Norlii Box Review December 2022

“There is nothing like Stockholm in December. The crisp air, the beautiful city lights, a visit to Gamla Stan (the old part of town) and fika at a cozy cafe.”

— Norlii

Norlii Box is a Scandinavian home and lifestyle subscription from Copenhagen, Denmark that features some of the best of Scandi style from renown nordic brands. For its last edition of the year, Norlii shares some of the magic that is Stockholm in December. And it’s one of my favourites yet.*

*They kindly sent us this box for review.

The box itself looked a little worse for wear after its travels but the contents arrived safe and sound. Norlii’s packaging is minimal and for the most part, recyclable. I think this is the first time they’ve packed the items inside a drawstring sack and I’d love to see that again as we’ll get all kinds of use out of it. (Bonus!)

Norlii Box is a bi-monthly box. It ships every other month (June, August, October, December, February and April).

→ Each box includes 4 to 5 hand-picked items

→ Annual subscriptions are $69.83/box + shipping ($419/year paid upfront; all prices in USD)

→ Bi-monthly subscriptions are $74.90/box + shipping (paid per box)

→ Single boxes are $89

→ Free shipping on your first box when you sign up for Norlii’s newsletter

→ Additional items including a selection past boxes, items from past boxes, and other Scandi products are available for purchase through Norlii’s online shop

→ Ships to Canada, the US, Australia, Europe + several other countries. Shipping across Canada and the US is $12.95/box; shipping for the UK and the EU is free; and shipping to Asia-Pacific is $19.95/box

December’s product guide is printed on a thick card stock with stunning imagery and an attractive, polished design. You can tell Norlii puts a lot of thought and care into each box. They really feel special.

Cake tins · “Get to know the Swedish capital’s iconic buildings and let Sweden’s nature decorate your home this December (and all year round). The tins are created by Danish designer and artist Martin Schwartz, who is known for his detailed illustrations of towns, cities, and places. His work gives the soul of a city into a single print and is a great way to bring a little Stockholm and Sweden into your home. The cake tins make gorgeous decoration pieces and are great for storing delicious cakes, pies, and other treats. $36”

Martin Schwartz is the same artist who designed the Bornholm puzzle in Norlii’s June 2021 box. These tins would be gorgeous for gifting homemade treats but I’d rather see them on my kitchen counter keeping our baked goods fresh year round. Like the other items in this box, the tins aren’t strictly holiday designs. (And if you’re wondering, If ‘Sverige’ is Swedish for Sweden and Stockholm is the capital of Sweden.)

Pepparkakor (ginger snaps) · “In case the holiday season is too busy for home baking, we have added genuine Pepparkakor baked in Stockholm to this curation. This almond cookie is a deluxe version of the classic Papparkakor. Anna’s crispy ginger snaps have been baked since 1929 when sisters Anna and Emma Karlsson opened their home bakery in Stockholm. They’re delicious with coffee or tea. $6”

These were too delicious to save for Christmas but luckily Norlii also included a recipe so we can make some more.

Ceramic · “Broste Copenhagen’s Nordic Sand plate is elegant for serving cookies and other treats for your December guests. The Nordic coastline has been an inspiration for the color and surface of this ceramic and will bring the subtle Nordic color scheme to your home. Each plate is homemade and unique, so you can be sure that yours is one-of-a-kind. We have more plates, cups, and mugs from the Nordic Sand series in the shop. $24”

I really enjoy my Norlii dishes and this one is such a lovely addition to my collection. I love the texture and the moody, cool colouring. It feels like a winter piece.

Tea towels · “Look at these stylish and practical tea towels. We wanted to add them to the December box because, this time of year, we often prepare food for all sorts of occasions; this is indeed the holiday season. And while we want to give you a sense of Gamla Stan in Stockholm, we think these tea towels with a very classic stripe pattern are perfect. Plus, they’re made by renowned Scandinavian brand Södahl, so you know they’re made to laste. Whether drying dishes or wiping spills, your new tea towels are your little helpers. $26”

You can’t see the second tea towel here but it’s the reverse of this one (white with beige stripes). Our tea towels are a hodge-podge of designs and colours but I prefer the simple stripes and neutral tones. These ones are thick and absorbent too.

“Gamla Stan is a charming, historic city district in Stockholm. The town dates back to the 13th century and contains medieval alleyways, cobbled streets, and ancient architecture. Most buildings are from the 18th and 19th centuries.”

— Norlii

The White Paper Star · “Have you ever been to Stockholm in December? You cannot help to notice to big white paper stars in every window of the beautiful old Stockholm buildings. It will forever remind me of the clear blue starry sky on a cold December night in Gamla Stan. Hang the star in the window or on the wall and create a little Stockholm feeling this December. Please read the instructions on how to make the star and handle it gently, as the star is made of fine paper. $32”

Paper stars are iconic in Nordic design and this one is just stunning with the tiny star cut-outs throughout. I hung ours here on a wall in the kitchen for these photos but it may end up on top of the piano or hanging in one of the windows. It’s dramatic but simple. I love it!

Pepparkakor recipe · “We have added a recipe for the traditional Swedish cookies: Papparkakor. They are spicy and will spread a lovely home-baking scent in your home. And they are perfect for Fika (Swedish coffee break).”

And you know how much I enjoy baking so I’m eager to try the recipe! 😋

Norlii Box has the wow factor I want in a luxe box and in my decor (tho usually it’s more like ‘wow our dining table is a disaster’ 😩 or ‘wow the laundry got out of hand.’) December’s edition is a thoughtful, wow-worthy collection Scandinavian pieces (and a recipe) we’ll use at the holidays and throughout the year. Which is the best kind of decor IMHO. I haven’t been to Stockholm in December but I feel like Norlii delivered some its magic. And who couldn’t use some magic this time of year?

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Norlii Box is a Nordic Living home decor and accessories subscription box. Rooted in Scandinavian design and lifestyle we strive for simplicity, elegance and harmony in every box.

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