Mommy Mailbox Review March 2107

Mommy Mailbox is a monthly gift that uplifts and rewards motherhood. Each box is curated by a different guest blogger, who shares a piece of her style with you by including her favorite goodies. Items are a mix of fashion, gourmet food, fitness, art, home décor and beauty. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Mommy Mailbox is one of my favourite subscription boxes to review. I am SO glad I discovered them. They really have a great little box on their hands. Last month’s box might not have been my favourite, but the 3 prior to that were awesome. I love the mixture of items we receive in this box. It has a little bit of everything.

March Theme – Happiness

The theme for this month’s box is Happiness and it was curated by Krysta Monet.

Krysta was a full-time nanny when she discovered a need for natural and organic products to help with her kids allergies and sensitivities. Working with small businesses to find these products developed into a business venture, Crinkles & Dimples, an online store for natural products at affordable prices. You’ll love the products Krysta has curated for this Happiness inspired box!

Go Natural XII Eye Shadow Palette by Bellapierre Cosmetics ($50)

Bellapierre’s NEW XII Eye Shadow Palettes are a must-have for your makeup bag, providing all the advantages of loose Bellapierre Shimmer Powders, without the mess!

Oh my goodness, these colours are absolutely gorgeous! I’ve become slightly obsessed with eye shadow palettes over the last year. They are a convenient way to take a variety of shades with you on the go. I love every single color in this palette and can’t wait to use it.

Happy Tea by Your Tea ($25)

Traditionally used to assist with: increasing mood, calming digestion, alleviating stress and easing anxiety. Contains: Chrysanthemum, Barbary Wolfberry fruit, Hawthorn fruit, Lemon, Rose flower, Chinese Red tea.

You all know how much I love my tea. I am ALWAYS happy to see it in subscription boxes, especially when it is a brand I haven’t tried before. I like the sounds of this one and love that it arrived in its own little box. I highly recommend checking out their website. I found a few different blends I want to order ASAP.

Shave Whip by Parlo Cosmetics (Field of Dreams)

Parlo’s Shave Cream is like no other shave aid you’ve used before. Infused with hydrating and luxurious oils to prep your skin for the closet shave possible all while softening your delicate skin. Loaded with natural vitamins and antioxidants to heal and create silky smooth skin.  Free of all unnecessary fillers and chemicals. 

I love whipped shave cream! I have received it before, but it was a different brand. It looks like mine may have deflated during the shipping process as the jar is only half full, but I’m not complaining. It smells absolutely amazing, has a really fun texture, and it’s free of nasty ingredients.

Art Print by Lulu’s Jewels

I couldn’t find this item online, which is kind of sad because its super cute and I would love to see what other prints they have in their shop…….maybe they don’t have a shop? Anyways, it’s a really fun print, not necessarily one I would have picked out on my own, but now that I have it in front of me I can certainly envision it on display in my office.

Mommy Mailbox Review March 2107 – Final Thoughts

This is easily my favourite Mommy Mailbox thus far! This month’s box has my name written all over it. The value is amazing, and the products are perfect. The shadow palette alone is more than the cost of the box, not to mention the fact that it is absolutely gorgeous! I may not have been thrilled with last month’s box, but this month’s box more than makes up for it. This month’s guest blogger did an absolutely wonderful job. She picked out some quality products, and they certainly go with the theme because all four of them are making me happy. I’m not sure if they will be able to top this month’s box…’s pretty darn perfect.





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