Loti Wellness Box Review March 2021

Loti Wellness Box is a Canadian subscription box that offers practical skills and products to reduce stress and anxiety and improve your overall wellbeing. You will find in your box 5 to 8 quality wellness and lifestyle products to remind you to take the time for self-care in all different aspects of your life. Coming along, there is a workbook filled with therapeutic activities and guided materials related to the month’s theme.

Depending on your preference, you can receive a box every month or bi-monthly. The cost per box is $49.95 + $5.99 for shipping for Canadian and $8.99 to the contiguous US (the prices shown are in Canadian dollars). Every box has a retail value of approximately $85 or more, so it is totally worth it. If you get hooked like I am, you should go for one of the prepaid options (3, 6 or 12-month).

This month’s Loti Wellness Box theme is “Stress Buster”. Pretty much everyone is dealing with some stress these days, and the level of stress as much as the way we deal (or not) with it can vary a lot from a person to another. I already see interesting items in the March box that could be tools to bring some calm and relaxation in my life. Loti Wellness kindly sent me this box for review, and I am pleased to share my thoughts with you on the items and the workbook I received.

Cleanse Facial Cleanser – NAYELLE

This facial cleanser looks promising and perfect for my skin type (I have sensitive skin). It is enriched with natural exfoliating bamboo and minerals from glacial oceanic clay, instead of microplastics, so gentle for your skin and ecologic. It works as a daily cleanser and is effective to remove makeup. I love that it is from a Canadian company, vegan and free of parabens and toxins. It is next in line once I finish my current bottle of cleanser.

Towel Twist – Faceoff Cloth

It is softer than a baby blanket and a nice soft pink. I have not tried this specific towel yet, but I have been using similar ones for the past 10 years or so and with my very long hair, it has become an essential. The Towel Twist is made of high quality microfibre that absorbs the moisture from your hair so that means, less drying time. It can also be used to keep moisture away from your hair while you take your bath, or at the spa, and can be useful to shield your freshly cleaned tresses from your makeup or face mask (could be useful with the Glacial Cleanser from Nayelle).

Konjac Facial Sponge – BKIND

I am always pleased to receive products from BKIND as it is such a lovely brand and I love trying new products from them. This Konjac sponge is infused with green tea and has antioxidant and detoxifying properties. It can be used everyday in your skincare routine. A Konjac sponge will not last forever as they can be used for up to 3 months, but they are 100% natural and can be composted. Natural and eco-friendly: perfect for me!

Candle from CANVAS – Scent: Sister, Sister

Lighting a candle and watching the flame dance is a stress buster for me. It can turn into a meditative moment or simply a peaceful one, enjoying the nice aroma of the candle. This one from CANVAS is a mix of scent I never smelled before: rum, lavender and berry musk, named Sister, Sister. If asked, I would not have guessed the complexity of this mix, but I cannot deny the calming effect it has on me. I will find a nice place for this one on my work desk.

Stress Buster Herbal Tea – Tealish

“Ingredients: Tulsi herb, apple bits, pear bits, red currants, ginger, rooibos, cinnamon, sunflower blossoms, natural flavouring, pineapple bits.”

I have a large variety of teas and infusions and have so many because I like to drink one that will fulfill a specific need. Ginger-citrus infusion after a good meal, lavender and chamomile before bed, black tea after lunch, etc. Loti went for the perfect tea to go with this month’s theme: stress buster from Tealish. This mix has tulsi, an ancient herb that helps reduce stress and instill a sense of inner peace and calm. The same blend was in the January 2020 box and from what I remember, the bag did not last long. From January to the end of March, my workload has increased and so has my stress level, and drinking calming infusions is one of my tricks to go through these tough periods.

HER Time of the Month Membership

This two-month access to Dr. Laura Pipher’s web site includes:

  • Women’s health focused topics and education
  • Monthly recipe booklets
  • Monthly PDF E-newsletters
  • Community support and weekly accountability
  • Monthly LIVE session with Dr. Pipher

In Loti’s booklet, it says the trial as a $39.98 value, but one month of the yearly subscription to Her Time of The Month program is that price, so the real value is double that! What a great opportunity to try this program for free. I browsed the website a little (I will try the free trial when I will be a little less busy), and I only wish the program was a bit more detailed. There is no F.A.Q. page and I like a website with loads of information before I enroll in something at that price.

Stress Buster Workbook

The workbook is such an important part of Loti’s box. I learn about different subjects every month, but also about myself through the exercises proposed. Like this month, I know I am stressed more than I used to (COVID, my job, the kids, etc.), and I feel like I am relatively OK. Reading the part about the negative effects of stress made me realize I might be affected a lot more than I thought. I got plenty of ideas to improve my general wellbeing but also how to respond to stress. You can also check Loti’s blog to learn more about stress and relaxation techniques.

Loti Wellness Box March 2021 Review – Final Thoughts

The March Loti Wellness Box was a perfect mix of items to help relieve stress. My favorite way to ease stress is a day at a spa, and when I look at everything I received, it feels like a spa day in a box. Fluffy towel, skin care, hot beverage, fire (a reminder of the fire pits) … Since going out without the kids does not happen often these days, I am very glad to have a box such as Loti’s, directly delivered to my doorstep. I will use everything, and I am very curious to learn more with the free trial of the program “HER Time of the Month”.

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