mintMONGOOSE Review July 2019

mintMONGOOSE delivers 3 pieces of adorable jewelry mailed to you in a surprise package every month for just $12+s/h! You can keep it all and add to your jewelry collection for a fraction of the retail price!

You can choose from gold, silver or rose gold. I have been getting silver for a few months now. You can also choose between earrings or no earrings, the occasional watch or no watches.

They usually give you a sneak peak of one of the items and the other 2 are surprises. Sometimes it will be a complete matching set, other times 2 of the items will match and the third will go really well with the set.

For the July 2019 mintMONGOOSE we received a three piece set that matches completely and I am in love!

Necklace #1

First I unwrapped one of the necklaces and saw it was a circle, cute. Simple but making a statement.

Necklace #2

Next, I discovered that we received a second necklace, slightly shorter and with a crescent moon pendant. They can be layered together and give the appearance of the sun and the moon. I am over the moon over this, haha! I love this idea!


Last but not least, we received a pair of earrings that has a crescent moon on each side. I wouldn’t have minded if one was a sun and the other the moon but I understand this could have driven some people crazy. Am I the only one who wore miss matching earrings way back when? Yes? Ok.

mintMONGOOSE Review July 2019 – Final Thoughts

This month the pieces we received were awesome, a theme I love like the moon, sun and everything up there related. I love that they included two necklaces to layer so we don’t have to find a matching piece ourselves. What did you think of this month’s mintMONGOOSE Box?





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