Luxe Box Review Summer 2016

Luxe Box Review Summer 2016

Luxe Box Review Summer 2016 – Luxe Box has been a tough one for me to review over the last year. I feel very “out of the loop” with this box, and I hate feeling like I am “out of the loop”. I thought that TopBox was no longer available and that they had amalgamated with Luxe Box, but now it appears that TopBox is still available……and so is Luxe Box. I tried to find some information on the merger and came up empty-handed. I am wondering if the 2 companies merged but kept the subscription offerings separate, and maybe I’ve just been living under a rock the last year. Anyways…..

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Luxe Box Details

If you aren’t familiar with Luxe Box it is a quarterly beauty subscription box where members receive a seasonal Luxe Box with 7 to 8 trial-sized beauty and lifestyle items. Products are specifically selected by their Beauty Editors. Members also enjoy complimentary shipping to their preferred address.

The Box: Luxe Box

Cost: $26 per quarter ($24 on an annual subscription)

What You Get: By joining the Luxe Box community, you will be treated to a variety of beauty specials, exclusive product launches, and a customized Luxe Box every season. Boxes are filled with 7-8 trial-sized beauty and lifestyle products to help you stay on trend for the upcoming season!

Ships to: Canada

Shipping Cost: FREE

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Shipping Details

Each month, Luxe Box ships is this really gorgeous, sturdy, white box. I haven’t been keeping these but I really think I should start, they would be great storage containers for my office supplies, extra jewelry, etc. The Spring Luxe Box was the only one that didn’t come in the fancy little white box, and I was confused by this at first, but then I found out that it was in support of Earth Month….less waste.

My boxes use to come with a product card, but this one did not. I think this happened in a previous box, which I mentioned on the YouTube unboxing, and one of you kindly pointed out that I could find product details on my Luxe Box account. However, when I tried to find this today, I once again came up empty-handed, which seems to be the theme with this month’s review. I will just have to do some research on each product as we go along.

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Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer

I received the same brand in my Spring Box, and it was a GORGEOUS purple color. It was so pretty that it actually tempted me to start wearing polish on my nails. I haven’t worn polish on my fingernails for the last few years because it takes a toll on them – think dry, brittle, weak, etc. But I’ve found a good balance and discovered that if I only wear it for a few days and then let my nails breath, it’s not as hard on them. This time I received “I’m The Good Witch” and even though it is really pretty, I think it will be more suited to Fall.

Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer is free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, and DBP. It is a smooth, even, long-lasting color with a gorgeous professional finish.

Barefoot Venus Lip Bliss Lip Balm

This is the cutest little lip balm I have ever seen! You all know I love my lip balm, but I have never tried this brand. The packaging confused me at first, but I discover that you are to push it up from the bottom. It has a really nice coconut scent which makes me think of summer.

Moisturizing Mango Butter chock full of Vitamin A, and deeply nourishing Shea Butter. Bursting with Vitamins A, C and E combat free radicals found in the sun’s rays.  The Meadowfoam Oil serves as a natural SPF. The Aloe Butter works with the other ingredients in this seriously cute, 100% natural Lip Bliss. 

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Harvey Prince Organics Body Cream (Sincerely)

I absolutely adore this brand of bath & body care. I have received Harvey Prince in a few of my subscription boxes, and recently discovered how amazing it is. I am extremely picky with scents when it comes to body products, but have loved all of theirs so far.

Deeply moisturizing, Sincerely Body Cream uses a hydrating combination of Shea Butter and Almond Oil. It will soften and smooth dry, rough skin. 

Pur-lisse BB Tinted Moist Cream

This is a new one for me. I have received Pur-lisse MANY times, but had no clue they carried a BB cream in their product line. I don’t use foundation or cream on my face unless it is absolutely necessary, so I will gift this one. I do however, like that they included a BB cream in the box. BB cream has become very popular over the last year, so it proves they are up on the trends.

This beauty balm glides on like tinted moisturizer.  It has all the age-defying, coverage, sunscreen benefits of a foundation and BB cream! It’s formula will soothe your skin while locking in moisture to create a gorgeous, glowing complexion. Featuring pur~lisse’s exclusive asian herb extracts complex, Chamomile & Artemisia soothes the skin while sugar maple improves skin’s appearance and retains moisture to create a gorgeous & glowing complexion.

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Mirabella Pearls & Pastels Refreshmint Eyeshadow Pigment

This is an absolutely gorgeous color, and the packaging is just as beautiful. Those two things alone make me wish I wore brightly coloured shadow. Sadly I do not, so I will gift this to a friend who is more willing to take makeup risks.

Innovative loose powder formula contains conditioning ingredients to soften skin. Versatile pigment can be blended from icy to mint. Use a wet application for bright color with a sharper finish, or a dry application for a more pearlescent look. 

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Novex Extra Deep Hair Care Cream

I received this product before but never had the chance to test it out. It contains Brazilian Keratin which is supposed to add shine and softness. You apply it to slightly dry hair, massage, and rinse after 3 minutes.

This hair care cream is an essential preemptive treatment in anticipation of the drier seasons. It contains replenishing hair proteins to restore shine and smoothness for all hair types.

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O.R.G Skincare Mineral Peel Face

A spray-on face peel? I am very intrigued! I’ve had a chemical peel before, and even though it was a traumatizing experience, I did see some positive results. As much as I want to use this one, I might have to wait until my skin calms down. I don’t want to aggravate the current situation. But I do think this was a really cool product for them to include.

Mineral Peel Face is the first all-natural enzyme exfoliant that extracts dermal debris and dead skin within seconds of application. Use it for instantly smoother, softer, radiant skin. Spray ample amount onto desired area(s). Allow to absorb for approximately 3 seconds. With your fingertips, gently exfoliate in circular motion. Rinse with warm water. Repeat if necessary. For best results, spray onto dry skin in sections. Shake well before use. Use 3 to 4 times weekly.

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Luxe Box Review Summer 2016 – Final Thoughts

I think I have to backtrack a little bit, and apologize for some of my slightly negative Luxe Box reviews over the last year. The Summer box makes me look at Luxe Box with a whole new appreciation. We received 7 really great products from 7 really great brands. I might not use all of them, but I really like all of them.

I also have to give you a customer service update. If you read my other reviews you will know that I was very frustrated with the lack of customer service. However, I am happy to report that they have been much more responsive over the last month, and a lot easier to communicate with. If these are the kind of boxes we will see going forward, and the kind of customer service we will consistently receive, then I would definitely recommend this box. This is a statement I wouldn’t have made previously.





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