Little Passports Summer Camp in a Box Review: Day 3 & 4

For a Summer filled with fun activities and learning, Little Passports have exactly what you need. Exciting activities for kids aged around 3 to 12. They will keep on learning with hands-on projects, a magazine, trading cards, stickers and other amazing items depending on your subscription theme.

My kids are now having fun at day camp while we are working, but I know that not all families had the same option this year. Keeping our children busy all Summer long might be quite a challenge, so all made and ready to go activities are a must.

Subscription Details

Little Passports offers many different subscriptions with different themes and age range. Here is the list (see my review of the first box for more details):

– Early explorers (ages 3-5, prices start at $19.95)
“Explore a new world theme each month, like Music, Oceans and Dinosaurs”.

– Science Junior (age 5-8, prices start at $22.95)
“Launch a lifelong interest in science, technology, engineering and math”

– World Edition (ages 6-10, prices start at $17.95)
“Discover a new country each month, with souvenirs and hands-on activities.”

– USA Edition (ages 7-12, prices start at $15.95)
“Learn about two new states each month, with activity-packed State Journals”

– Science Expeditions (ages 9+, prices start at $22.95)
“Reveal the mysteries of the world through science experiments and activities”

You have three subscription options for all boxes. You can subscribe monthly (can be cancelled at any time before next payment), for 6 months or a year which has the best value. Shipping is free in the US and all prices shown are in USD.

They also have boxes, kits and other products that can be bought without a subscription like Summer Camp in a Box: Word Edition ($150.65 USD) and Summer Camp in Box: Science Junior ($155.70 USD) which Little Passports kindly sent me for review. The perfect box to recreate 6 days of Summer camp filled with fun activities and learning experiences.

So far, I have reviewed the first two days and did the activities with my boys who are 5 and 8 years old. I can say they loved everything and my youngest had a big crush for the volcano experiment.

The experiments are their favourite part and they love to read the comics with me. Now with two badges on our backpack, we are ready to search for new adventures. Let me show you what day 3 and 4 have in store.

Day 3


The theme for the third box is Sound & Music. I love music and my kids too. The magazine starts with the comic with Sam and Sofia who discover uncommon music instruments at the World Music Festival. We learn more about the anatomy of the ear, how the brain reacts to music and even learn how different animals hear. Instructions for the experiments and games are also found in the magazine.

Stickers, Cards and Badge

As in the other two boxes, we have stickers to get creative and use them in drawings. We also have four new cards with a pattern behind creating a scene. The text on them are all related to the sound, but in different aspects. Example, one is about the ear, two others about musical instruments and the last about speakers. There is also a badge with music notes to stick to our back once we have done all the activities.

Experiment 1: Building a Zither

I thought the volcano experiment from day 2 was impressive, but I had not yet seen this one. Everything is there to create a zither. It is a musical instrument similar to a little harp. The instructions for the Zither are divided into two activities; the first being the wooden part with the strings and the second part is building the sound box. They even provided music sheets and a zither pick. They also show at the end how to tune the instrument. I can’t wait to do that one!

Experiment 2: DIY Water Music

The material needed for this one is easily found to create a homemade xylophone. I might add my personnel touch and add some color to the water to make it even more fun. It is simple to make and such a fun way to learn about the acoustic. Little Passports even thought to write two well known songs with the number labeled on the cups.

Day 4


Day 4 for is all about chimpanzees. You start your adventure with Sofia and Sam who visit the Primate Center in Tanzania. They get to learn a lot about chimpanzees with a primatologist. The story is fun and educational at the same time. We also find the instructions for the experiences and more mini games at the end.

Stickers, Cards and Badge

In the same plastic envelope as the magazine, I found all these items. Like the previous boxes, the stickers are going to be used for crafting and drawing. Also, we received four more cards with fun facts about chimpanzees. We will add them to our growing collection. We also received a cute badge with a chimpanzee on it. Fits perfectly with the theme.

Experiment 1: Swinging Chimpanzee

I find this first experiment very original. The material provided is of high quality and I like the fun aspect to it with the science learning twist. The instructions are well detailed in 14 steps with drawings. My kids might need a little help to thread the string correctly, but overall, that seems very doable and fun to play with.

Experiment 2: Termite Hill Game

I bet this second experiment will be the favourite of my youngest son. It does not look too hard to put together (6 easy steps, the seventh shows how to catch a termite). Once your termite hill cut-out is folded the right way and the sticky string is attached to the wooden stick, you are ready to catch some termites! I will have to watch this little stick or I bet I will find my kids trying to catch ants outside!

Little Passports Summer Camp in a Box – Final Thoughts

These two Summer Camp boxes blew me away. Little Passport created jewels for the kids with these boxes. The projects are fun, sometimes challenging, and keep my kids interested. Day 3 and 4 are both completely different from the first days and will keep the fun going. Day 3, with the music theme, is super interesting and I must say the zither construction is impressive. It happens that one of my sons asked me recently to create an instrument. We did a few simple things like a tambourine, but I could never have done something like that.

Day 4 happens to arrive as we recently watched movies including action set in the jungle with different kinds of monkeys. I know my boys will be interested to learn more about chimpanzees and will enjoy the activities and experiences. We love our journey with Little Passports so far and we can’t wait to see the themes for the last two days of our Summer Camp in a Box.

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