Nicely Noted Review October 2016

Nicely Noted Review October 2016

In our September Nicely Noted we received the cutest little snail mail greeting card. It’s probably one of my favourite cards to date, and I just can’t bring myself to use it. I will have to eventually, because it’s too precious to be locked up in my card box, but for now I am going to keep it and enjoy it. This is my biggest problem with Nicely Noted. Most of the time the cards are so darn cute I don’t want to mess them up by writing on them.

Nicely Noted Details

If you aren’t familiar with Nicely Noted it is a monthly letterpress subscription service. Every month they send you a package with 3 cards and stamps to mail them (US subscriptions only). This box was provided complimentary for review.


The Box: Nicely Noted

Cost: $20 a month

What You Get: A curated collection of letterpress cards and stamps.

  • stamps are included with US subscriptions

Ships to: US, Canada, UK and European Union

Shipping Cost: FREE

Big Wheel Press Birthday Submarine Card

Love the submarine and love the bright yellow. This card is so stinking’ cute!

Anemone Letterpress Let’s Catch Up Card

Oh my goodness, is this little guy trying to “catch up” with his tail? Too funny, and too cute.

Iron Curtain Press Thank You Card

I love my thank you cards. This one is about as simple as they come, but I like my cards simple.

Nicely Noted Review October 2016  – Final Thoughts

Even though I was kind of hoping for some Fall themed cards, orange and black and pumpkins and cats, I still really like these. The bright yellow is really fun and the perfect way to brighten someone’s day when it is cold and dark outside. One of the things I like most about Nicely Noted is the fact that all the cards match each month. I don’t think it would be as fun if they didn’t.





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