Loti Wellness Box Review January 2022

My favourite box has arrived! A self-care box is always welcome, but even more at the beginning of the year. I tend to cave in a bit in January-February and need a little extra love, so I do not fall into depression. While I wait for Spring, I will enjoy all the new products coming to my door.

Loti Wellness Box is a Canadian subscription box that begins its third year in the business. It offers practical skills and products to reduce stress and anxiety and improve your overall well being. Every box contains 5 to 7 quality wellness and lifestyle products to remind you to take time for self-care in all aspects of your life. There are even bonuses sometimes (like this month!). With the products, there is a workbook, created by Loti, filled with therapeutic activities, and information related to the theme.

Subscription Details

Here are the different options to subscribe:

  • Month-to-Month – pay one box at a time with no commitment: $55.95 monthly
  • 6-Months commitment: Billed monthly at 49.95 per box
  • 12-Months commitment: Billed monthly at 46.95 per box

To any of these options, add $8.99 for shipping for Canada and the contiguous US (the prices shown are in Canadian dollars). Most boxes are worth over $100. If you get hooked like I am, I recommend the 6 or 12-months option since you save up to 16% per box.

Every Loti Wellness Box comes with a brochure detailing the products. There is a lot of information like the websites, prices, and even promo codes for specific items. On top of the brochure, there is also the month’s theme, which is “Connect Closer” this month.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have been closer to my family (the members inside my house), but I cannot say I have practiced much my social skills recently. The workbook seems like a must read.

Let’s take a look at what I received this month. Loti Wellness Box kindly sent me this box for review.

Hearth Bath Bomb from Bath Bomb Co

Such a cute bath bomb. Perfect for any bath time, but even more perfect since Valentine’s Day is coming up. The chocolate mint scent is pleasant and different from what we usually see. I have tried one bath bomb from Bath Bomb Co before and it was the “Stress less” one (got it in a previous Loti box) and I liked it a lot. Also, I think it is such a great idea to add a product made especially for the subscription, it makes it a little bit more special.

Kiwi Superfood Cooling Eye Serum from Dr Botanicals

I recently ran out of eye contour cream, so this product from Dr Botanicals came right on time. It is liquid, so it is a bit hard to apply in such a small area, but it is manageable. My sensitive skin did not react to it and so far, I love the effect on my skin. It is a small bottle, but it will last a long time since a tiny drop is needed for both eyes. I also like the fact that the scent is subtle.

Healthy Skin Night Moisturiser from Dr Botanicals

Another excellent skin care product from Dr Botanical. This one should improve skin’s tone and texture and deeply moisturise the skin. Since it is a night moisturiser, I thought it would have a thick consistency and take some time to absorb into my skin, but it is all the opposite. Easy to apply and quick to absorb. So far, I tested it at the back of my hand, once on my face and so far, no reactions. Going to keep using it to benefit from the cranberry seed oil, juniper fruit oil it contains.

Matcha Detoxifying Clay Mask from Maskeraide

“Here’s the tea: This mask is the perfect way to cleanse and detoxify your pores. Want an intense clean feeling? Use this mask 2-3 times a week. Best for normal to oily skin.”

I have tried a few sheet masks from Maskeraide and liked them all, including this one. Since there are three packets, it is convenient to bring one on a trip for a quick mask without bringing a big jar or tube. I also like the benefits from it: it cleanses, helps prevent acne and promotes smoother and more supple skin. Exactly what I need. The small package is perfect to give it a try and go for the bigger package of 12 packets if you like it.

7-in-1 Facial Cleansing Spin Brush from Grace & Stella

At first, I was curious, and since I have always been pleased with this brand, I had good hopes. Those hopes felt short. First detail: in the leaflet, this product is valued at $50, but I found it on sale at $13 on Grace & Stella’s website (was $24 before). I gave it a try before writing my review, but I was not impressed. The brushes are too rough (even the soft one), and the attachment with plastic beads was a good idea, but it did not work as expected (and I wonder how you can clean this properly after each use). I still love this brand but would not recommend this battery powered brush.

Bonus: Pilates on Demand – 1 Month Free Access

I did many Pilates classes with Pilates on Demand in the past and I loved their videos and programs, so I was happy when I found out there would be a free month of Pilates on Demand. If you like working out at home, this platform is worth trying. I did the “360 Pilates series” to get a feel of the beginner, intermediate and advanced classes in just three days, and I found it helped me to choose the right level for my next videos.

The subscription steps were easy and if you want to unsubscribe after your free month, you can easily do so in your account. They offer a variety of videos for beginners to experts, with or without equipment. I especially liked the series (programmed days with specific training) and the monthly challenged groups. It is a great community with a wonderful mindset. The free month is a great bonus!

Loti Activity – Connect Closer Mini-Workbook

This mini-workbook about relationships was interesting and perfect for the month of love. I loved the part about ways to show you gratitude to the people that matter around you. It has good activities and tips to connect and have better relationships. The section about active and reflective listening was an excellent one too. I have read on that subject and only then realised that I could be a much better listener. We can always get better in that area.

Loti Wellness Box January 2022 Review – Final Thoughts

This month’s Loti Wellness Box might not reach my top three for this year, but it has a lot to like. The two products from Dr. Botanicals made a nice duo and I loved them. I only wish they were a Canadian company, that would be even better. The cleansing spin brush was the first product ever that I did not like. It was my first time not liking a product after reviewing Loti Wellness Box for two years, so I do not mind a little mishap. Even without the brush, the box has an excellent value. Like last month, there was a bonus item to keep moving. Pilates is such a great activity and one month is long enough to see if it works for you.

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