Loti Wellness Box Review May 2021

You should always make yourself your priority. We tend to forget how important it is that we feel good in our body and mind so we can take care of others after and be more energized and happier. If you need help to get back on track on your self-care journey or keep your good habits, Loti Wellness Box is the box you need.

It is a Canadian subscription box that offers practical skills and products to reduce stress and anxiety and improve your overall wellbeing. You will find in your box 5 to 8 quality wellness and lifestyle products to remind you to take the time for self-care in all different aspects of your life. Coming along, there is a workbook filled with therapeutic activities and guided materials related to the month’s theme.

Depending on your preference, you can receive a Loti Wellness Box every month or bi-monthly. The cost per box is $49.95 + $5.99 for shipping for Canadian and $8.99 to the contiguous US (the prices shown are in Canadian dollars). Most boxes are worth over $100. If you get hooked like I am, I recommend the prepaid options (3, 6 or 12-month).

The second I opened the box, I saw the theme and smiled: “Taking Charge”. You would not believe how intensely I am in charge and taking charge for the past few weeks. May has been a challenging month in my career, moving rapidly from a job to an entirely different place. New challenges, new coworkers, a lot to learn and I do not like to feel out of control, so I am charging in with everything I got.

I hope the monthly workbook will help me and give me tools to take charge in the best and healthy way possible, because I tend to forget to take care of myself when I am immersed in something new. Let’s have a look first at all the beautiful items I received.

*Loti Wellness kindly sent me this box for review.

Soap bar (Orange Turmeric) – Bridlewood Soaps

Bridlewood Soaps makes soaps you wish they lasted forever. These 100% natural soaps are handmade, and from what I have tried, smell fantastic. This one is exactly my type. Anything citrus in my bath products tends to brighten my mood and the main note is most definitely the orange. A bar of soap that is good for my skin and my mood? Perfect item to put in a box such as Loti’s.

Aroma Lava Bracelet Kit – Relaxus

This bracelet will pair perfectly with a new dress I recently bought! It not only looks nice, it is also useful. The lava bead is full of tiny holes that can soak some essential oils. You spray some of it on the bead, then carry on with your day and benefit from the relaxing scent. Working with a high stress level these days, that bracelet was made for me.

Crystal Clear Mini Sheet Masks – Maskeraide

Maskeraide is well known for their face masks and I have used them myself quite a few times. I can only recommend these, and I am very happy to receive these cute mini crystal masks. This package contains 12 mini masks in different gem shapes. It allows you to target specific areas like dryer patches of skin. It creates a fun look and a different experience than a classic full-face mask.

Essential Oil Spray – K’Pure

Calming spray you say? Give it to me! Another item that will benefit the whole family and can be used in various ways. To be able to take charge of anything, you must stay calm and it is easier done when you are also well rested. This bottle of spray can help to settle down in the evening and make the transition from a busy day to night time easier (for you, but also for your loved ones in your house). I like that it can be sprayed on linen but can also be used as a facial toner. It smells mostly of lavender but in the ingredients, it says “a blend of essential oils”. This is one of the 6 products that I might use the most this month.

Lip Treatment Kit – Three Ships

“This triple-action scrub exfoliates and conditions lips. Fine sugar crystals remove dry skin/flakes and make lips look plump and full while natural shea butter and oils hydrate and soothe. This scrub contains zero artificial colors and is naturally flavored with vanilla.”

Three Ships products are often seen in Loti’s box and for good reasons. They are Canadian, all natural, vegan products that are just amazing for your skin. I have not tried the lip treatment kit yet, but it looks promising. With both products deliciously scented with vanilla, it is a good start. The three main ingredients in the lip scrub are: sugar, shea butter and avocado oil. A great combination for a gentle exfoliation and hydration. As for the lip mask, you can apply and rinse after a few minutes or leave overnight for a more intense treatment.

Bath Tea – Naturally Vain

“This organic bath tea is a luxurious addition to your bath. With exotic clay blends, real pink Himalayan salt, real dried organic rose petals and infused with rose geranium floral water that is derived right from the plants. A blend of Himalayan salts for relaxation, kaolin and French red clay to soften your skin, real rose botanicals and rose geranium floral water for a euphoric bath experience.”

The concept of a tea bath is such a good idea. A bath filled with flower petals is nice, but the cleaning part after, I could go without. Soaking alongside you, it diffuses all the good properties of the plants, red clay and salts. Now I am wondering if reusable pouches or other devices could be used for the same use.

Loti Activity – Taking Charge Mini-Workbook

You would not believe how I needed to read this month’s workbook. I almost cried reading page one and I bet I am not the only one who had the feeling someone had just written the story of her life for the past few weeks/months. This workbook felt like a little kick in the butt to take charge and bring back positive behavioural changes in my life. I have done it before and now I truly realize how I have spiralled back to a less active and more recluse lifestyle and find it hard to come back to a happier place. There are activities and tables to fill to create some kind of game plan to bring positive changes.

Loti Wellness Box May 2021 Review – Final Thoughts

What can I say? This box is perfect for me and I believe it will be for anyone who receives it. Loti Wellness Box always sends quality products made in Canada and this month was no exception. I like everything and found the bath tea the most interesting since I had never seen something similar before. The Three Ships lip treatment kit was also a good combo that I will use often. The mini-workbook was also something I appreciated a lot in this month’s box. It gives great techniques to get out of your bubble and take charge of your happiness. If you want to treat yourself and need a little boost in your life, Loti Wellness Box might be exactly what you need.

Jacynthe Létourneau – https://www.instagram.com/miss_minamie/

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