Love with Food Deluxe Box Review February 2017

Love With Food is a snack subscription box. Every month you’ll receive 8+ unique gourmet food samples shipped to your door. You’ll also have members-only access to purchase the full-size version of featured products at a special discount. Lucky you! You’ll will also earn points for each box you receive. Use your points to redeem for full-size products and get them at deep-discounts or for FREE! They kindly sent us this box for review.

This is my first time reviewing Love with Food, but Sarah has informed me it’s one of her all time favourite boxes.  After taking a quick peak through all the items I think it will become my favourite as well and I might be fighting her to review it… Don’t worry, I can take her…

There is nothing better than having portioned snacks readily available.  I don’t really purchase much snack food, because I don’t like having a large bag of chips sitting in the cupboard… cause let’s be honest… I’ll eat it all.  Love with Food is the perfect solution to that, as all their items are individual sizes.  I can now grab one item and guilt free tip the bag into my mouth to finish off the crumbs!  Bring it on.

Follow Your Heart

It’s just three words, but following your heart is no small thing!  Whether it’s hunting for a new career, starting a relationship, or simply resolving to do something you’ve never done before, following your heart takes courage and strength – and, let’s face it, some seriously good snacks to keep you motivated.  Consider this month’s box as fuel for following your heart wherever it may take you!

LOVE this theme!  Sure, it’s just snacks, but with a company backing your dreams all of a sudden your snacks become fuel for motivation to keep you going!  Sometimes all you need is a quick break, walk around the block and a quick snack to get your mind back on track.

Yum Earth Organic Lollies

I haven’t had a lollypop in forever!  There is something about chipping away at a lollypop that takes you back to your childhood.  There is definitely an inspirational feeling when you head back to your youth when everything seemed possible and the whole world was ahead of you!  Love with Food is off to a great start with the inspirational snacks.

Hagensborg Chocolates Truffle Pig

Dark chocolate truffle and milk caramel

Chocolate is the biggest motivator for sure!  Well, maybe coffee is the biggest motivator ever, but nothing pairs better with coffee than chocolate!  So go brew yourself a pot of coffee and pop a truffle and get to work on those goals and dreams!

Laughing Giraffe Organics

Lemon Snakaroon

I haven’t heard of these before, but I love pretty well anything lemon flavoured… I might just have to open this one right now.   Delicious!  A perfectly sized macaroon with a wonderful lemon flavour… Ok, now I want another one.

Pretzel Perfection

Twice-baked pretzel sticks, chipotle BBQ

Now we are getting down to the serious snacking.  See, this is the type of stuff I just can’t have in the house full size, because I will eat it all, but this is the perfect size to binge while binging your favourite show or dipping in while driving.  Can’t wait to try them.

Blue Diamond Mini Nut-Thins

The choices are getting better and better!  I love Blue Diamond brand and rice crackers.  Some of these items I’m going to be tucking away for the next road trip.


Baked Mac n’ Cheese Puffs

This is the only item in the box I may not love.  The ingredient list isn’t really my style, but it makes a great option when the niece or nephew come visiting!

iwon nutrition

Protein Chips – Cinnamon french toast

Ummm… Why didn’t anyone tell me I could get my protein eating cinnamon french toast chips??!!  This is why we live in the 21st century people.  I’m not sure if I want to eat these immediately or save them for a special occasion, like a Tuesday.  I know that you are able to order full size of your favourite times from Love with Food.  This might have to go on the list.

Annie Chun’s Roasted Seaweed Snacks

So good!  What a great item to include.  I love the balance between fun items and healthy items.  So many great options in this box.  I have to admit… I had these a couple days after writing the review and they were to die for!  I started snacking on them and thought, I should save these for movie watching tonight.  Yea, didn’t happen.  Gone.

Belgian Boys

Mini cookie stash – Cookie butter cookies

Hilarious!  Seeing how they have provided two this is for sure one you have to enjoy with a buddy.  You also have to take a selfie with the moustache on your face.  Snacking is so much better with a buddy.

Sheila G’s

Brownie Brittle – Salted caramel with dark drizzle

Holy.  Now we’re talking.  These look unreal!  I’m so glad they didn’t give me the full size one.  I’m saving these for after “one of those days”.

Heavenly Organics

Mint chocolate honey patties

Only three ingredients?!  Wow!  So impressive.  These are the kind of snacks I look for in the store.  Something with simple ingredients and organic if at all possible.  What a great selection.

Watusee Foods

Organic Chickpeatos – Crispy chickpeas roasted in olive oil – Tomato basil

Perfect!  I often roast my own chickpeas for snacks, but it’s so time-consuming.  Now I can just grab this and go!

Love with Food February 2017 – Final Thoughts

So impressed!  Like I said, I might be fighting to review this one in the future.  The variety of selection in size as well as health is so impressive.  The price point is spot on and super affordable.  Have a hard time adding snacks to the kids lunches, weekend trips and outings, or just like to have something in the glove box?  This is for you, it’s for anyone really, because who doesn’t like to have delicious snacks readily available?  New favourite!


6 comments on “Love with Food Deluxe Box Review February 2017

  1. CT says:

    I look forward to this box every month, and have accumulated so many points. Do you know when Canadians will be able to redeem the points? Thank you!

    1. Good question, let me look into it.

    2. Hi again:) I reached out to my contact at Love With Food and here is what they had to say “We’ve definitely been receiving many inquiries about the points and our snack shop situation for international subscribers, and we’re working on it! We don’t have an exact timeline of when, but we are trying to figure out how we can work out the logistics for shipping our snack shop items internationally!”

      1. CT says:

        Thank you so much =)

  2. Sandy says:

    Oh my goodness, this review had me laughing out loud!! So great. And I think this is one box I might have to order!!

    1. Lol, Shonah and I were laughing about it the other day:)

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