Nevaeh’s Tea Review July 2018

I was graciously sent this amazing set of tea to review from Nevaeh’s Tea and I have enjoyed every single steep and sip. Below are my thoughts on this company and the four teas that they sent me.

They have a current promotion going on right now if your mouth starts drooling as much as mine while typing this review! The first month is free if you pay $12.67 CAD for shipping. Use the code, TRYFORFREE at checkout!

A little about Nevaeh’s Tea, they have all of their teas sourced ethically. They are also partner with “One Tree Planted”! Which means for every pound of tea they sell they will donate enough to plant one tree! How wonderful!

Coconut Green Tea

The smell smelled heavenly, pun intended. The aroma of coconut was intoxicating. I thought that it might  be overwhelming but it was extremely peaceful and calming in drinking it, even with the high caffeine content.

I made sure to let it steep 6 minutes as suggested and it was well worth the wait. Always follow the brewing/steeping instructions that you are given. If you don’t the tea might become too weak or bitter in longer steeping. 6 minutes was just perfect.

Adding a little bit of organic honey was wonderful, though I will say that this tea would be wonderful without any sweetener at all. The coconut gives the tea a little sweetness in and of itself.

Organic Starbust Black Tea

This is a wonderful tea to have in the morning due to it’s high caffeine content. I recently stopped drinking coffee and to be honest, I haven’t missed it at all.

I honestly have always loved black tea from the time I was a child. I was so excited to get a black tea in this month’s box with strawberries! If you don’t like strawberries I will let you know that it isn’t over powering. The taste of strawberries leave a little bit of a lasting taste right at the end of a sip.

This is probably one of my favorite teas in this month’s box. I am loving adding a little bit of organic honey to the mix, but this tea would still be wonderful without it. I can also see myself making this as an ice tea for the summer months. It really does burst in your mouth with flavor and it is wonderful!

Organic D-Talks

This is a WONDERFUL organic herbal tea! This is a perfect tea to have right before bed with it being caffeine free. I LOVE the hints of strawberry throughout the tea. It isn’t too powerful of a flavor for those who aren’t fans of strawberry.

The smell of this tea instantly calms me down. It smells like a spa day. I start daydreaming about going to the spa, herbal tea in hand, while getting an organic facial. Anyone else get those flashes when smelling something so tranquil?!

I know that anytime I am craving tea but I don’t need to want the caffeine that I will be grabbing for this tea. It has been an absolutely wonderful tea to drink!

Luscious Licorice

I’m not going to fib, I was hesitant of this tea. I am not the biggest fan of licorice, especially black licorice. I love the comment that they made on the tea bag:

“We took a chance with this one. Some love it, some hate it. Which one are you?”

This is the second caffeine free tea that they put in this month’s subscription, which is always nice to have. A mixture of both.

As for my thoughts on this tea, if you LOVE licorice then this is the tea for you! I will say that it doesn’t have as strong of a licorice taste as the smell. I really did enjoy it more than I thought I was going to. I’m not saying that this is an everyday tea for me, but I really did like it!

Nevaeh’s Tea has two different plans for their monthly tea club:

Explore Pack: $6.97 CAD for 4 Teas that are enough to make 8-9 cups of tea.

Monthly Tea Club: $24.00 CAD for 4 teas that will be enough to make 30-34 cups.

Each month their members receive 4 different packs of tea no matter the plan you get! You can pause, stop, resume, and cancel anytime with NO COMMITMENTS!

Go check them out! Your taste buds won’t regret it!


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