Love With Food Review March 2019

Love With Food is the easiest way to Snack Smart and Do Good. They help you discover new organic, all-natural or gluten-free snacks delivered to your door monthly. Receive a box of mystery better-for-you snacks and go on a fun foodie adventure with them every month. Their membership starts as low as $7.99/month. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Good to Know: They donate a portion of the proceeds to help fight childhood hunger in the US and around the world. They donate to organizations like Feeding America and The Global Food Banking Network.

Subscription Details

When you sign up for a Love With Food subscription you have three options to choose from:

  1. Tasting Box – starting at $7.99 receive 7+ surprise snacks each month.
  2. Deluxe Box – starting at $16.50 receive 15+ surprise snacks each month.
  3. Gluten-Free Box – starting at $24.99 receive 10+ gluten-free snacks each month.

Here’s a closer look at the snacks we received in the March Deluxe Love With Food Box…

Popchips Buffalo Ranch Ridges

Tangy buffalo sauce that sets your tongue ablaze. Creamy, cooling ranch that comes to the rescue. Thick, ridged chips full of satisfying crunch. The only thing you won’t get with buffalo ranch ridges is sauce-covered fingers and a pile of dirty napkins.

Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar Puffs

Pirates like their cheddar like they do their rum, aged to perfection. Aged White Cheddar is made from puffed rice and corn, blended with real aged white cheddar cheese and baked perfectly to pirate standards.

Ocean’s Halo Wasabi Seaweed

Wasabi and seaweed together at last. Simple seaweed sheets packed with unique flavors, vitamins & minerals!

Belgian Boys Cookie Butter Mini Cookie Stash

Our favorite cookie butter cookies in a cute mustache shape!

Enstrom Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee

Our all-natural, World Famous Almond Toffee is crafted from a perfect blend…fresh California almonds, sweet cream butter and pure cane sugar, covered in a generous layer of rich chocolate and sprinkled with crushed almonds.

Emily’s Trail Mix

A naturally balanced combo of protein-packed nuts and vitamin-filled fruits, here’s the perfect take-along for that mid-morning stroll.

Sanissimo Salmas Corn Crackers

Sanissmo’s Corn Crackers are whole grain corn flour and the remaining ingredients maintain the delicious corn taste and light crisp texture.

Pirouline Dark Chocolate Creme Rolled Wafers

Crisp and light wafer filled with a dark chocolate crème Our perfectly toasted rolled wafers are baked to bring you scrumptious joy. Delight in every luscious bite to add a special touch of Magic to little moments throughout your day, and life.

Appleways Blueberry Lemon Crispy Bites

Our blueberry lemon crispy bites are baked with sweet blueberry morsels and have a delicate burst of lemon flavor. They contain 8 grams of whole grains, all-natural flavors, 0g of trans fat and no preservatives, making them the healthy, and delicious any time of the day snack.

Mr. Nature Unsalted Trail Mix

Our unsalted mix of peanuts, raisins, walnuts, almonds, and sunflower kernels is a classic! Perfect for that outdoor energy boost or whatever else you might need.

Zee Zees Cocoa Cherry Nutrition Bar

Cocoa, cherries, soft-baked oats – the only way this guy is getting any better is with a glass of milk. Take a bite, and a moment to appreciate that something that tastes this good can be made with good-for-you ingredients.

BUSH’S Cracked Pepper Roasted Chickpeas

You say chickpea. I say garbanzo. We both agree on this healthy bean, so get ready for a bean-based flavor extravaganza. Are you generous with the peppermill at your table? If so, you’ve found your flavor. Our delicious chickpeas are crisp-roasted with a tasty dose of cracked pepper.

SuperFat Cacao Nut Butter

The purest form of chocolate you can consume; cacao is the perfect solution to your sweet tooth.

Beyond a chocoholic’s favorite food, cacao has been recognized for centuries as an excellent source of polyphenols, also known as antioxidants. Especially abundant in flavanols, which are a particular type of antioxidant potent in anti-inflammatory effects. Used as a health-promoting medicine in Europe way back in the 16th century, today it is used to help with inflammation and to improve cholesterol levels. The health possibilities of cacao are endless!

Love With Food Review March 2019 – Final Thoughts

You all know how much I love this subscription so I don’t need to tell you for the hundredth time. But what I will tell you is how much I appreciate my Love With Food boxes. The March box arrived at the perfect time. It has been a long week, too much work, not enough down time, little sleep and zero time to cook meals. It’s weeks like this that I crave snacks the most, especially salty crunchy snacks. Needless to say, I ate the Popchips and Cheddar Puffs already and even though they are NOT vegan friendly I enjoyed every single bite. I highly recommend both. As for the rest of the box……I have it sitting beside me on my desk as we speak. It’s going to help me get through the next few days. I will be eating ALL the snacks!!!


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