Love With Food Review February 2019

Love With Food is the easiest way to Snack Smart and Do Good. They help you discover new organic, all-natural or gluten-free snacks delivered to your door monthly. Receive a box of mystery better-for-you snacks and go on a fun foodie adventure with them every month. Their membership starts as low as $7.99/month. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Good to Know: They donate a portion of the proceeds to help fight childhood hunger in the US and around the world. They donate to organizations like Feeding America and The Global Food Banking Network.

Subscription Details

When you sign up for a Love With Food subscription you have three options to choose from:

  1. Tasting Box – starting at $7.99 receive 7+ surprise snacks each month.
  2. Deluxe Box – starting at $16.50 receive 15+ surprise snacks each month.
  3. Gluten-Free Box – starting at $24.99 receive 10+ gluten-free snacks each month.

Just look at how full this box is! Every inch of space is occupied. This is one of the reasons I love this subscription so much. Tons of snacks for me to enjoy!

Here’s a closer look at the snacks we received in the February Deluxe Love With Food Box…

Toasted Soy Butter Spread by WOWBUTTER

Peanut butter but without out PEANUTS? Yea this blew our mind too! This school-safe tasty spread is made out of Soy and has 7g of protein, so it’s safe to say we won’t be going back to regular peanut butter!

Caramel Chocolate Bites by AWAKE Chocolates

Consume one AWAKE bite and you’ll be ready to lace up some complicated boots. Two bites and you’ll be ready for a 50-mile (80-kilometer) commute on rollerblades, or possibly explain hedge funds to a Labrador retriever. Three bites and it’s business time—you’re on your way to a corner office on the 85 th floor … by taking the stairs. On your hands. Eat four bites and the laws of time and space will no longer apply to you.

Original Pretzel Cauliflower by From the Ground Up

Our delicious Cauliflower Pretzels have the nutritional equivalent to a serving of veggies, ounce per ounce.

Chocolate Flax Bar by Live Smart

LiveSmart Chocolate Flax Bar is a healthy nutritional bar made up of crushed flaxseeds and a combination of healthy superfoods that makes for a great-tasting bar. LiveSmart selected these powerful healthy whole food ingredients to ensure a healthier active lifestyle.

Peanut Butter Crunch Bar by Best Bar Ever

Named for its exceptional taste, The Best Bar Ever is a whole food-based nutrition bar. Unlike traditional protein bars that could be loaded with artificial ingredients and fillers, The Best Bar Ever’s attributes include:

  • Nutritionally Balanced – fats from nuts, premium proteins (whey isolate / casein), real food inclusions/ingredients, few empty calories/fillers and naturally sweetened
  • Never Any – GMOs, artificial flavors or sweeteners, added preservatives
  • Can Be Used As – on-the-go snack, calorie replacement, or pre- / post-workout fuel source
Blueberry Coconut Protein Bar by Tone It Up

Blueberry coconut is one of our FAVORITE combos! With each bite, you’ll taste bright berries with crunchy coconut. They’re made with simple, clean, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free ingredients to nourish your beautiful body. Your Tone It Up bars deliver 10 grams of plant-based protein to boost your metabolism, help you form lean muscle, and refuel post workout! They’re perfect on-the-go for busy babes just like you. PS: We love to crumble these on top of our morning smoothie! It’s delish!

Honey Roasted Sunflower Kernels by Zee Zee’s

How’s this for a little sweet talk? Not only do you get the same great crunch, and same great protein punch as our regular Roasted Sunflower Kernels, you also get a little something extra – the sweet, all-natural flavor of delicious honey that’s been roasted and sealed into every kernel.

Cinnamon Swirl Crunch Drizzle Bites by Drizzilicious

One taste of our mini Drizzled rice Bites and you’ll be astonished at how we’re able to squeeze so much flavor and natural goodness into a little tiny snack. Drizzilicious crunchy bites are reinvented mini rice crisps drizzled with indulgent deliciousness. A crispy popped better-for-you snack made with wholegrain brown rice and popped with nature’s superfoods; quinoa, chia, & flax. They are a perfect combination of great taste, whole grain, and decadence. At just 90 calories per serving, Drizzilicious is a smart little snack you can feel really good about!

Kettle Corn Popped Chips by PopCorners

We took a carnival classic and did it ONE BETTER by adding a drizzle of sunflower oil, cane sugar, and just the right amount of sea salt.

Sour Cherry Double Chocolate Crunch Bar by Lily’s Sweets

Lily’s Sour Cherry Double Chocolate Crunch Snack Bars are made with creamy 40% chocolate packed with dark chocolate chips, crispy rice and and dried tart cherrie pieces to create a tart and crunchy chocolaty treat. They’re sweetened with stevia and contain 110 calories and 1g of sugar per bar, so go ahead and indulge in a bar (or two.)

Coconut Fruit Bar by Jana Banana

An exotic combination of Sun Ripened bananas and all natural Coconut flakes with no sugar added. JanaBanana Bars are 100% natural, have an amazingly fresh taste and provide real energy, that’s why kids and adults love them. Our Banana bars are made from the Nanica banana, which is the sweetest of the seven types of bananas grown in Brazil. Nanica bananas have the most potassium of any bananas. Our bars are 100% natural, made with pure banana, no additional sugar, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Coconut Dark Chocolate Granola Bar by Sheffa

Feeling like you can’t have your cake and eat it too? We’ve got something better because it’s kissed with just enough sugar so that you can kiss your sweet tooth goodbye without having to say goodbye to your favorite jeans. Like all of Sheffa’s products, our new Granola Bars are made with natural, whole-food ingredients like gluten-free oats, whole grain brown rice, hazelnuts and sesame seeds. Then we use premium dark chocolate for a remarkably delicious treat with a nice crunch.

Blueberry Pomegranate Soft Baked Bar by Darlington Appleways

Our soft oatmeal blueberry pomegranate bar packs a unique flavorful punch followed by an indulgent chewy texture. They are a healthy alternative to conventional snacks, because they are packed with whole grains, all-natural flavor, 0g of trans fat, and no preservatives. These wholesome soft baked bars are individually wrapped for freshness with a 180-day shelf life in dry storage. They meet or exceed the USDA nutritional requirements for a one (1) ounce grain equivalent.

Daelman’s Caramel Stroopwafel

The best stroopwafels are made by Daelmans! Our stroopwafels have a diameter of 8 cm, are filled with a creamy and buttery syrup filling, enriched with natural Bourbon vanilla. They are even better when you warm them up before you eat them. Just pop them on top of a hot cup of coffee or tea!

Love With Food Review February 2019 – Final Thoughts

Love With Food continues to impress me. Month after month they send me a box packed FULL of awesome snacks. And you all know I love my snacks. It really is the perfect box for someone like myself. I like to have a supply of individually sized snack packs or bars on hand at all times. I take them with me everywhere. I even started carrying one of my Love With Food boxes with me in the car. Both the Husband and I get hungry while out doing errands so we need to have snacks with us. I also use my Love With Food boxes for road trips.

This month’s Love With Food Box included quite a few bars and not so many salty snacks. I definitely prefer the boxes that include chips and crackers but I’m certainly not complaining. Bars are a great emergency snack and fit perfectly in your purse. And the Cauliflower Pretzels will satisfy my crunchy craving until next month.





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