Magnolia Crate Review February 2017

Magnolia Crate is a monthly set of curated stationery and paper goods. It’s all about the feeling you get when you send and receive mail. There’s something about receiving a hand addressed letter, a beautifully colored envelope, or a unique card that really moves us. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Stationery is my favourite. There’s something about a pretty birthday card, and a new pen that makes me happy. I’m also a sucker for pretty subscription boxes, and Magnolia Crate is the definition of pretty. I spent some time on their Instagram Page and fell in love. It appears as though they theme their crates. I’m not sure if this happens all the time, but they had the CUTEST cards for Christmas and Halloween. I have reviewed other greeting card subscriptions and this is something I wish they did – holiday themed cards.

Here’s a look at my very first Magnolia Crate – cuteness overload coming at ya!

February Theme

This February, our crate is envoking femininity, florals, and most of all – pink! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to do something soft and whimsical, without doing a full box of Valentines. 

This box is so dang pretty! I was very impressed when I first took it out of the mailing envelope. I love it when box companies protect their pretty boxes with an outer layer. It allows me to fully appreciate their gorgeous packaging.


I love You Like Crazy – Hennel Paper Company

There was a little note to go along with this card, as you can see below, it was attached to the outside of the box with a pretty piece of lace. Here’s what they had to say about it:

This month, one card was just too irresistible to pass up, but it was a bit big for the crate so we’ve wrapped up your box special as our own little gift to you.

Happy Birthday Swirl Pink – The Detroit Card Company

This is gorgeous, simple and functional. All the things I look for in a birthday card. I’ve never been one of those people to give funny birthday cards, or cards with a long message. I like them short and sweet.

Sparrow Botanical Birthday Card – Clap Clap

The same comment applies here. Simple, functional and so darn pretty!

Pink Rose Valentine’s Day – Clap Clap

This is what I get excited about! Themed greeting cards. I was SO happy to see this card in the mix. It makes me like this subscription ten times more!

Fine Point Marker Pen in Pink – LePen

A pink pen! Really! This is perfection! And it writes well. I am super picky with my pens (this is more of a felt tip) and if they don’t make my writing look nice I simply won’t use them.

I think the pencils are a bonus item? Love it!

Magnolia Crate Review February 2017 – Final Thoughts

I am SUPER impressed with my first Magnolia Crate. I’m tempted to say this is my new favourite stationery box. I appreciate the attention to detail, and the themed cards. The box itself is SO pretty. I think it is important for subscription boxes to put effort into their packaging. It makes for a great first impression, allows the box to be gifted, and sets the tone for the items inside. I wouldn’t change a thing about this box. Oh, and the little bonus items are a nice touch. This is another thing I wish more boxes would do. Basically, Magnolia Crate is setting the standard. This is what a subscription box should be like!





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