My FitBox Life Review Summer 2016

My FitBox Life Review Summer 2016

My FitBox Life Review Summer 2016 – For those of you who are new to my blog, let me give you a little background info. I am a fitness junkie. I have been working out on a regular basis since I was 15. I even worked as a weight trainer and fitness instructor for a few years. On top of that I am Vegan, and kind of obsessed with eating clean and living a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I LOVE health/fitness subscription boxes. But…..I find that the market is kind of lacking when it comes to these kind of boxes. I have something very specific in mind when it comes to my “ideal” fitness box, and I think I might have found it……

My FitBox Life Review June 2016 1

If you aren’t familiar with My FitBox Life it is a fitness subscription box, based in Canada, full of hand selected products delivered right to your door. Everything from fitness passes and nutrition samples to health and wellness products, they include an amazing assortment in each box.

My FitBox Life Review June 2016 2

The Box: My FitBox Life

Cost: $44 per quarter

What You Get: Every 3 months you get hand selected products, delivered right to your door. Everything from fitness passes and nutrition samples to health and wellness products, they include an amazing assortment in each box.

Ships to: Canada

Shipping Cost: $8

My FitBox Life Review June 2016 3
Shipping Details

My very first FitBox showed up at the post office wrapped in pretty pink wrapping paper. I didn’t even know what it was at first, but the post office ladies were certainly intrigued. Inside the pretty wrapping paper was their white logo’d box. I’m not sure what their shipping schedule is as they don’t have it listed on their site, but mine showed up pretty fast. I don’t see a product card in the box so I will have to do a little research on each product, but seeing as they are health/fitness related items I totally don’t mind.

My FitBox Life Review June 2016 12
Snappy Grains

Snappy Grains™ cares about your health and brings you high quality products. We have put in the time to prepare our barley to the perfect state so you don’t have to. Snappy Grains™ barley only takes 10 minutes to cook unlike other barley products and can be served in many ways.

Now this item excites me! I have recently decided that I need to add more healthy grains to my diet, and here they are. This whole grain organic barley is ready in 10 minutes (love the convenience) and it contains 7 grams of protein per serving. They have a breakfast recipe on their website that I will definitely be trying.

My FitBox Life Review June 2016 15
Quinoa Crisps

These light high protein, low-calorie Quinoa Skinny Crackers taste great and are a snack you can feel good about.  WIth less than 90 calories per serving and designed to be low in the glycemic index, balancing your blood sugar, they are great as ‘dunkers’ – we indulged with Chocolate Fix and macadamia nut butter. 

Eeek! How good do these look! I am always looking for sweet snacks that won’t kill my diet, and these look like they fit the bill. 6 crisps only have 3 grams of sugar, and that makes me very happy. I am definitely going to try the snack they have pictured on the front of the box – topped with banana and peanut butter.

My FitBox Life Review June 2016 7
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Bar

Crafted with quality ingredients in mind, this whole food bar is an ideal choice for snacking on-the-go. Are you a sucker for apple pie? Our apple cinnamon flavour will fulfill that taste but without all the guilt. Try one today and experience the deliciousness for yourself!

I LOVE these bars! I have received them in a few different boxes, but am yet to try this flavour. Each bar contains 10 grams of protein and 10 grams of sugar. Can you tell that I’m a bit obsessed with sugar content? I will keep these in my gym bag, or my purse, or I just might eat them right now.

My FitBox Life Review June 2016 11
Indigena Post Workout Sea Soak

This soothing citrus infused soak soothes tired muscles and invigorates the skin. The tri-coloured seaweeds enhance the visual experience of bathing. Use after workout for best results.

Oh my gosh!! I need this in my life! I started back with my trainer last week (seeing her again today) and I have never been so sore in my life. My poor little muscles ached for days after our last session and I would have killed for something like this. I will be using this tonight…..for sure!

