NoMakeNoLife Review June 2019

NoMakeNoLife, or ‘nmnl’ for short, is a monthly subscription box filled with Japanese and Korean beauty products! If you’re not familiar with the popular Japanese phrase “nomakenolife,” it translates into ‘makeup is life’. Each month you’ll receive 8-9 full-sized, trendy and high quality items including makeup, skincare, beauty tools, nails, body care and much more! They kindly sent me the June box to review.


Subscription Details

Box Details: NoMakeNoLife (nmnl) curates their monthly beauty boxes with a mix of popular products as well as unique and trendy items handpicked by their in-house licensed beauty consultants. Boxes will contain 8-9 full-sized beauty items including a mixture of makeup, skincare, bath, body, hair, nails, and beauty tools. All of the beauty products are sourced from Korea or Japan.

NoMakeNoLife Packages:

  • Monthly: $35/month
  • 3 Months Prepaid Plan: $100.50 ($33.5/month)
  • 6 Months Prepaid Plan: $192 ($32/month)
  • 12 Months Prepaid Plan: $378 ($31.50/month)

Shipping: Free Worldwide Delivery

Here’s a closer look at the items I received this month….

June Theme – Rise & Shine

“This June we’ve curated a box filled with Japanese and Korean beauty and makeup products that will come in handy for your morning beauty routine. Wash your face, style your hair, and apply your makeup.”

Included in every box is a mini pink booklet detailing all of the hand-picked products each month. You’ll get in-depth descriptions, instructions (in English, of course) and upcoming news!

Angel Heart Cheek, Eye & Lip Cream (Japan)

This multi-use cream blush comes in a cute lip-shaped compact and can be used on the lips, cheeks, and eyes. It has a sheer dewy finish that blends effortlessly onto the skin or lips. Plus, you can build it up for a more pigmented look!

Choonee Water Lip Tint Balm (Korea)

Subscribers will receive a Choonee Water Lip Tint Balm in several possible shades. I received Grapefruit, which is a vibrant orange hue that’s perfect for summer. This balm has many nourishing and hydrating properties and ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba seed oil, almond oil, and grape seed oil. Surprisingly, it’s crazy pigmented for a lip balm!

Etude House Oh M’Eye Line Liquid Eyeliner – Black (Korea)

Etude House’s Oh M’Eye Line Liquid Eyeliner is a pitch black liquid liner with a brush tip applicator. The brush tip is long and thin making it easy to draw lines and cat-eye flicks with precision.

Lip Moist Oil – Mellow Orange or Cool Lime (Japan)

Subscribers will receive either the shade Mellow Orange or Cool Lime. The lip oils can be used as a lip treatment to soften up dry lips, or used as a lip gloss. I received Mellow Orange, and it goes on completely clear, but it does have a sweet scent of orange candies.

Here are some arm swatches from L to R: Etude House Oh M’Eye Line Liquid Eyeliner in Black, Angel Heart Cheek, Lip & Eye Cream in 03 and the Choonee Water Lip Tint Balm in Grapefruit.

Etude House My Beauty Tool Eti Hair Band (Korea)

I personally own 3 of these head bands already, so you know they’re good! The Eti Hair Band is a simple white headband with pink cat ears at the top. It’s great for keeping your hair out of your face when washing up or apply makeup. There’s a scrunchy part at the bottom of the headband that allows for it to stretch in size.

Oshima Tsubaki Hair Cream (Japan)

The Oshima Tsubaki Hair Cream is a leave-in cream that can be used on damp on dry hair. It contains Japanese camellia oil to provide moisture to your strands and leave it shiny and smooth. Using too much can weight your hair down and make it look oily, so a little truly goes a long way!

Sizena Juicy Bottle Mask (Japan)

The Juicy Bottle Mask comes in 10 possible variations including rice, green tea, aloe vera, pomegranate, etc. I received the pomegranate version which helps with adding moisture back into the skin and balancing out the skin tone. Plus, this mask only takes 10 minutes, so it’s the perfect go-to sheet mask in the morning when you’re short on time!

Lucky Trendy Hair Curler Set (Japan)

The most unique item this month is this Hair Curler Set which comes with 8 curlers. If you want to achieve easy wavy hair, this is the perfect hair tool for you. Simple open up the curler, take a section of hair and place the curler at the end of the section. Wrap the section from the bottom up and then close it. These curlers can be used on damp hair (to sleep on/air dry) or on dry hair with a blow dryer. Once the hair is set, remove the curler and voila – wavy hair that lasts all day!

NoMakeNoLife Review June 2019 – Final Thoughts

This month’s NoMakeNoLife box was filled with items to enhance your morning beauty routine. I loved the inclusion of the cat hair band, easy-to-use makeup products, sheet masks, and hair styling products/tools. I typically have a pretty extensive morning beauty routine, so it’s nice to have items to help me get my day started.

My favorite items this month was the Angel Heart Cheek, Eye & Lip Cream, Choonee Water Lip Tint Balm and the Lucky Trendy Hair Curler Set!

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A subscription-based service that delivers you a box of Korean and Japanese cosmetics plus skincare.

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