Mother Earth Wrap Club Review April 2022

Mother Earth Wrap Club is designed to be a ritual to gain crystal wisdom and empowerment in the form of one wrap bracelet a month. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Mother Earth Wrap Club is a subscription I only recently started reviewing for you and I am already a fan. I love the simplicity and the fact that we receive one beautiful wrap each month. I am craving simplicity as of late so this subscription is perfect for me!

Subscription Details

Each month Mother Earth Wrap Club subscribers will receive a surprise Healing Crystal Wrap Bracelet (personalized to your wrist size) that is not yet available on the web to work with supportive energies.

Here’s a closer look at the April Mother Earth Wrap Club…..

April Bracelet – Garnet

Garnet  is known as “the Stone of Happiness,” is ruby red in color. It enhances your internal energies to bring forth an intense level of inner joy while increasing your presence. Garnet is also known to raise your healing power during illness. Legend says Garnets light up the night and protect their owners from nightmares. Garnets have long been carried by travelers to protect against accidents far from home.

This month’s wrap bracelet features garnet stones. The red color is absolutely beautiful and it caught my attention immediately. I love the way it looks on my wrist and I also love that they included an adorable little dragonfly charm.

Mother Earth Wrap Club Review April 2022 – Final Thoughts

The April Mother Earth Wrap Club is so darn pretty and I love the meaning behind the stone. One of my goals for 2022 is to focus on positivity and joy. I want to surround myself with happiness and simple pleasures, so I feel like this month’s bracelet is perfect for me. Garnet will bring forth an intense level of inner joy and that sounds absolutely wonderful! I think we could all use a little more “joy” in our lives right now. The last two years have been tough and it’s time to start focusing on anything and everything that brings us happiness!

-AYOB Sarah

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