mintMONGOOSE Review February 2019

Oh la la! February came in full force through my mailbox in the form of 3 amazing and adorable pieces from February’s mintMONGOOSE box. I saw some sneaks and I was reaaaaally excited about them!

mintMONGOOSE delivers 3 pieces of adorable jewelry mailed to you in a surprise package every month for just $12+s/h! You can choose from gold, silver or rose gold. I chose rose gold because I not only love it but I already own a few pieces in that metal and I wanted to combine them together. You can also choose between earrings or no earrings, the occasional watch or no watches.

The pieces have a retail value of $40+ and they’re mailed to you every month for just $12+s/h! Each month they announce one piece and the other two are a surprise! Save for yourself, share with your friends, or give an adorable gift to a loved one! The first box ships in 48 hours, or less!

Box Details

mintMONGOOSE – 3 pieces of adorable jewelry mailed to you in a surprise package every month for just $12! (will be showing you this one)

mintMONGOOSE Black – 4 pieces of adorable jewelry + 2 unique accessories mailed to you in a surprise package every month for just $22.99!

They ship Worldwide, which is awesome, and shipping is $3.99 to US and approx. $10 to Canada.

February’s mintMONGOOSE box brought all the love for pretty things. As you can see it ships in a fun turquoise metallic mailer, it’s wrapped beautifully and carefully inside, and its contents are stunning.


The sneaks had shown a stunning blue green stone necklace and a ring. I was really excited about the ring! It’s adjustable and it features a rectangle shape on the front. It’s very versatile and can be matched with almost anything.


You can chose the type of metal color you want and I received, same as last month, rose gold. The necklace is stunning, it has little rectangular pieces held together and lined with metal and the stones are a different variations of blue. It’s a few inches longer than the necklace from the January box, perfect for layering.


The surprise item was a pair of matching earrings! The dangles matched the necklace statement piece and they’re absolutely stunning.

With mintMONGOOSE you have many choices to customize your monthly box and you get to keep everything. I am super excited to start collecting jewelry, because it has been awhile since I’ve been shopping for that and their taste is amazing! Highly recommend!

Here’s a picture of all the mintMONGOOSE pieces together. As you can see, the ring matches great, but it can also be used separately.

mintMONGOOSE Review February 2019 – Final Thoughts

I am blown away by the price of this sub and the quality and amount of product you get. They’re beautiful, versatile and chic!

Lucia Metcalf –




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