Magnolia Crate Review March 2017

Magnolia Crate is a monthly set of curated stationery and paper goods. It’s all about the feeling you get when you send and receive mail. There’s something about receiving a hand addressed letter, a beautifully colored envelope, or a unique card that really moves us. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Eeek! I wasn’t expecting to see another Magnolia Crate so soon, but here it is! I got to review my first crate a few weeks ago and absolutely LOVED it! This box is absolutely beautiful. When it comes to packaging and branding, they set the standard. This is my new favourite greeting card subscription….hands down!

March Details

We’re going for gold, glitz, and glam, with a little bit of st. Patty’s Day green mixed in. From foil pressed cards to glitzy glam envelopes, this crate is sure to impress. 

It makes me very happy when subscription boxes take advantage of the holidays and include festive details in the box and/or products.

Lucky Friend Birthday Card – Little Print Design

For your best friends, your besties, your partners in crime. Let them know how much they mean to you on their birthday.

I need to find out what font this is because I have seen it on other cards and I absolutely love it. I kind of wish this one didn’t say Happy Birthday at the bottom. I want to use it as a “just because” card.

Hello Gorgeous – Scotch and Cream

This is such a popular saying as of late. It’s super cute and could be used for a number of different occasions. Once again I love the font.

Hey You – Swell Made

Hey You. From the Six Letter Sentiments collection. Who says you can’t speak volumes with only six letters? Short and sweet, we always say.

Short and sweet is just the way I like my cards. This is a good card to have in your collection because it could be used for pretty much any occasion and any recipient.

Happy Birthday Balloon – Happy Cactus Designs

This gold foil stamped balloon birthday card makes quite the statement. “Happy Birthday” is hand-lettered inside a hand-drawn gold foil stamped balloon.

I am just loving the gold theme and the simple cards this month.

Get Lucky – AvEH Designs

Yes! I was hoping to see a St. Patrick’s Day card in this month’s box. I absolutely love that they include holiday cards in their monthly selections. It sets them apart from other greeting card subscriptions.

Magnolia Crate Review March 2017

Magnolia Crate is an experience from start to finish. I honestly can’t get over how pretty their packaging is. When a subscription box puts time and energy into their packaging it certainly pays off. I feel like it adds value to the box and it makes the subscription giftable. This month we received 5 cards, and they are all gorgeous. I’m a huge fan of anything gold so it should come as no surprise that I love all 5 cards. Last month we received two pencils and a pretty pink pen in addition to our cards. They don’t always include bonus items like that, but it sure is nice when they do. I am super happy with my second Magnolia Crate, it’s a new favourite.





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