Loti Wellness Box Review October 2021

When I open a box and get such a wonderful draft of scented air, I just know it is going to be a good unboxing. The experience of unboxing starts even before you open the box. There are the little details like the aspect of the box, what it smells like, etc., and Loti Wellness Box is one that delivers in every aspect. My relaxing moment to unwind and explore the new products starts the second I have the box in my hands.

I am feeling grateful to receive this monthly box. Loti Wellness Box is a Canadian subscription box that offers practical skills and products to reduce stress and anxiety and improve your overall wellbeing. Every box contains 5 to 7 quality wellness and lifestyle products to remind you to take time for self-care in all aspects of your life. With the products, there is a workbook, created by Loti, filled with therapeutic activities, and guided materials related to the month’s theme.

Subscription Details

Depending on your preference, you can receive a box every month or bi-monthly. The cost per box is $49.95 + $5.99 for shipping for Canadian and $8.99 to the contiguous US (the prices shown are in Canadian dollars). Most boxes are worth over $100. If you get hooked like I am, I recommend the prepaid options (3, 6 or 12-month).

Every Loti Wellness Box comes with a brochure detailing the products. There is a lot of information like the websites, prices and even promo codes for specific items. On top of the brochure, there is also the month’s theme, which is “Cultivate Abundance” this month. Another month to learn and grow as well as benefit from nice selfcare items. Now, let’s have a closer look at what I received.
*Loti Wellness kindly sent me this box for review.

Serenity Bath & Massage Oil – Jubel

First, thumbs up for the plastic piece that prevents leakage during transport. Excellent idea. The dispenser is also appreciated. It makes it easier to add more oil during a massage than a bottle with a dropper. The main ingredients are avocado oil, sweet almond oil and jojoba oil. They all contribute to a smoother and well hydrated skin. It can be added to your bath or used as a massage oil. From what I tried, it penetrates rather quickly into the skin, but it stays long enough on your skin for a quick massage. As for the bath, the benefits from the oils and the aromatherapy from the different essential oils (lavender, geranium, ylang ylang and a few others) looks like an excellent idea. I will keep this one close by in my bathroom.

Lip Balm – Indigena Partridgeberry

“Indigena’s 100% natural, hand-crafted skincare products contain hand-harvested indigenous botanicals from the land and sea. The plants of Newfoundland and Labrador are challenged daily for their survival by the fluctuating temperatures and constant changing weather of the North Atlantic. These plants have become botanical superstars due to their ability to adapt and yield high antioxidants.”

Hydrating, anti-aging and replenishing? This looks like the perfect lip balm, and even better, it is natural, hand-made and was made in Canada. The seed oil from the boreal superfruit “partridgeberry” is the key ingredient with its antioxidant effect. A good lip balm is always welcome in a subscription box.

The Little Book of Gratitude

There was something I decided to change this year and it was to swap some screen time (mostly playing games on my tablet) to reading time. I went from challenging myself to read at least 12 books, to 24 books, and now I have read over 90 books since January. I will gladly put this little book about gratitude on my nightstand to do a new activity before going to bed or when I wake up. This book fits perfectly in Loti’s box.

Be Spiced Simmer Mix – Simmer & Co

I remember seeing a spoiler for that product, and I thought it was an infusion. Now that I read a bit more about it, I understand how it works. You put the mix in a pot, add a few cups of water and bring to a boil to benefit from the fragrances. This is new to me, but I am willing to try! This looks perfect to get energised in the afternoon or to add a nice aroma to your house while you are doing chores during the weekend.

Calming Mist – Taurah

Smelling this calming spray makes me think of a white cloud. The one I could imagine myself sleeping on before falling asleep. The lavender oil, organic sweet orange oil and organic bergamot oil in the distilled water are well balanced. It truly gives a calming effect. I might get another bottle for my office in case of emergencies. At home, I will use it on my pillow and try it with the kiddos too. Meditation is something I want to add to my routine and Taurah’s calming mist would be perfect to help me relax and stay focused.

Calming Roller – Taurah

I was saying I need the Calming Mist at work, but this roller might be perfect for that. It has the same essential oils then the Calming Mist, also diluted in distilled water, but from what I smell, the ratio is a bit different. The essential oils are a bit more present but are as pleasant as the mist. The roller itself looks nice with the polished glass and bamboo cap. Those two products from Taurah’s are both firsts for me, and they are a great surprise. I hope we will see more from them in the next months.

Loti Activity – Cultivate Abundance Mini-Workbook

This might be one of my favourite workbooks of the year. I have learned so much about cultivating abundance on an inner level. The activities were perfect and the one I preferred was “Life Crafting for Passion and Purpose”. There is a lot of writing in this activity, and you get to create on paper your dream life and start to work on making it a reality. The subject is complex but made comprehensible and I enjoyed every page.

Bonus: 3-months access to PWRHouse Fitness

Here what it says on PWRHouse Fitness website’s:

“PWRHOUSE is a low impact, high intensity, full body experience designed to push you both physically and mentally. Consistency is everything, and we want to make it as easy as possible to hold yourself accountable. We will keep you connected through multiple workouts added weekly, live classes, and private sessions. Our online sessions range from 10 – 60 minutes, offering a kick-ass workout for any schedule, anywhere.”

Most exercises are with a rebounder (some type of small trampoline I am not familiar with). I subscribed and browsed the repertoire and had a tough time finding a workout (excluding stretching sessions) that did not include the rebounder.

Not exactly my kind of exercise, but I will take what I like. There are a lot of short stretching sessions that look nice. Also, the Full body mat workouts (there are over 60 of those) do not need the trampoline and use other props like resistance loops and weights. I like that you can add videos to a personal list, but I had a hard time finding it first. (Just so you know, it goes in the “Browse” section.) I will try it (can’t say no to 3 free months!), but I do not think I will subscribe after.

Loti Wellness Box October 2021 Review – Final thoughts

Such a lovely box! I discovered a few new brands, and every product was a delightful surprise. In the workbook about abundance, it said that we tend, at the end of the year, to experience some regret when the year comes to an end because we feel we could have done more during the past months. Working with gratitude, taking care of ourselves (bath, massage, aromatherapy, there are many options this month) might alleviate that negative feeling. Even if I am not a huge fan of the bonus subscription to PWRHouse, the idea of moving, doing exercises is also excellent. It makes a nice reminder that we do not have to wait for January to start exercising and keep healthy habits. Another excellent box from Loti Wellness Box!

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