Little Passports Summer Camp in a Box Review: Day 5 & 6

For a Summer filled with fun activities and learning, Little Passports have exactly what you need. Exciting activities for kids aged around 3 to 12. They will keep on learning with hands-on projects, a magazine, trading cards, stickers and other amazing items depending on your subscription theme.

We have discovered Little Passports with the Summer Camp in a Box and have now opened 4 boxes out of the 6 we received. We liked them all and learned a lot throughout the Summer. Now that we started our family vacations, we will have plenty of time to look back at the previous boxes and enjoy the two last ones.

Subscription Details

Little Passports offers many different subscriptions with different themes and age range. Here is the list (see my review of the first box for more details):

– Early explorers (ages 3-5, prices start at $19.95)
“Explore a new world theme each month, like Music, Oceans and Dinosaurs”.

– Science Junior (age 5-8, prices start at $22.95)
“Launch a lifelong interest in science, technology, engineering and math”

– World Edition (ages 6-10, prices start at $17.95)
“Discover a new country each month, with souvenirs and hands-on activities.”

– USA Edition (ages 7-12, prices start at $15.95)
“Learn about two new states each month, with activity-packed State Journals”

– Science Expeditions (ages 9+, prices start at $22.95)
“Reveal the mysteries of the world through science experiments and activities”

You have three subscription options for all boxes. You can subscribe monthly (can be cancelled at any time before next payment), for 6 months or a year which has the best value. Shipping is free in the US and all prices shown are in USD.

They also have boxes, kits and other products that can be bought without a subscription like Summer Camp in a Box: Word Edition ($150.65 USD) and Summer Camp in Box: Science Junior ($155.70 USD) which Little Passports kindly sent me for review. The perfect box to recreate 6 days of Summer camp filled with fun activities and learning experiences.

So far, I have reviewed four boxes out of six and did the activities with my boys who are 5 and 8 years old. I can say they loved everything and my youngest had a big crush for the zither in the “Day 3” box. The experiments are their favourite part and they love to read the comics with me. Let me show you what I found in our last two boxes.

Day 5


The theme for the fifth box is Deep Sea Exploration. We get to learn more about physics, oceanography and submarine science. I know my kids are quite fascinated about everything we can find in the big sea, so I bet that will get their interest. Like the other magazines, it starts with the comic with Sam and Sofia who are going on an adventure in the Pacific Ocean. Our two friends are exploring the Mariana Trench with Captain Bruce in his submarine. After the comic, we find the instructions for the two experiments and fun games related to the submarine and the creatures we can find in the sea.

Stickers, Cards and Badge

We have received stickers, cards and a badge related to the theme in all our boxes and loved them all. In the fifth box, we have two cards about two different creatures found in the sea and two others about submarines. On the other side, put in the right order, they create a scene from the sea. There are also beautiful stickers to collect or to add in your kids creations. Finally, once we have done all the activities, we will proudly stick the cute submarine badge to our backpack.

Experiment 1: Diving Submarine

This experiment will not be the hardest to do, but my boys will have fun for hours with this one. Like the previous experiment, it is explained with a lot of details and images. With this mini submarine, a balloon and a syringe, we will learn how submarines can sink and rise in the water.

Experiment 2: Periscope

The periscope makes a nice second experiment after the diving submarine. You only need basic origami skills to create the periscope with the precut pieces and there are only 7 steps for this activity. Another activity that my boys will enjoy a lot! I bet we will get spied on this Summer.

Day 6


The last day is about the Wetlands. We follow Sam and Sophia in Everglades National Park. I do not know much about wetlands and I will be as thrilled as my kids to learn more about it. In the magazine, there is the comic with Sam and Sophia who follow Ranger Betty in the wetlands, the instructions for the experiments and games. I like that there is a page about alligators versus crocodiles. We often mix them, so it is interesting to learn about their differences.

Stickers, Cards and Badge

With the magazine, we also received the last four cards to add to our collection. With these, we learn more about the Everglades National Park, airboats, mangrove and alligators. We also have stickers with a mix of new terminology, animals and boats found in the wetlands. The last badge will make our backpack look fierce with this alligator.

Experiment 1: Airboat

For this activity, we received seven foam pieces to construct an airboat. With a plastic tube, a balloon and a zip tie we will recreate the concept of the airboat we saw in the story we read in the magazine. Instead of the giant fan, we will use the balloon to propel our boat. We will give it a try in our mini pool to see how far it can go.

Experiment 2: Slime

The second experiment is to create slime which recalls the algae found in the wetlands. The ingredients you might not have at home are provided (glue, baking soda and green dye) and you need contact solution or detergent to add to the mix. All kids like to play with slime (even adults) and even the youngest, with supervision can make this experiment. It says that it changes color when you squeeze the slime. I cannot wait to test that.

Little Passports Summer Camp in a Box – Final Thoughts

I had such an amazing journey with Little Passports and their Summer Camp in a Box. I think it was the perfect idea to put together this subscription this Summer as not every kid had the opportunity to go to a Summer camp. Every box had a unique subject and they all got my boys interested. I was also impressed by all the material provided as it is top quality and you can really go with your backpack and have fun wherever you want since you have everything you need for the activities. The schedule provided was an excellent idea to make it more structured like a camp, but I really liked to open a box almost every weekend. That way, we made the fun last all Summer long. We still have these final two boxes to enjoy during our family vacations and my boys cannot wait to complete their cards collection and work on the submarine and airboat. I greatly recommended Little Passports. It creates an opportunity for a parent to share a learning experience with their child and have fun.

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