Naked Beauty Box Review Fall 2021

The Naked Beauty Box is the perfect subscription for those who love clean, cruelty-free, and vegan skincare products.

What You Get: The Naked Beauty Box subscribers will receive a box quarterly with up to $260+ worth of clean skincare products ranging from essential daily cleansers and oils to rejuvenating face masks. All products featured in The Naked Beauty Box are guaranteed to be 100% clean, cruelty-free, and vegan from only women-owned indie skincare brands. Subscribers will receive only full-sized products.

The Naked Beauty Box offers two different subscription options for their quarterly subscription boxes: $56.99 every 3 months or saving by prepaying $206.64 for 4 boxes delivered quarterly. The Naked Beauty Box ships from Elko, Nevada, on the 25th of every quarterly month (January, April, July, and October) with free US shipping, $15.00 to Canada.

*They kindly sent us this box for review*

I was so excited to review The Naked Beauty Box’s first quarterly box! I am finding the products they send gentle and amazing for my sensitive and picky skin! This season’s brand partners are 100% women-owned indie brands.

The Naked Beauty Box’s first quarterly box theme is “Revitalize.”

The Naked Beauty Box arrived in beautiful floral packaging with leaves, lovely colours, and the phrases, “Love the skin you’re in” and “Beauty begins with you” written on the sides. They’ve recently updated their packaging colours and I am obsessed.

Let’s take a look inside:

The product card was a paper pamphlet with product photos, names, descriptions, and MRSP prices.

Susan and Me – Daily Dose Body Butter ($26)

“Omega Moisture Butter is a 100% vegan, a non-toxic daily treatment that softens skin, alleviates dryness, and strengthens skin’s moisture barrier. Evening primrose and avocado oils contain powerful antioxidants and essential fatty acids that boost moisture and support skin regeneration. A combination of mango and kokum butter provide a natural source of Vitamin B and Potassium which work together to repair damaged skin and smooth rough patches on heels, knees, and elbows.”

A little goes a long way with this creamy concoction; it’s fast-absorbing and instantly hydrating. I have been using it on my hands, feet/heels and elbows and my skin is happy! This will be perfect for winter as my skin becomes so dry!

Janis & Fay Boston – Exfoliating Face Scrub ($35)

“Gentle Exfoliating Face Scrub with Jojoba Beads and Fruit Extracts deeply nourishes and moisturizes your skin for a soft, silky feel while improving the appearance of dull, stressed skin. The aroma of vanilla, coconut, and anise is sweet and soothes the skin during exfoliation, and the renewing fruit extract complex contained in this formula calms skin and helps fight the appearance of aging.”

This exfoliating face scrub smells incredible! I get little whiteheads on my chin area and this gentle scrub helped to remove them while leaving my skin soft and silky.

Janis & Fay Boston – Cucumber Daily Cleanser ($25)

“This gentle daily cleanser effectively eliminates dirt, impurities, and dry or dead skin cells. The soothing botanical extracts contained in this formula help diminish dullness and leave skin renewed and refreshed. The key botanical extract, White Willow, is a versatile ingredient that is both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, clearing pores and alleviating acne and irritation.”

I am obsessed with trying new cleansers and this cleanser left my skin clean, clear and smooth without drying it out. It also smells delectable!

Modern Skyn Alchemy – Tropical Alpha Hydroxy Mask ($40)

“A tropical mask that gently exfoliates your skin leaving your complexion smooth, clear, and bright.”

This mask tingles once applied and makes me feel like I should be on a beach! My skin was happy after my first use.

Modern Skyn Alchemy – Oat Milk Facial Creme ($40)

“A creamy moisturizer is rich in safflower oil, cocoa butter, and oat milk. Lightly scented making it the perfect staple in your daily skincare ritual.”

Just luxurious – this non-greasy, yet creamy and soothing cream is perfect for dry and sensitive skin like mine.

The Speak Collective Salt + Tsubaki Scalp Scrub ($32)

“A creamy, foaming, sulphate-free formula to help give your scalp a much-needed reset.”

This scrub gently exfoliates the scalp, loosens flakes and unclogs the hair follicles by removing excess sebum, dirt and product build-up. My scalp seems very happy after the first use of this wonderful scrub!

Anne’s Apothecary – Lavender + May Chang Deodorant ($23)

“A gentle performing blend of butter, clays and herbs help nourish the under-arms while it fights off bacterial odour for 12 hrs.”

This amazing natural deodorant smells great and worked very well for me! It can also be used as an anti-chafe cream. I think it is going to be a new favourite!

Naked Beauty Box Review Fall 2021 – Final Thoughts

The Naked Beauty Box’s first quarterly box contained seven full-size products and the estimated retail value of this box is $221! The “Revitalize” Naked Beauty Box is full of amazing skincare items to prepare my skin for the upcoming winter season. I am familiar with a few of the brands included in the box this month but there were still two new brands for me to discover. I also love that all of the products included are non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free from women-owned indie brands! My favourite items are the Janis & Fay Boston Exfoliating Face Scrub and cleanser, and Anne’s Apothecary Lavender + May Chang Deodorant! The Naked Beauty Box is the perfect subscription for someone who appreciates trying clean, cruelty-free, and vegan skincare products!

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