling water in it. It will melt the last morsels of wax and float them to the top. Once hardened, it is easy to clean.

Nutra + Collagen Supplement from Medelys

Collagen supplements are more and more popular and can be found in different shapes. I personally tried different brands, but only the powder form. This bottle contains 120 ml of Hydrolyzed collagen, vitamin C, vitamin D and amino acids. I have not tasted it yet, but it is said to have a sweet, fruity and slightly tangy taste. I wish it said how the collagen is sourced, but this looks like one to try. With this sample, I will have enough for about a week and enough time to see if I should get the 500 ml bottle.

Basil Pure Essential Oil from Scentuals

I have tried a lot of products from Scentuals in the past year, but never had the occasion to try their essential oils. The basil essential oil can be used to help with fatigue, nausea and motion sickness. To use it on your body, you should dilute it in a carrier oil like coconut oil. You can also add a few drops in a diffuser, to unscented skin care products and cleaning products. So many possibilities!

Pivot: Five Practices to Strategize and Support You Through Change by Pauline Caballero

Here is what we can read on the back cover: “Are you tired of hoping for a new way? Or keeping your fingers crossed that everything is going to stay the same? In this book we are going to play with the ideal and notion that CHANGE ISN’T COMING, IT’S HERE! Over the period of five weeks we will explore the five main distinctions of the PIVOT concept: Perspective, Intuition, Vision, Obstacles, and Tactics. Similar to how we train our muscles through working out, we will train our mind to develop habits that will support us to thrive in our forever changing environments.”

This looks like an interesting book. A 117-page book with activities looks like it is going to be a quick read, but the author asks for one chapter a week to truly benefit from the new knowledge. I feel this book might be a life changer for a lot of people.

Collagen Serum from Medelys

“The new Sérum Collagen by Medelys has been specifically designed to help improve the appearance of the epidermis through precise stimulation of collagen and elastin regeneration while ensuring protection against the oxidizing aggressions of the environment on the skin.”

I never tried a collagen serum before, and I am intrigued by the benefits. It should improve skin elasticity, firm and tone the skin, and what I like the most, reduce wrinkles. If powder or liquid collagen when integrated into a diet can have the same benefits on the skin, that serum should work too. I received a 10 ml sample bottle, and I hope that will be enough to see some changes.

3-Month Free Yoga Membership

Yoga is such a great help to deal with stress and anxiety. It seems, sometimes, hard to approach with the hard poses we can see on Instagram or just by the number of intense practices some do, but it can also be relaxing and done at a slow pace. Poweryoga at home seems to offer a nice variety of practices. The videos are separated in 4 themes: Monthly Challenge & Series, Power Yoga, Deep Flow and Restorative Practices. In each theme, the videos are categorized by teachers.

If you are new to yoga, I would recommend the Yoga Lab category in the Monthly Challenge & Series section. You will get how to’s videos for different poses and transitions. If you go straight to the Power Yoga classes, you might have a hard time following the movements. Deep Flow and Restorative is what my body needs these days, and I will gladly benefit from this free membership.

Little Life Box Winter 2021 Review – Final Thoughts

The Winter Little Life Box had many items related to the season. The ambiance mist from Scentuals and the candle were perfect to create a cozy space with pleasant fragrances. I could picture myself relaxing with the Pivot book in hand or after a yoga session. There were also quality skin care products. The hand repair Gel from S’Aimme is different from the usual hand cream and I found it was perfect when I am working on my computer. I think one item with collagen would have been enough for the season, but I am still happy to try both. Overall, this was an excellent box filled with quality products, all from Canadian companies (except the Rescue pastilles) with an amazing value.

Jacynthe Létourneau –

Little Life Box

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