Miss Musclebox Review November 2020

Miss Musclebox is a monthly subscription box tailored for women. Each month is themed differently and comes with a variety of items including an array of gym apparel, healthy treats, fitness accessories and custom workouts designed by qualified trainers. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Miss Musclebox is such a great subscription for anyone into fitness, working out, eating healthy or all of the above. It’s a monthly reminder to stick to my routine, get my workouts in and be mindful of my diet. I also love the price point.

Subscription Details

Your Miss Musclebox will include an array of gym apparel, healthy treats, fitness accessories and custom workouts designed by qualified trainers.

  • $22.99/month + $7 shipping in the US, international shipping price varies
  • Miss Musclebox donates $1 from every box to Paradise 4 Kids

Here’s a peek at the November Miss Musclebox…..

Monthly Workout

Each month subscribers receive a custom workout and this month we received MissMB x Drop It Like a Squat 30-day squat routine.

Aurora Leggings ($55)

Enjoy HyprMV’s latest full-length pocketed leggings. Keep your phone, keys or cards with you at all times with the sizeable pockets! Pair these with a sports bra, crop or tee for the ultimate fit for training.

These leggings are amazing! I love the quality material, the high waist and of course the pockets. The fit is flattering and they are very comfortable. Subscribers could have received different colors and I am very happy with the black ones.

Tropics Headband ($14.99)

BANDZ’s headband has been built to enhance workouts and look great while you train. It’s floral design makes it easy to pair with a range of outfit choices.

Maybe a little out of my comfort zone in terms of colors and patterns but at the same time it’s pretty darn cute. Headbands are a must when I am working out as it drives me crazy when my hair gets in my face.

Mike’s Recovery Mineral Soak

A soothing blend of 6 essential oils combined with remineralizing Atlantic sea salt and medium chain triglycerides. Mike’s answer for athletes needing to wind down after total exhaustion.

This is fun! I can’t remember receiving anything like this in previous boxes so it feels like a special treat. I love the essential oil combo. Perfect for relaxing at the end of a long day.

Reign Total Body Fuel

I’m not really a fan of energy drinks but it makes total sense for a fitness subscription box. Here’s a little more info….

“Blended with Natural Caffeine, CoQ10 & more, REIGN Total Body Fuel is designed for your active lifestyle. Offering zero sugar, & zero artificial flavors & colors.”

ZenEvo Protein Cups

Ahh……how good do theses look and sound?! We received the same brand last month but the flavour was cookies and cream, if I remember correctly.

Miss Musclebox Review November 2020 – Final Thoughts

I just love my Miss Musclebox deliveries and November’s box is no exception. The leggings are amazing and perfect for any fitness enthusiast. They will go perfectly with the tank from last month’s box. I also appreciate the headband as I love athletic wear accessories and I also really appreciate the mineral soak as it’s the first time we have received a bath and body product. They did a great job with this month’s box……as they always do!

-AYOB Sarah

Miss Musclebox

Miss Musclebox is a monthly subscription box tailored for women. Every month you will receive unique bodybuilding and fitness products.

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