Menlo Club Review April 2018

Subscription services have been taking the internet by storm as of late. One type of subscription service that I’ve been a huge fan lately are clothing subscriptions boxes! Not only do they take the hassle away from shopping, but they always offer great deals! If you’re considering to start a subscription service, Menlo Club has you covered!

Subscription Details

By subscribing to Menlo Club you can expect a 2-3 curated package of Five Four, Grand AC, or New Republic products for only $60/month! They also offer exclusive discounts to members as well as free shipping! They also change it up every month so you can always expect something different and unique every month!

They do this by asking you to fill out a style survey when you first sign up, which allows them to know the type of clothes you prefer, whether it be casual, classic, fashion forward, or mixed. They also make it super easy by showing you items from past boxes which give you a good idea of what kind of style you lean towards.

This month I received a sampling of four items from Four five, which is a Los Angeles based brand that offers amazing casual and classic pieces. Keep in mind that regular subscriptions include 2-3 items per month.

Bicton Short Sleeve Shirt – $38

The first item is an example of a classic style item and is perfect for the summer! White button downs are an essential for every man’s wardrobe, however, the addition of the circular details give the shirt the extra flare which will make you stand out! This would look great with chinos, jeans or even tucked into a pair of shorts to give your outfit a ‘preppy’ look. The shirt fits a little long so if you are short like myself, tucking it in is the best option to give the shirt more of a dress look!

Gosnells Polo – $32

The second item is another classic piece, and definitely one of my favourite items from the box! I’m a huge fan of navy blue polos due to their versatility. They can be worn either dressy with dark denim or chinos or casual by wearing them with a pair of shorts. The polo shares the same pattern as the Bicton Short Sleeve Shirt and is perfect for those warm summer day barbecues or pool parties.

Waterford Hoodie – $48

The third item is not your normal hoodie. This elongated hoodie is a more fashion forward piece which is sure to ‘up’ your street wear game. I personally haven’t owned any long hoodies, but Menlo House has now made me question why I haven’t bought one earlier! This hoodie is more on the casual side and works great with skinny jeans and a simple t-shirt. It’s also made out of a french terry material making it super comfortable! Its one of those sweaters that you look forward to wearing on a daily basis!

Kenwick Pullover – $40

The last item from this months box this burgundy pullover sweatshirt. This sweater is a more fashion forward take on a classic piece. Its made out of the same soft material as the Waterford hoodie and is cut a little longer which gives it that fashion forward look. You can pretty much wear this sweater with anything, and it’s a great layering piece to have under a bomber jacket for those cooler Spring days.

Menlo Club Subscription Overall Thoughts

Overall, this is definitely a clothing subscription service that I’d recommend! As someone who’s not the biggest fan of shopping, Menlo Club makes my life so much easier! Not only is it super easy to sign up, but for $60/month you definitely get more than what you pay for! In my case, it also meant being able to try on items that I’d never go near in a store. But after trying it with some of my clothes, I can see these pieces (such as the hoodie) being on my regular clothing rotation. So if you’re currently trying to decide on whether you should sign up for a clothing subscription, Menlo Club is definitely one to consider!

Edward –

Menlo Club

A monthly delivery of versatile offerings designed to simplify the life of the ambitious modern man.

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