NoMakeNoLife Review December 2018

NoMakeNoLife, or ‘nmnl’ for short, is a monthly subscription filled with beauty products handpicked from Japan! If you’re not familiar with the popular Japanese phrase “nomakenolife”, it translates into ‘makeup is life’ and this box is all about beauty! Each month you’ll receive 5-7 full-sized, trendy and high quality items including makeup, skincare, beauty tools, nails, body and much more! They kindly sent me December’s box to review.

Subscription Details

Box Details: NoMakeNoLife (nmnl) curates their monthly beauty boxes with a mix of popular products as well as unique and trendy items handpicked by their in-house licensed beauty consultants. Boxes will contain 5-7 full-sized beauty items including a mixture of makeup, skincare, bath, body, hair, nails, and beauty tools.

NoMakeNoLife Packages:

  • Monthly: $29.99/month
  • 3 Months Prepaid Plan: $87 ($29/month)
  • 6 Months Prepaid Plan: $170 ($28.33/month)
  • 12 Months Prepaid Plan: $330 ($27.50/month)

Shipping: Free Worldwide Delivery

Here’s a closer look at the items I received for the month of December….

Included in every box is a little black booklet detailing all of the products selected each month. You’ll get in-depth descriptions, instructions (in English, of course) and upcoming news!

Dolly Wink Eyeliner

Dolly Wink is a very popular Japanese makeup brand that I’ve heard tons of good things about. This month’s box included the Dolly Wink Eyeliner, which is a liquid liner pen with an ultra thin felt tip. I usually prefer pencil liner because it’s quick and easy for me, but for special occasions I always opt for liquid liners! This one is ideal because the thin felt tip makes drawing sharp winged liner a breeze. Plus, its a dark pigmented black that is pretty much bulletproof! It is sweat, water, and tear resistant and seriously does not budge.

Sakura Lovely Rose Toner

The Sakura Lovely Rose Toner contains natural mineral water from Japanese hot springs, rosemary extracts, and rose water. It’s ideal for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin. There’s 231g of product and the nozzle isn’t half bad, though I wish the mist was a little finer. The toner feels very soothing and moisturizing on the skin. Plus, it has an instant cooling effect!

Cat Paw Face Massager

At first I had no idea what these were, but they’re facial massagers in the form of two cat paws! They’re so cute and fun to use. These come in a beautiful lavender color and it’s made of silicone so it doesn’t harbor bacteria. Each paw has ridges and indentations that add the massage, but I think it’s a little too rough on my skin. It works best when you have a layer of moisturizer on so it’s easier for the massager to glide on to the skin.

Flower Petal Rain Blotting Paper

This mini booklet of blotting papers are a lifesaver when it comes to absorbing excess oil and keeping my skin shine-free. The book comes with 50 sheets of papers that are easy to tear. They’re very effective and don’t disturb my makeup that I have on!

Yuzu Honey Facemask

The Yuzu Honey Facemask contains plenty of ingredients with moisturizing benefits like yuzu essence, honey, and sake. My skin always needs a boost of hydration, especially during the winter season, so I was very grateful for this mask! I wore it for about 20 minutes and my skin immediately felt much more hydrated and moisturized. My skin was bouncy to the touch and I had a visibly brighter skin tone as well!

NoMakeNoLife Review December 2018 – Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed December’s NoMakeNoLife beauty box! This month I received an eyeliner, a toner mist, a fun beauty tool (facial massager), a sheet mask and blotting papers. These items were all completely new to me, and most are exclusive to Japan or just hard to get in stores/online. I’ve already begun incorporating most of these items in my day-to-day routine like the Sakura Rose Toner, which I use during my nightly skincare routine, and the Blotting Papers, which is currently a purse staple. The Cat Paw Face Massager was also another unique item that’s fun to use, but I haven’t seen and don’t expect to see any visible results.

I’m very impressed this month and can’t wait to see what’s in store for January. I hear that NoMakeNoLife is transitioning to include BOTH Japanese and Korean beauty products starting 2019, so I’m excited to see their new curations!

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A subscription-based service that delivers you a box of Korean and Japanese cosmetics plus skincare.

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