Norlii Box Review December 2021: Scandinavian Christmas

Scandinavian Christmas traditions speak to me. There’s a lot of baking, a lot of candles, and elves leave little presents in your boots (as long as you keep them well fed. 😉) So a box celebrating Christmas Scandi-style speaks to me in a BIG way. And it happens to be the theme of December’s nordic home and lifestyle box, Norlii Box. It’s about discovering some new traditions and making them your own with a collection of festive Scandinavian goods to get you started.*

*They kindly sent us this box for review.

Norlii Box ships every other month from Copenhagen, Denmark and features items from renown nordic brands curated around a theme.

  • Each box includes 4 to 5 hand-picked items valued at $120 USD or more
  • Subscriptions are $69.95/box + $9.95 shipping
  • Single boxes are $79.95/box + $9.95 shipping
  • Free shipping on your first box when you sign up for Norlii’s newsletter
  • Additional items including a selection of products from past boxes are available for purchase through Norlii’s online shop
  • Ships to Canada, the US, the UK and the EU

Each Norlii Box includes a lovely product card with an introduction on one side and detailed descriptions of the contents on the other. The photography is stunning and the card a high-quality stock with a matte finish that feels modern and elegant.

Speaking of modern and elegant, the candle holders are from this August’s Norlii Box. I use them all the time, mostly on our front window sill but I like to move them around too. They fit just about anywhere.

The Bowl

“This bowl from Broste Copenhagen is delicately ornamented with blue-grey dots. The idea is you can serve your freshly baked cookies or maybe your marshmallows in it. It will also look fantastic is you use the bowl to create a Christmas decoration for your new candle (make sure it cannot tilt!). The bowl is from the same series as cups and plates from previous Norlii Boxes. ($28)”

I treated myself to one of Norlii’s Christmas boxes and this bowl will go wonderfully with the items tucked under the tree. (Believe me, it’s taking everything in me not to open it. 😬) The Christmas box I ordered is sold out but there are three other different ones still available in the shop. Which also happens to have more of these bowls, along with matching cups and plates, should you wish to start a set or build a whole collection.

The Mallows

“I couldn’t resist adding the gourmet marshmallows to your December box once again. The Mallows have already been a Christmas favourite for many Norlii subscribers — so why not make it a Christmas tradition? The new variant offers delicious organic vanilla marshmallows coated with creamy white chocolate and sprinkled with fine, red saffron threads. They are then carefully flavored with cinnamon sugar, the best and most recognizable taste of Christmas. The ultimate Christmas treat right there. ($13)”

The Mallows in last December’s box were delicious and I think this might be an even larger portion so score!! 🙌 I’m not sure about the saffron (maybe it’s more for colour and less for taste?) but white chocolate and cinnamon sugar sounds scrumptious. I’m trying to save these for Christmas Eve but I might cave before then. Have you tried them?

The Advent Candle

“Can’t wait for Christmas? Here is a way to ease the waiting and add hygge. Each day in December, you burn the elegant calendar candle from Broste Cph a little longer to the day’s mark to show the passing of the days leading up to Christmas. Scandinavians celebrate Christmas on the 24th, so you only find numbers up to 24. The green color of the candle will look great in a natural Christmas decoration. ($18)”

I’ve always wanted an advent candle and this one is beautiful (it’s a bit darker green than it looks here). So cozy lighting it in the evenings after supper and a simple way to help you stay in the present. Taking a few moments to mark the days helps you notice each one more rather than have them pass by in a blur.

The Book

“Take a look at this beautiful book. It sums up how a traditional Scandinavian Christmas takes place and is such such an excellent tabletop book for inspiration. In Scandinavia, the whole period of Christmas, from the first Sunday in Advent to New Year’s Day, is marked by festivities and celebrated in traditional but beautiful contemporary style. Author Trine Hahnemann is a well-known Danish chef and food journalist and owner of a large bakery/cafe in Copenhagen. Its beautiful cover can easily be a part of your Christmas decor in the kitchen. ($32)”

I love this book! So many great-looking recipes and interesting anecdotes, some humour, and a generally relaxed approach to cooking and entertaining that’s about having fun, not perfection. It’s a pleasure to read and the photos are beautiful. I’d love to see more of Trine’s books in future boxes.

Christmas Decor

“Unique and handcrafted paper decorations to create an elegant holiday atmosphere in your home. The natural material and the folding technique for these ornaments make them so unique. Removes them from the pouch and unfold them delicately. A small magnet on each side secures them easily. You can save the bag for safe storage after the holidays. ($21)”

I was hoping we might see some paper ornaments like in last December’s box and I got my wish! These giant ones look so pretty hanging from our trees (we have a little pine one and a tall Frasier fir) but you could also display them in a bowl, hang them in the window, tie them to your curtains — whatever you please! I’m going to look forward to putting these up for years to come.

December’s Norlii Box is still available to order and I believe there’s a speedy shipping option too if you’d like to have it for Christmas. Or you could always get a couple now and save them for next year, maybe gift them in November so your loved ones can enjoy it all Christmas season. (I might use that idea myself!)

Have you adopted any Scandinavian Christmas traditions? What are some ways you celebrate where you are?

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