Norlii Box Review April 2022

Spring has been slow to arrive here in Ottawa (we had snow just last night!) but according to the forecast it’s going to turn around this week with a mix of sunshine and rain to help all the good things grow. 🙌 In the meantime Scandinavian home and lifestyle box Norlii Box has inspired me to get our indoor garden going with April’s lovely Spring theme. Every other month the subscription delivers a thoughtfully curated selection of Scandinavian home decor and accessories designed to help you create a hygge home trademarked by simple clean lines, muted colours and soft natural textures. *

*They kindly sent us this box for review

“Nature plays a significant role in Scandi style. In addition indoor gardening is more popular than ever; houseplants are a great way to invite nature indoors and soften the minimalist home.”

— Norlii

Let’s take a closer look. (Psst! April’s box is still shipping so if you like what you see you can order it up!)

Norlii Box ships from Copenhagen, Denmark and features items from renown nordic brands curated around a theme. All prices in USD.

  • Each box includes 4 to 5 hand-picked items
  • Annual subscriptions are $69.98/box + shipping ($419/year + shipping, paid upfront)
  • Bi-monthly subscriptions are $74.90/box + shipping (paid per box)
  • Single boxes are $89
  • Free shipping on your first box when you sign up for Norlii’s newsletter
  • Additional items including a selection of products from past boxes are available for purchase through Norlii’s online shop
  • Ships to Canada, the US, Australia, Europe + several other countries. Shipping across Canada and the US is $12.95/box; shipping for the UK and the EU is free; and shipping to Asia-Pacific is $19.95/box.

Each Norlii Box includes a gorgeous product card with detailed descriptions of each item (included in italics below.)

April’s box is called Vår, the Scandinavian word for Spring.

One thing I love about Norlii Box is how seamlessly the products work with items from previous boxes, like this gorgeous vase from last June’s box. I’ve included it in several pictures of April’s items because I just love how they look together. The vase and is one of my favourites and it’s currently on sale in Norlii’s online shop.

First up for April’s Norlii Box are these lovely plant pots on stands (a set of two).

“The flower pots make in black metal in a simple design are from Bloomingville. The company was established in 2000 and has been a popular brand in all of Scandinavia ever since.

The two pots will highlight your plants beautifully. The stands give the pots a raw and almost industrial look that allows for slight imperfections and adds personality and a relaxed vibe to your decor.

I imagined the pots for herbs in your kitchen. You can play around for the perfect look; group them with other plants, stick to your favorite flower, or experiment with new herbs for your daily cooking. $30″

We have a lot of white in our kitchen where I keep these and I love how the black has a grounding effect. And the simple design makes them so versatile for just about any decor, whether it’s minimalist, industrial or farmhouse-chic.

You could put the stands either way but I think they’re meant to be like this on account of how perfectly they hug the pot. The low-profile feels more Scandinavian. Functional and understated.

Print · sisterBrandt · ““Vår” is the Scandinavian word for spring. Let spring into your home with this gorgeous print.

The Swedes take great pride in their cuisine based on natural ingredients from the forest. In Sweden, they have allemansrätten, which means you can camp everywhere in nature and even pick above-ground parts of plants (leaves, flowers, seeds, berries, and mushrooms!).

You have received a print of the edible herb Sweet Woodruff — a Swedish favorite! $5″

The Pinch · Moebe · “Moebe is a creative Danish design studio. their mantra is to reduce their designs to their most simple forms.

The wooden clip you have received in this month’s box consists of two pieces of oak and a single rubber band. The clip is named “Pinch” and can be used standing or hung from a nail using the hole on the back. So elegant!

You can use it to hang your new print, or maybe you want to dry a flower and exhibit it in the pinch as a reminder of spring.

The Pinch is made of FCS-certified European oak and a rubber band; nothing more, nothing less. $15″

I love changing up my prints with the seasons and this one with perfect for spring — such an easy way to bring flowers into the house. I like how Norlii included the Pinch for easy, immediately display but I can see the print bending a bit over time so I’ll probably end up putting it in a frame. (Norlii has some lovely ones here.) The Pinch itself is underwhelming and surely I’m not the only one wondering how it can sell for $15 but it’s still a thoughtful, perfectly functional touch.

Scented Candle in Steel Votive · “Instantly indulge your home with a flowery scent. This scented candle is made from 100% soy way and is hand-poured in a small family-owned candle factory in Sweden. The candle is poured into a beautiful silver-plated container.

The line of scented candles from Bloomingville is brand new. In your box, you will find NO. 2 Green Gardenia: at once, serene and lively, watery white florals combined with rich resinous woods elevate and refine a classic floral scent.

Expect a burning time of 25 hours. Never leave a burning candle unattended! $20″

Smells gorgeous and looks it too. I hope we’ll see more candles from this brand!

Watering can · Zone Denmark · “Water cans are essential when you keep green plants indoors. But it has always been a significant design challenge to make the water can as beautiful as it is functional. We have found a stunning watering can from Zone Denmark for you.

Zone Denmark is rooted in an honest and minimalist expression that awakes our curiosity and beautifies everyday life. Thy have worn several design awards and are motivated by sharing their passion for the simple and positive with design lovers worldwide.

The size is ideal for herbs, sprouts, and smaller green plants, and you can place your new watering can on the kitchen counter for display next to your herbs or green plants. 25 fl oz $75″

Do you get excited about watering cans too? I’ve been admiring similar sleek ones for years and this one is perfect. I actually caught myself humming “here is my handle and here is my spout” when I was giving the plants a drink the other day. 😂 Having the right tool for the job makes such a difference!

Honestly it is a joy to see Norlii Box at my door every other month. So many of the items I’ve received have become favourite pieces — beautiful, functional, multi-purpose objects that make my life easier or more comfortable or just freshen up our space. One of my favourite subscriptions.

Norlii’s April Box is currently shipping.

*candle lit*

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Norlii Box

Norlii Box is a Nordic Living home decor and accessories subscription box. Rooted in Scandinavian design and lifestyle we strive for simplicity, elegance and harmony in every box.

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