Indigent Sea Veggie Treatment

I couldn’t find this one on their website and it doesn’t have any instructions on the package so I’m not entirely sure what to do with it. Do I just add it to my bath water?

My FitBox Life Review June 2016 14

Lowell’s You Sure Clean Up Nice Cleanser

You Sure Clean up Nice! Face and Body Wash is a high foaming cleanser that will gather even more lather should you add a bit of water into the mix as you massage it into your face and body. It will gently wash away unwanted makeup, dirt and oil and then replenish your skin with unique moisturizers derived from hemp, safflower and rosemary oils.

You all know how picky I am when it comes to cleansers, so I don’t need to remind you. I’m a little hesitant to try new ones, but at the same time I think they are a great addition to a fitness box. After a tough workout you NEED to cleanse your skin…..believe me. So it only makes sense to include a cleanser. Even if I don’t use this on my face, I will still test it out because it can also be used on your body.

My FitBox Life Review June 2016 9
Mrs. Crotchford’s Face & Body Products

Mrs. Crotchford’s Face & Body Products is an Edmonton based business, producing locally made balms and oils for beards and bodies.

Beard Balm – I obviously can’t use this one so I will end up gifting it. You are to apply it to your beard, concentrating on the ends.

Face Butter – Now this one I can use, and I most likely will. I can read all the ingredients – shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E, and lavender. I LOVE lavender! I might not use it on my face, but I’m sure I can use it on other dry areas – feet, knees, elbows, etc.

My FitBox Life Review June 2016 8
Clean Eats Energy Bites

If you’ve been looking for a healthier way to satisfy your sweet tooth, look no further than these paleo bars! This chewy and insanely delicious paleo snack is sure to please your taste buds with its lemony, buttery flavour that’s got just a bit of ginger for an added zing. It contains dietary fibre to help regulate your digestive tract, magnesium to keep your bones strong and anti-inflammatory compounds which help alleviate arthritis.

I LOVE snacks like this! It has a small ingredient list, I know what they all are, and it’s vegan. I am already a fan!

My FitBox Life Review June 2016 13
Seabuckthorn (SBT) – 3 in 1 Shampoo Bar

Due to its high content of SBT Seabuckthorn Seed and Fruit Oils our SBT Seabuckthorn Therapeutic Shampoo Bar treats many different scalp conditions, including dandruff. Additional natural lathering agents in this shampoo bar allow it to be used for cleansing of the entire body. A great shower bar.

My FitBox Life Review June 2016 10
Seabuckthorn (SBT) – Soothing Salve

This brand new salve is already one of our most popular. Why? Because it works almost instantly! A combination of powerful anti-inflammatories  penetrates deep into muscles and joints to deliver immediate relief from stiffness and soreness. We’re told it works for scrapes and scratches too. Apply as often as required to relieve discomfort. Combine it with our SBT Muscle & Joint Pain Flavonol Capsules for a one/two punch!

I think this might be my favourite item in the box! I already mentioned how sore I was after working with my trainer last week. How great would it have been if this little gem was in my gym bag! It doesn’t smell the best, but if it works I’m willing to deal with that.

My FitBox Life Review June 2016 5


My FitBox Life Review Summer 2016 – Final Thoughts

You guys, I am a HUGE fan of this box. I am absolutely thrilled with my first FitBox and would LOVE to receive something like this in the mail on a regular basis. Coming from someone who is slightly obsessed with health and fitness, this box is on point. I love that we received snacks, food, and body products. We also received a Canada Golf Card which qualifies you for 50% off green fees at certain locations (I think) as well as a FREE salad coupon for Panago.

I’m always a little hesitant when it comes to new subscription boxes, but this one surpassed my expectations. I mentioned at the beginning of the review that I have something very specific in mind when it comes to my ideal fitness box, and this is what it looks like. The only thing that would make it better is the addition of a fitness accessory……throw something like that in and this would probably be my new favourite subscription box.





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