Loti Wellness Box Review June 2021

Loti Wellness Box is a Canadian subscription box that offers practical skills and products to reduce stress and anxiety and improve your overall wellbeing. You will find in your box 5 to 8 quality wellness and lifestyle products to remind you to take the time for self-care in all aspects of your life. With the products, there is a workbook, created by Loti, filled with therapeutic activities, and guided materials related to the month’s theme.

First, let us have a look at this beautiful box. I had seen previews of the makeover and liked it at first sight, but I like it even more now that I have it in front me. Loti Wellness Box is a box that puts forward the importance to pause, self-reflect and reset, and the design reflects exactly that message. The graphic designer did an excellent job! I get a 70’s vibe here. There are three shapes that look like hour glasses, the two first are filled and the last one is blank (the reset part). The shapes also all have a copy/reflection. I got carried away a little with my design analyses, but I just love it when the design of a box is so nice and well thought out.

Now, a little bit of information on the Loti Wellness Box subscription options. Depending on your preference, you can receive a box every month or bi-monthly. The cost per box is $49.95 + $5.99 for shipping to Canada and $8.99 to the contiguous US (the prices shown are in Canadian dollars). Most boxes are worth over $100. If you get hooked like I am, I recommend the prepaid options (3, 6 or 12-month).

Another theme that I like this month: Energize. We tend to focus on food to nourish ourselves and get a boost of energy, but we can raise our energy level in so many ways. Essential oils can be a significant help as well as a good massage (self-made or professional) for example. The items look interesting and well curated for the theme. Let us have a closer look at what I received.
*Loti Wellness Box kindly sent me this box for review.

Regenerating Exfoliator + Mask – Province Apothecary

A reason I like powdered masks is because of how versatile they are. Here, the recommended recipe is 1 TSP exfoliator with ½ TSP water or moisturizing oil cleanser + makeup remover, but you could mix it with honey, or plain yogurt too if you want. It can also be used as a mask or to exfoliate. It is made of a few natural ingredients, mostly organic, like oat, lavender, green tea leaves and flax seeds. This product will be a hit.

Exfoliating Mitt – Céla

Oh! I had not seen a product from Céla for a while and I missed this brand. I already have their beautiful Hammam Towel from the August box of last year and the deliciously scented Crème Rose received last February. I consider myself assiduous regarding my exfoliation routine (I do a quick scrub almost every day), so I am always happy to receive a new exfoliating glove or mitt in that case. The way the fiber is woven looks different from what I have used before. I wonder if it is going to be more effective than a traditional exfoliating glove. Also, it features a loop to hang it and the elastic part to keep it from moving when you wear it makes it comfortable and secured in place.

Pure Essential Oil Roll-On – Relaxus

First, even if it took me a while to open, I must applaud the care that Relaxus put on making sure the roll-on will not leak during travel. There was a lot of plastic wrap involved and the bead was even glued, but worth it since not a drop escaped. The name of this roll-on is “Energized”. That goes perfectly with this month’s theme! It is a mix of almond oil as the carrier oil, rosemary, grapefruit, and peppermint essential oils. It is a pleasant smell, energizing, but it is not overwhelming. It reminds me of the soap in the showers of my favourite spa.

Seeds of Intention Card – May You Know Joy

These are coming with me to work. I started working at a new workplace recently and connecting with new coworkers while working half the time from home is not easy. I will enjoy picking my daily card, but will also share these nice intentions with my colleagues to share the goodness of good intentions. I looked at May You Know Joy’s website and found interesting information on how to practice intention and set intentions. I will add these 42 beautifully written cards to my routine and start planting seeds of good intentions.

Nut and Seed Bites from Good To Go Snacks

I received a little bag of these in a previous box and liked them, so I am happy to get more and in another flavour. These are seasoned with herbs and garlic and contain lots of good seeds for a snack full of protein. From experience, a few bites are quite filling, so this big bag is going to last for a while. I love salty snacks and even more when they are so healthy, vegan and organic.

Essential Oil – Relaxus

In the booklet, it said that the scents vary, and I found myself lucky with a citrus essential oil. One of the most vivifying and energizing essential oils (in my opinion), so quite fitting with the theme too. I will add some to the lava bead on my bracelet received in last month’s box.

Loti Activity – Energize Mini-Workbook

It is called a “mini-workbook”, but I can tell you a lot of work has been put into this workbook and it is loaded with interesting information. Through different activities, mostly writing and tracking ones, you get to learn more about yourself, what works best for you to keep your energy level high for example.

Loti Wellness Box June 2021 Review – Final Thoughts

I felt the theme of June Loti Wellness Box in every item this month. There was something to energize your body as well as your spirit and your mind. The workbook brought a lot of work, but I will get through it one step at a time. The benefits are worth it! I have been using the roll-on from Relaxus a few times already and love it and it’s energizing effect. The “seeds of intention cards” are such a good idea too. As I finished my review, I picked a card that said: ”for today I count my blessings”. Well, I truly feel blessed for having the opportunity to review Loti’s box. It is an amazing box, and I highly recommend it.

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