Miss Musclebox Review December 2020

Miss Musclebox is a monthly subscription box tailored for women. Each month is themed differently and comes with a variety of items including an array of gym apparel, healthy treats, fitness accessories and custom workouts designed by qualified trainers. They kindly sent us this box for review.

I officially started my workout routine at the beginning of the month and I am so DANG excited about it. I’ve tried to work out here and there since baby Steven was born, but had trouble sticking to any sort of schedule. I signed up for the Sweat App which has me working our Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and so far I am loving it.

I am also loving all the workout gear I received in my Miss Musclebox deliveries over the last year because I am getting a lot of wear out of them now that I’m working out on a regular basis.

Subscription Details

Your Miss Musclebox will include an array of gym apparel, healthy treats, fitness accessories and custom workouts designed by qualified trainers.

  • $22.99/month + $7 shipping in the US, international shipping price varies
  • Miss Musclebox donates $1 from every box to Paradise 4 Kids

Here’s a peek at the December Miss Musclebox…..

Monthly Workout

Each month subscribers receive a custom workout and this month we received 3 Month Winter-Shred Challenge.

Sweat Training Tee – HyprMV ($30)

Hip length curved hem design with a special blend of lyocell, polyester & elastane for comfort and breathability while training.

I love, love, love this tee! We received a similar one in the July box and I have been wearing it on a regular basis the last few weeks. I’m SO happy to have another one as I just love the fabric and fit. This one is a different color and has a different saying than the July tee. I am drawn to the blue color and love what it says – “Sweat a Little”.

Aromatherapy Roll-On – Scentuals ($14.99)

Muscle Pain utilizes pure Juniper, Rosemary and Thyme essential oils among others to improve circulation, reduce swelling and inflammation and reduce muscle aches and pains.

I can’t even tell you how happy it makes me to see Scentuals in the box as it is one of my all-time favourite brands. I’m also really loving the wellness/self-care products featured in the last two boxes. I hope this is something we will see in every box (or most boxes) going forward.

Shrewd Food Protein Dippers

I received two packages of these fun little Protein Dippers – dark chocolate and milk chocolate. Crunchy protein puffs covered in chocolate. How good does that sound?!

Mutant Protein Brownie

Here we have a protein brownie, chocolate fudge flavour. It has 20 grams of protein and is soft baked.

Miss Musclebox Review December 2020 – Final Thoughts

Miss Musclebox is the perfect box for New Year’s Resolutions. It’s a great way to hold yourself accountable and it will help you stay on track throughout the year. Working out is easy to get in to but hard to stick with. I’ve been at it for a couple weeks and don’t expect the excitement to wear off for a couple more, but after that it will be SO nice to receive a monthly fitness box as a way to motivate myself….or maybe even reward myself for sticking with my new plan? Either way, I love Miss Musclebox and can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2021!

-AYOB Sarah

Miss Musclebox

Miss Musclebox is a monthly subscription box tailored for women. Every month you will receive unique bodybuilding and fitness products.

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