My Ireland Box Review September 2017

My Ireland Box scours Ireland and meets with the most talented craftspeople to find you the cutest and most amazing handmade craft items in the country right now.  Placed in a nicely presented box and kept a surprise, they are shipped (within a week of posting!) to your door! They kindly sent us this box for review.

My Ireland Box has been around since 2013, but this is our first time reviewing them!  I just love traveling.  There is nothing better than experiencing new places and culture, seeing new sights and expanding your walls through new communities.  Unfortunately, for most of us, the cost of a plane ticket can be a bit of a deterrent to travel.  Fortunately, there are wonderful boxes like My Ireland Box to bring bits of a country to you!  Let’s take a look and see what My Ireland Box is all about.

My Ireland Box ships worldwide and you can choose from a monthly, three-month or six-month plan. In the three and six month plan a nifty little bonus gift will be included in your first box!

This box was packed so nicely with so many little treats inside!  Just looking at the items I really liked the variety of gifts included.  It looks like they are all household items, which is nice, as this means they can all go to good use right away!  It looks like the theme this month is the Skellig Michael, otherwise known as The Skellig Rock.

The Skellig rock lies off the Country Kerry coast and was featured in a recent Star Wars movie.  It is magnificent and wonderful and the wild Atlantic that blasts up against its rugged form is mighty and fabulous!  The sound of the ocean coupled with calls of the pretty puffin birds add to the beauty of the great rock.  We are delighted to bring it to you this month.

Puffin Paperweight – Ewe Sir, Molly Ellis

Ewe sir is an Irish paper goods and textile range by the lovely artist Molly Ellis.  Her wildlife art is designed with the individual character and personality of each animal in mind to awaken Irish nature in the hearts and homes of the owner.  Each piece stitches together the connection between human and animal to evoke a kindred spirit.  Molly’s illustrations are inspired by her devotion to animals and birds and her desire to capture their spirit and personality is realized in her creations.  Molly trails the countryside, forests and Irish coasts hoping to glimpse and study each little creature unique traits.  This beautiful creation of Molly is not just seen as a puffin paperweight, tis is a collectible, a piece of art in its own right.  

Such a cute little item!  I love how this ties in with the theme of the Skellig Rock and the creatures that live among it.  What a creative way to carry out the theme while introducing such unique gifts and new artists!  You can tell a lot of thought goes into curating this box.

Skellig Rock Duinn Designs Tea Towel

Bernadette is a textile designer of old and took some time out from her craft to look after her children.  Her daughter ignited the design flame after coming home very excited about the great Irish myth and legend of “The Tain and the Brown Bull of Cooley”.  She was so full of the story that Bernadette began thinking about the may great myths and legends and stories of Ireland.  Duinn means “for us” and it provided the platform to start designing patterns for a sophisticated and contemporary Ireland using Irish myths and legends and iconic symbols of Ireland and inspirations.  Like ourselves when we are curating each month’s surprises for you Bernadette is now inspired by Irish icons, heritage sites, characters with folklore, myths and legends.  She creates designs with a modern twist using creative patterns and subtle colours reminiscent of Irelands lands, seas and skies.

What a cool design!  The colours are beautiful and could go with just about anything.  I don’t know about you, but when I travel I like to bring back useful items that I can use daily to remind myself about the trip and places I’ve seen.  This is a perfect reflection of that and an item that is now making me want to go to Ireland instead of remembering back on Ireland!

Gosling Gifts and Games – West Cork

We have read many stories about the Skellig Michael of old and the monks that lived there in the beautiful bee hive huts.  We searched for an image that would depict a Skellig Michael of ancient times to share with you and we found the perfect on by Gosling Gifts and Games.  Graham and his wife set up the thriving business in the late 1980’s.  While bringing up their children in West Cork, graham and Mary ran a guest house welcoming visitors from all over the world.  Evenings were taken up discussing their guest’s travels and helping them plan.  Out of that experience they set up Gosling Games and Gifts, creating games and travels around the Emerald Isle and in recent years Mary had collaborated with celtic artist Courtney Davis to develop a fabulous range of new products including magnets and house wears!

One of the best things about receiving a box like this are all the stories behind the items.  It makes you realize you aren’t just receiving trinkets and gifts from a far off land, but you are receiving a piece of a community and a piece of someone else’s story!  I just love that.

Kilcoe Studios – Country Cork

We come from the fishing town of Dingle and our own family have been fish merchants for decades.  When we saw these Irish Sea greeting cards we had an inherent instinct that Sonia from Kilcoe Studios had capture the essence of the Irish Sea and it’s inhabitants perfectly.  These contemporary and elegant cards are just lovely to send to someone special.  Kilcoe Studios is based in Skibbereen, County Cork and was created by two talented makers.  Eamon makes fine furniture from a mixture of Irish and European hardwoods, using age-old handcrafted techniques and Sonia Caldwell produces beautifully detailed watercolours, inspired by her surroundings, the West Cord landscape, coast and countryside.

These cards really are pieces of art!  They make me think of my grandpa, who was big into fishing.  I am trying to think of the right person and occasion where I might send a fish card though…. Sometimes cards like this are more for your own reflection and enjoyment!  I know I’ve often purchased a card on a trip only to frame it later.

My Ireland Box September 2017 – Final Thoughts

Wow!  I feel like I’ve gone on a journey after going through all of that and typing it all out!  I think that’s the exact purpose of this box though.  If you just opened it and started using the items without understanding them I think your experience would be greatly diminished.  I highly enjoyed taking my time with this one and pausing to understand each item, where it came from and the artist behind it.  Thoroughly enjoyed!  At the bottom on the letter included in the box you are given a couple spoilers from the up coming months and all I can say is, can I have the October and Christmas box already?!





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