NoMakeNoLife Review November 2017

NoMakeNoLife is a subscription-based service that delivers you a box full of unique japanese beauty products from Tokyo straight to your doorstep. Their aim is to introduce Japanese culture via beauty products that not only look good but make you feel good. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Subscription Details

When you sign up for a NoMakeNoLife subscription you can choose from the following options:

  • Monthly recurring subscription
  • 3-month subscription
  • 6-month subscription
  • 12-month subscription

Box Details: NMNL comes in one size. Each monthly box contains a mix of 5 – 7 full-sized beauty items of the highest quality from 6 different categories (skin, body, make, hair, bath and tools) chosen for you by our in-house beauty consultant.

Delivery Details: NMNL delivers free worldwide shipping to over 120+ countries. Once your order has been placed, your box will ship immediately and will arrive between the 20th and 28th of the following month.

Here is a look at the November NoMakeNoLife Beauty Subscription Box.

Mappe Big Ribbon

Never be bothered by long bangs or stray hair anymore with this cute big ribbon by Mapepe.  The big ribbon is perfect as an accessory to compete you outfit or to keep your hair at bay while washing your face or when applying make up.  Just swipe and pat the ribbon over your hair when you want to maintain and watch it magically stay!

Rosy Rosa Oil Blotting Roller

Wipe the shine off your face with this easy to use oil blotting roller.  Made with volcanic stones, this convenient tool effectively removes unwanted grease and dead skin from your face.  Wipe with tissue to remove make up from the roller or cleanse with warm water when necessary.  Roller comes with a cap to keep clean.

Kakima 2 in 1 Mascara Liner

Fill in sparse lower lash lines with this 2 in 1 mascara liner to give your eyes the a sultry look.  The mascara liner gives you full but feathery lower lash look, minus the hassles associated with fake lashes.  Not only that, this convenient tool can be used as a regular eyeliner.  Use it to give your eyes a smoky look or use just the tip for a sharper line.

Honeil Cleansing Lotion

A double-duty product that’s rich in honey and sunflower oil that your skin will love.  The gentle lotion works to remove dead skin cells while moisturizing your skin.  The lotion is gentle enough that after use there’s no need to rinse it off nor apply additional toner.  Moisturizing ingredients include sunflower seed oil, sunflower extract, honey, royal jelly and propolis extract.

Ginger Bath Salt

After a long week, treat your mind and body to extra TLC in the bath with this relaxing bath salt which contains ginger and chili extract.  Both of which have extra warming properties.  The yuzu ginger scented salt contains yuzu extract which has skin tightening properties whereas the ginger chai scented salt contains skim milk and tea extract which have moisturizing properties.  The honey ginger scented bath salt contains honey which also has moisturizing effects.  The bath salts are collaboration items from famous food manufacturer nagatanien and nol corporation.  Which of the three did you get?

Tonyu Isofurabon Point Masks

Treat extra dry and sensitive areas of your face with these mini-sized masks.  The masks from popular drugstore brand tonyu isofurabon use soy isoflavones to restore elasticity in your skin and ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid to provide extra nourishment to delicate skin.  Each resealable bag contains 10 sets of sakura scented point masks.


NoMakeNoLife November 2017 – Final Thoughts

What a great package this month!  I could always use a new eye liner, so I was quite excited to see one was included.  I also really liked the bath salts.  I’m a big ginger fan, so I’m looking forward to giving that a go.  It was also nice to see the big ribbon item!  Sometimes it’s nice to receive an item that aids your make up routine instead of just receiving all make up.  Over all NMNL always puts together a very well thought out package that will keep your make up cupboard and beauty needs stocked!  I’m curious, what has your experience with NMNL been?



A subscription-based service that delivers you a box of Korean and Japanese cosmetics plus skincare.

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