Naked Snacks Review December 2020

Naked Snacks is a healthy snack box subscription service where you choose the snacks you want. They use whole ingredients in fun and delicious ways, hence their 80/20 nutritional philosophy: 80% whole grown goodness, 20% earned indulgence as a reward for making smart decisions. Discover deliciousness from over 30 snacks online, including vegan, gluten-free and nut-free options. They kindly sent us this box for review.

I don’t know about you, but this whole COVID/quarantine thing is starting to get to me. With my husband working out of town, it’s just me and baby at home all day every day. Sometimes the only thing I have to look forward to each day is my afternoon snack….HA, it’s true:)

Take yesterday for example. It was “one of those days” and I was feeling sorry for myself and really wishing I could go visit friends. So when baby went down for his afternoon nap I made myself a cup of Candy Cane Crush tea and paired it with my Naked Snacks Protein Power Up. It’s the PERFECT combo and it totally made me feel better. A good snack, a good book, or 20 minutes of your favorite show, and you almost forget that you are stuck at home:)

Subscription Details

Naked Snacks has 3 subscription options to choose from….

Choose from 5, 10 or 20 snack box sizes. Delivery is always free for 10 and 20 snacks, and free to some areas on 5 snacks.

Choose the snacks you want each month or let them surprise you!

Here’s a closer look at the snacks we received in our December Naked Snacks box….

Spicy Joe

A yawn is a silent scream for coffee. Reaching for your afternoon cup of joe? Maybe it’s time to try something a little different. Is Spicy Joe a coffee-flavoured snack that’s spicy or a spicy snack with coffee flavour? Regardless, coffee and chocolate make life better, so we’ve mixed energy (and mood) boosting dark chocolate coffee beans with protein rich Sriracha cashews, spicy wasabi peas and crunchy wild rice sticks.

Ingredients: Wasabi peas, dark chocolate coffee beans, sriracha cashews (roasted cashews, organic sriracha sauce, garlic powder, kosher salt), wild rice sticks

This would be the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Especially if you are the type who enjoys an afternoon cup of coffee. It’s such an interesting combo with the wasabi, sriracha and coffee beans.

Sunday Cashews

Did someone order the mouth entertainment?! Sunday Cashews put the ‘fun’ into ‘Sunday-funday’. Most of us could do with a little more play in our lives, so go ahead and enjoy these little beauties any day of the week. Our smooth and creamy cashews are roasted in a sweet and savory blend for maximum enjoyment. Taste revelations aside, cashews give you an extended boost of energy so you can happily fist pump your way through the rest of the day.

Ingredients: Dry roasted cashews, Sugars (evaporated cane juice), Tamari sauce (whole soybeans, wheat, sea salt), Sesame seeds, Sea salt, Rice vinegar, Natural flavour

I love cashews but am yet to try this particular snack. I’ve tried the Sriracha Cashews and absolutely love those ones, so I’m thinking I will like these as well.

Sweet Sriracha Crunch

Sweet Sriracha Crunch is our happy-days mashup of heat and sweet. While your taste buds zing with spicy sriracha, the maple syrup sweetness comes through to smooth out the experience. If you’re looking for that satisfying potato chip crunch without all the nasties, then look no further than corn nuts and our roasted edamame. Edamame is low calorie, contains no cholesterol and is an excellent source of protein, iron, and calcium. Happy crunching!

Ingredients: Edamame beans, Roasted corn nuts (corn, salt, corn oil), Sugars (organic sriracha sauce (organic red jalapeño puree, water, organic sugar, organic garlic powder, xanthan gum, citric acid), maple syrup), Olive oil, Sea salt, Paprika, Chili powder

This is another one I am yet to try but I put sriracha on everything so I’m sure this will become a fave. I kind of wish there was one more ingredient to go with the edamame beans and corn nuts, but that’s such a small detail.

Sriracha Cashews

Sriracha is so hot right now, in all sorts of ways. We took some time to decide which of our favourite nuts could handle the spicy action this exotic hot sauce brings to the table. It turns out that the smooth, rich flavour of the cashew is the perfect dance partner. Cashews give you an extended energy boost and help support a strong immune system. And Sriracha…well, you’ll have to let your taste buds decide!

Ingredients: Roasted cashews (cashews, canola oil), Sugars (organic sriracha sauce (organic red jalapeño puree, water, organic sugar, organic garlic powder, xanthan gum, citric acid)), Garlic powder, Chili powder, Kosher salt

Speaking of Sriracha Cashews… they are! I just love these. Cashews naturally have a little sweetness to them so the combo together (spice from the Sriracha and sweetness from the cashews) is pretty great.

Thai Holiday

Thai Holiday is easy to love. It’s a relaxing mix of crunchy and chewy, sweet and spicy. Flaked coconut gives your snack experience an easy going island feel. The wild rice sticks add a burst of salt to complement the deliciously sweet banana coins. Our creamy cashews are considered brain food and immune system boosters, which makes Thai Holiday so much more than just a virtual getaway. This snack is a tropical adventure for your taste buds!

Ingredients: Wild rice sticks (unbleached wheat flour, canola oil, puffed wild rice, salt, turmeric), Roasted cashews (cashews, Canola Oil), Sugars (banana chips (banana, coconut oil, sugar, banana flavour)), Coconut ribbon, Green Curry Seasoning

This mix sounds so interesting. I love rice sticks and cashews and am interested to see what they are like with coconut and green curry seasoning.

Naked Snacks Review December 2020 – Final Thoughts

I have always loved Naked Snacks but over the last little while I have come to appreciate this subscription so much more. I mentioned above that social distancing is starting to get to me but it’s also making me step back and focus on the simple things in life, like being able to have my pantry essentials delivered to my door, and how a good snack and a few minutes to myself each afternoon is one of life’s little pleasures.

PS – You MUST try my snack combo. Candy Cane Crush Tea and Naked Snacks Protein Power Up. It is SO good!

-AYOB Sarah

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