Manifestation Box Review July 2022

The Manifestation Box from Gogh Jewelry Design is an empowering monthly practice that’s sent right to your door created to inspire connection with yourself and Mother Earth. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Manifestation Box is a beautiful subscription box. I have really been enjoying the items we receive, the valuable information included in each box, and the learning opportunities that come with each delivery. It is a chance to learn, grow and expand my way of thinking.

Subscription Details

Each month, Manifestation Box subscribers will receive a handcrafted gemstone bracelet and necklace with carefully picked healing crystals based on the energies in the Universe to assist your practice. ($29 + $29 value)

A Healing Crystal, a Gemstone or an Earth Element to meditate with. You can hold it in your palm or keep it under your pillow to enhance your practice. ($9 value)

Your PERSONALIZED Astrology forecast for health, love and happiness based on your Zodiac. ($10 value)

Each month you will receive two powerful affirmation cards to create EMPOWERING BELIEFS and set your mind on compassionate living. Keep one, gift one. ($10 value)

Here’s a closer look at the July Manifestation Box……

Gemstone: This month’s gemstone is Geode, which is unbelievably beautiful! It is used to raise the energy levels of a space, promote the flow of positive energy, and rid channels of blockages.

Bracelet: This month’s bracelet features Bloodstone a member of the quartz family (chalcedony). It is absolutely beautiful and features deep red tones of matrix joined with a combination of forest green hues.

“Bloodstone is a stone of courage and wisdom, noble sacrifice, and altruistic character. Bloodstone represents a courageous spirit. It was considered a mystical stone that warriors and soldiers held during battles. Bloodstone boosts the innate healing power inside you by quieting a preoccupied mind and refocusing your energy on repair and renewal.”

Necklace: This month’s necklace features three beautiful pieces/stones….

  1. Sanddollar: Sand Dollar symbolizes Strength, Flexibility, Freedom, Choosing Your Own Path.
  2. Lava Stone: Lava stone is excellent for calming emotions thanks to its grounding qualities.
  3. Crystal Healing: Clear quartz is a traditional healing crystal that is believed to be capable of drawing out pain while amplifying energy for healing.

Meditation Cards: We always receive 2 meditation cards, one to keep and one to gift. For July it says….

“Wild women are an unexplainable spark of life. They ooze freedom and seek awareness, they belong to nobody but themselves yet give a piece of who they are to everyone they meet.”

Words of Wisdom: This month our Words of Wisdom focus on a Free Spirit and Embracing Your Wanderlust.

Personalized Astrology Forecast: This is always such a great read and a wonderful way to prepare myself for the month ahead.

Manifestation Box Review July 2022 – Final Thoughts

The July Manifestation Box is filled with beautiful pieces that not only complement each other but also complement the beautiful bracelet we received in the July Mother Earth Wrap Club. Bloodstone is officially a new fave, for both the beautiful colors and the meaning behind it – a stone of courage and wisdom. Each manifestation box brings with it a chance to learn, grow, refocus and repair. It is a box I truly look forward to receiving.

-AYOB Sarah

Manifestation Box

This monthly subscription box is for everyone who wants to manifest living happy and was born of the desire to spread positivity and aid conscious living. This is a crystal subscription box & jewelry subscription box.

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