My FitBox Life Review Winter 2016

My FitBox Life is a fitness subscription box, based in Canada, full of hand selected products delivered right to your door. Everything from fitness passes and nutrition samples to health and wellness products, they include an amazing assortment in each box. They kindly sent me this box for review. 

Well, I think I have a new favourite fitness subscription box. This will be my third review for My FitBox Life, and I am a huge fan. I feel like they are really coming into their own. Each box has gotten progressively better. It looks like they’ve gotten their feet under them and are ready to make a name for themselves. I am actually really excited about the Winter box.

Winter 2016 Details

Every new year is the perfect time to set new fitness and lifestyle goals and the Winter Signature FitBox is the perfect way to kickoff 2017! As always, each FitBox features more amazing products and services to help you get fit and pampered. This Winter FitBox includes a super cute pair of leggings, healthy snacks, gym bag essentials, and fitness accessories, all delivered right to you door! Give yourself a fresh start this year and make 2017 the year of health and happiness!

True Life Fitness Apparel – Blaire Leggings

The Blaire cropped leggings are made with 73% polyester and 27% spandex fabric which offers great support and coverage perfect for your every move. Perfect for running, yoga, biking or just hitting the gym. Cropped length fits mid calf.

Oh my goodness!! You don’t know how long I have waited to see a cute pair of leggings in one of my fitness boxes (other than Fabletics). This is amazing!! I think this is the PERFECT item for a fitness box. They nailed it. If they included an item like this in every box they would probably take a spot in my top 3 favourite subscription boxes. And…..this pattern has my name written all over it!

Gaiam – Pink Fuchsia Yoga Strap

We can all use a little help to get deeper into certain poses and stretches, that’s where the Cotton Yoga Strap 6’ comes in. Reach limbs more easily and hold poses and stretches for longer with a strap. If you’re serious about deepening your practice and taking it to the next level, it’s time to get serious about using a strap.

Wow, they really found some awesome products for the Winter box. This is another genius idea for a fitness box. My idea of a fitness subscription boxes includes fitness apparel and fitness accessories. They have included both, and therefore I love them! And the box!

Urban Body Organics – Ease Cleanse Mood Mist (100ml)

Infuse your day with a little Ease, a soothing blend of lavender and frankincense, mingled with rejuvenating pine and geranium. Designed to aid in calming the mind and grounding the spirit—perfect for creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere!

Love, love, love this!! I am very familiar with this brand, and really love their products. I will keep this spray beside my desk and spray it in my office when I am having one of “those” days.

New Moon Tea Co. – Relax and Renew Organic Tea Blend

Relax and Renew tea is an Organic herbal blend of Lavender, Lemon Balm, Chamomile and Corn Flowers. This tea is a calming blend of herbs which help relieve stress, reduce anxiety and calm the mind body and soul. Drink it any time of the day and experience the tranquility just as if you were at the yoga studio or out on a walk in nature.

New Moon Tea Co. is definitely making the rounds this winter, but I am more than ok with that. I love their tea, and I love that we received this particular blend. It’s a perfect evening treat. Or afternoon de-stresser.

SoLo GI – Lemon Lift Bar

This bar hides a secret weapon; behind the creamy yogurt and bright, citrusy notes, you’ll discover hints of sweet cranberries. The result: light, fresh and uplifting, just what’s needed to finish strong.  And our first bar to have it’s very own fan club!

I may not be able to enjoy this bar due to the creamy yogurt, but I still think it is a great addition to the Winter box. Every fitness box needs an energy bar.

Healthy Cricket – Cricket and Plant Based Protein

I am totally creeped out by this protein, but I think it was smart for them to include it. It’s the new protein craze right now, and just because it creeps me out doesn’t mean it’s not a good product. I’m actually very intrigued by this whole cricket thing. Part of me wants to try it, and part of me says heck no!

Sue’s Jerky – Original Spice Blend Jerky

Sue is passionate about crafting healthy, delicious jerky. That’s why Sue’s Jerky is hand-prepared with no nitrite or preservatives. Her family recipes use only the highest quality meats and spices to create distinctly delectable flavours just for you.

Another snack I can’t enjoy, but Ashley is going to be super excited about it.

RYU – Athlete Member Card

Receive $25 off your first purchase of $50 or more plus priority access to new programs, promotions, training tips, nutrition ideas, recipes and much more.

My FitBox Life Review Winter 2016 – Final Thoughts

Love, love, love this season’s My FitBox Life! But as soon as I found out they were including a pair of leggings, I knew I was going to love the box. As of right now, this is my favourite box for the month of January. And……did you know that My FitBox Life ships to the US? I totally missed that memo. I still thought they were only shipping to Canada. This is very exciting news. I know that some of my US readers were asking about this, so here you go. My FitBox Life SHIPS TO THE US! I have a feeling we are going to see great things from this box in 2017. I’m going to leave it at that, I want to go try on my new capris now………………….SO excited!





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2 comments on “My FitBox Life Review Winter 2016

  1. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the review! I’m thinking of picking up one of their winter boxes to try out and see how it compares to the fab fit fun box. One of the cool things here in Canada is you can get a box tailored to your city and it comes with passes to local studios to try out. I’m wondering if anyone in Canada has got one of these boxes and what they think of the passes (number, variety etc…)

    1. Hi:) I have been loving this box, and kind of wondered the same thing. I think the tailored boxes are for Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon and Vancouver. I would love to try one of those.

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