Menlo Club Review June 2018

Being someone who’s not the biggest fan of going to busy malls I’ve been a huge fan of the emergence of clothing subscription services. Theres a bunch of them online which offer great clothing for amazing prices. The best part about it, a lot of them take out all the hassle of trying to figure out what type of clothes you want and give you ways to try things that you wouldn’t have before! Menlo Club offers just that! Stylish and affordable clothing without the hassle!

With Menlo Club, you can expect a ~2-3 curated package of Five Four, Grand AC, or New Republic products for only $60/month! They also offer exclusive discounts to members as well as free shipping! They also change it up every month so you can always expect something different and unique each time you get one!

They do this by asking you to fill out a style survey when you first sign up, which allows them to know the type of clothes you prefer, whether it be casual, classic, fashion forward, or mixed. They also make it super easy by showing you items from past boxes which give you a good idea of what kind of style you lean towards.

This month I received three items from Five Four, which is a Los Angeles based brand!

Five Four – Short Sleeve Shirt

The first item in the box is this blue gingham pattern short sleeve button down! It’s super lightweight making it perfect for hot summer days. It can be worn casually with a pair of shorts or light washed denim, or you can dress it up with a pair of chinos!

Five Four – Belt

The second item in the box is two toned blue belt. The simple and fun colour make it a great accessory to add a little character to your outfit, and beats having to wear a leather belt every day. This would go great with the shirt paired with blue or white canvas sneakers if you going for a more casual look!

Heres how I styled them together!

This outfit would be great for summer bbq’s or even casual Fridays as the office. Whatever the occasion, these pieces will be sure to attract compliments!

Five Four – Shorts

The last item in this months box was a pair of seersucker shorts. The lightweight ventilating characteristics of seersucker make these shorts great for hot summer days as the subtle ripple pattern of the shorts vent hot air away from you. The pattern is also clean and simple making it easy to pair with most colours and types of shoes! These shorts are sure to be your go-to pair for the season!

Menlo Club Review June 2018 – Overall Thoughts

Overall, this months box is amazing! The simple style survey and lack of effort it took to sign up definitely paid off! Everything I received in this month’s box are things that I’m looking forward to wearing throughout the summer! This box was also great as it delivered things that I would have never thought to get for myself such as the belt! So if you’re in the market for new clothes but not a fan of shopping, then Menlo Club has got your back!

Edward –

Menlo Club

A monthly delivery of versatile offerings designed to simplify the life of the ambitious modern man.

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