Menlo Club Review February 2018

Formerly known as Five Four Club, Menlo Club is an online men’s membership that delivers curated monthly items from brands like Five Four (contemporary menswear), New Republic by Mark McNairy (footwear), and Grand AC (athleisure wear). The service features curated packages based on your personal style preference and provides access to exclusive content and member discounts in the Menlo House E-Commerce store.

Subscription Details

Cost: Club members are charged $60 a month, plus any applicable taxes and/or surcharges based on your location.

What You Get: Over the course of 12 months, members will receive New Republic footwear in two designated months, Grand AC athleisure wear in another two months, and Five Four contemporary wear in the remaining 8 months. Depending on the month, a typical package will include two to three items.

As per the calendar above, we are reviewing a couple pieces from Five Four this month. Here’s a closer look…..

Five Four Denim

Great color, great style, great jeans!! I am definitely feeling these jeans. More so than most of the items we have received from Five Four thus far. These are great! They are on trend and classic at the same time. Grey denim is a really great addition to any wardrobe. They are versatile and have a little more style than your regal blue denim. Plus they are going to look amazing with the next item……

Five Four T-Shirt

Great color, great style, great shirt. Just like the denim, this shirt is awesome! This color couldn’t be more perfect. It pairs with the jeans nicely and will also look great with black denim and blue denim. I love the simplicity. These are my favorite styles to receive from Menlo Club. I also really love the seam down the back, it adds just the right amount of style. The material is soft and light-weight.

Menlo Club Review February 2018 – Final Thoughts

For our very first Menlo club review I am impressed. But, in all reality it’s pretty much the same subscription as it was before with the addition of a couple new brands. I don’t know about you but I really like the changes. Menlo Club is reasonably priced and offers a little more excitement than the old Five Four subscription because subscribers will now receive footwear and athleisure wear. As far as men’s fashion subscriptions go this is our current fave.


Menlo Club

A monthly delivery of versatile offerings designed to simplify the life of the ambitious modern man.

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