Little Passports Summer Camp in a Box Review: Day 2

Is your Summer all planned out already? In need of some help to keep your young ones busy? Little Passports might be exactly what you need. Super fun activities for kids aged around 3 to 12. They will keep on learning with hands-on projects, a magazine, trading cards, stickers and other amazing items depending on your subscription theme.

My kids are now having fun at day camp while we are working, but I know that not all families had the same option this year. Keeping our children busy all Summer long might be quite a challenge, so all made and ready to go activities are a must.

Subscription Details

Little Passports offers many different subscriptions with different themes and age ranges. Here is the list (see my review of the first box for more details):

Early explorers (ages 3-5, prices start at $19.95) – “Explore a new world theme each month, like Music, Oceans and Dinosaurs”.

Science Junior (age 5-8, prices start at $22.95) – “Launch a lifelong interest in science, technology, engineering and math”

World Edition (ages 6-10, prices start at $17.95) – “Discover a new country each month, with souvenirs and hands-on activities.”

USA Edition (ages 7-12, prices start at $15.95) – “Learn about two new states each month, with activity-packed State Journals”

Science Expeditions (ages 9+, prices start at $22.95) – “Reveal the mysteries of the world through science experiments and activities”

You have three subscription options for all boxes. You can subscribe monthly (can be cancelled at any time before next payment), for 6 months or a year which has the best value. Shipping is free in the US and all prices shown are in USD.

They also have boxes, kits and other products that can be bought without a subscription like Summer Camp in a Box: Word Edition ($150.65 USD) and Summer Camp in Box: Science Junior ($155.70 USD) which Little Passports kindly sent me for review. The perfect box to recreate 6 days of Summer camp filled with fun activities and learning experiences.

I reviewed the “Day 1” box in my last review and today I discover the “Day 2” box. Now with our backpack filled with the activities from day 1, we are ready to search for new adventures. Put on your backpack and come with me to see how amazing Little Passports Camp is!

Day 2

I thought there was a different schedule for everyday, but I misread. The schedule is the same for all 6 boxes, but since all the activities change with every new themed box, it will never look the same. Of course, the schedule is meant to be a guideline and you can make it work best for you. Suggestion: You could use a chalk pen and write a to-do list on a window or write your personalized schedule. With that said, let me show you what I found in that second box…


The magazine gives the first hint of the theme: Volcanoes. My kids have peeked at the box and now they are asking me everyday if I have finished my review, so they can play. The theme is super interesting (even for adults). This time, we follow Sam, Sofia and their friends and family to the magnificent Hawaii to learn more about geology, seismology and volcanology. The magazine is the centerpiece of every box and gives most of the important information.

Experiment 1: Erupting Volcano

My youngest did many times the vinegar and baking soda mix to create mini volcanos and he still asks us every week to do it again. We did it many ways, but Little Passports’ version is something else. We have never done something this cool and detailed. The use of clay is an excellent idea and I love the added details with the fake grass and the little tree.

Once the volcano is shaped, with the fake grass and tree added, you must wait at least one night to let it dry. Then, you can prepare the special mixture to make your volcano erupt orange “lava”. Thanks to the little plastic cup inside the volcano, once the experiment is done, you can empty it, let it dry and do it again.

Experiment 2: Shaking Plates

No game board this time, but a second experiment to make. Creating the shaking plates, you can test different structures to see how they hold up to a possible earthquake, just like engineers would do to test different building designs. All the instructions can also be found in the magazine.


Every box comes with a set of trading cards related to the theme. There is more information about volcanoes on each of them. The green ring we received in the first box will be useful to add these 4 new cards.

Turning the cards, you can recreate the illustration of a volcano. Two activities in one!


One of the activities on the schedule is to draw a picture integrating the stickers provided. I find it is a good challenge for my kids to work with a specific theme in mind. I might see a worker with that worker’s hat and maybe an island inspired from the comic, who knows.


At the end of every day/box, your kid earns a badge and this time, we get a nice volcano. A new addition to our backpack! You simply remove the protective piece of paper behind it to stick it easily where you want on the backpack.

Little Passports Summer Camp in a Box – Final Thoughts

Little Passports Day 2 was as amazing as the first box. There is truly everything you need for the best day filled with fun activities. The volcano theme is sure to be a hit with my family, but I know that children are all amazed by the giant force a volcano represents. The volcano experiment itself is very nice and will make quite an impression. All the information provided on the seismology, geology and volcanology is very interesting and it is presented in a way that feels like playing and just reading comics, but we (me included) will end up a lot more knowledgeable. I loved that second box and cannot wait to learn more with my boys.

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