Nature’s Wellness Box Review August 2020

Nature’s Wellness Box features 5-6 full-size, natural, vegan and cruelty-free products. Get directly delivered to your door carefully picked products that you will use daily. Essential oils, self-care items, natural health products, healthy snacks, everything that you need that matches your healthy and chemicals-free lifestyle.

I loved everything in the last Nature’s Wellness Box I received and was so happy when I got the August box. They kindly sent me this beautiful box for review. It is filled with five products for a total value of $73. I like this kind of box because not only does it have a great value for the cost, but mostly because it supports my lifestyle and makes me discover new brands that I am sure will work for me. You can subscribe for a month to month subscription or bi-monthly or every three months, for only $44.99 CAN per month.

I like the simple look of the box that makes their beautiful logo shine on the sticker used to close the box. The colors are nice, and the packaging is one of quality and well thought out. The tissue paper is thick and has a beautiful pattern of colored leaves with a flower.

The flower chosen by Nature’s Wellness Box for their logo comes from a plumeria, also called frangipani. Here is what is says on Nature’s Wellness Box website:

“In the Hawaiian culture, the plumeria symbolizes positivity and the new beginnings. We hope that your new Nature’s Wellness Box subscription will bring positivity into your homes and lives.”

It truly does!

Under the tissue papers, I found a pamphlet on top with a lot of information on this month’s products. There was also, at the back, tips for creating a natural lifestyle. The read was interesting, but sadly one part of the last tip misses a line (the text must have been over the cutting line). Now, let me show you what is in the August Nature’s Wellness Box.

Natural Deodorant – Routine

ROUTINE had the best idea! This kit is perfect to try their products and find the right one for you. They have five similar kits, but I received the Greatest Hits Minis Kit. In this package there are 4 mini size natural deodorants: Like a Boss (floral and fresh), Superstar (spicy and grounding), Sexy Sadie (spicy, floral & sweet) and The Curator (sweet, fresh and herbal). They all smell divine.

This will give me the chance to try different mixes also. For example, one is baking soda free, and another one has a lot of it, another is vegan and made for sensitive skin and the other as charcoal and prebiotics. I will gladly try these and hope to find a match for my sensitive skin.

Large Quick Dry Towel – Cabana Collection from Dock & Bay

This towel is extremely soft and not your usual beach towel. There are 13 color options and Nature’s Wellness picked the right color for me (kuta pink)! I received a large size which is 160 cm long and 80 cm wide. There are still a few sunny days left to go to the beach and it looks like the perfect towel for a day under the sun. It is quicker to dry than a standard cotton towel, will not collect sand (especially useful when you like to alternate sunbathing and swimming) and it is super absorbent. I also like that it comes with a matching pouch and that there is an elastic hook behind to hang it.

Pistachio Energy Bites from Nomz

“[…] coated in freshly crushed pistachios for that perfect crunch. Perfectly balanced. Soft, chocolatey, nutty and sweet… mmm, nom nom. Each bite is made with organic nuts, dates, cocoa, coconut oil and fleur de sel.”

Nomz energy bites are a perfect snack for a little afternoon boost. There are two servings in one package (two bites) of 90 calories each. Nomz products are organic, vegan, gluten free, have no GMO and are certified paleo. I love that there are so few ingredients and that they are healthy ones. I tried these bites before, but I did not know they were made in Toronto, Canada. Another lovely Canadian brand!

Vanilla and Lavender Lip Balm – Moroccan Magic

“Transport to your most relaxed state with the benefits of Essential Oils, while giving your lips the pampering they deserve. Just apply and let the magic of Organic Argan Oil do the rest.”

I have never tried a lip balm made with organic Argan oil. I know it is good for the skin, so why not for your lips. Also, the Lavender essential oil in it makes it the perfect lip balm to keep on your nightstand. It has a soothing smell and might just help to fall asleep and the texture is pleasant. The list of ingredients is filled with organic products like sunflower oil, beeswax, vanilla flavor, coconut oil, vitamin E, rosemary and calendula extract in addition to Argan oil and Lavender essential oil. A simple list with no weird ingredients, that is exactly what I want.

Mens-ease Himalayan Bath Salts – LADYFLOW

Ladyflow created products especially for the menstrual cycle for women to help regain control over their cycle. I do not know many women who do not suffer from some pain when they have their period, and I personally do have some strong PMS and cramps. I am not in a hurry to try this salt as it means I will have my period and some cramps, but I will be happy to have this mix of Himalayan sea salts, Epsom salt, rose petals and rose essential oil to sooth me. I will also check the other products from this company as they have interesting other products like oils, PMS tea, stress ease roll-on and intimate soap bar.

Nature’s Wellness Box August 2020 Review – Final Thoughts

The August Nature’s Wellness Box is a total hit! Beautiful, quality items and I was happy to learn about such amazing companies. I will certainly pass the word to my girl friends about Ladyflow which creates interesting products for the women cycle and I bet Routine’s deodorant will get me hooked with these beautiful smells. Also, I bet the Nomz energy bites will not last long. They will come along with me and my new Dock & Bay towel the next day I go to the beach. I liked the variety of products I received and how everything stays true to Nature Wellness Box beliefs. Lots of lovely surprises once again and I already cannot wait to see what I will get in the next box!

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