Norlii Box Review October 2022: Hygge

Norlii Box is a Scandinavian home and lifestyle subscription from Copenhagen, Denmark that features some of the best of Scandi style from renown nordic brands. October’s Hygge edition encourages subscribers to unwind and get cozy with five special items, including a sweet treat from their online shop that I’ve been dying to try!*

*They kindly sent this box for review.

Norlii Box is a bi-monthly box. It ships every other month (June, August, October, December, February and April).

  • Each box includes 4 to 5 hand-picked items
  • Annual subscriptions are $69.83/box + shipping ($419/year paid upfront; all prices in USD)
  • Bi-monthly subscriptions are $74.90/box + shipping (paid per box)
  • Single boxes are $89
  • Free shipping on your first box when you sign up for Norlii’s newsletter
  • Additional items including a selection past boxes, items from past boxes, and other Scandi products are available for purchase through Norlii’s online shop
  • Ships to Canada, the US, Australia, Europe + several other countries. Shipping across Canada and the US is $12.95/box; shipping for the UK and the EU is free; and shipping to Asia-Pacific is $19.95/box

Candlesticks · “These candlesticks from Normann Copenhagen won the IF Product Design Award in 2010 and have been a favourite ever since. Heima, as the candlestick is called, features a recognizable design and pays tribute to industrial craftsmanship and Nordic traditions. The minimalistic candle holder is sculptural and makes an elegant and stylish accompaniment to modern and classic decor. $54”

I light candles day and night especially in the colder months. I love how the shape of these candle holders works with virtually any decor and fits seamlessly with ours. They say every room should have a touch of black to give the eye a place to land and the black here adds a touch of drama. These are made of cast iron so made to last. I’m going to use these forever!

Candles · “Why not create a hygge moment today? Do you have candles? Well, don’t worry. We have added two beautiful rustic candles from Broste Copenhagen to your box. We think the colour ‘linen’ is pretty great for your setup. But a plain white candle will look good too.”

I’ve really been getting into candle holders the past couple of years and I love that Norlii included a pair to go with the holders. The colour is perfect. Serene and cozy.

Candy · “We know a unique taste experience is achieved using only the best ingredients. That is why we chose Wally and Whiz to complete your Fredagsmys. They only use natural flavouring and colouring agents (the wine gums are also 100% vegan and free of gluten and allegens). A wine gum from Wally and Whiz always consists of two flavours that complement each other and create a delicate and exquisite taste experience. $11”

Norlii has carried these winegums in their shop for a few months now and I’ve been dying to try them. These ones are the pink grapefruit and apricot and they’ve also got quince and lime. I love the delicate, natural flavour and they’re not overly sweet or cloying as some gummies can be. Plus how fun are the cubes?! Wally and Whiz also makes advent calendars. (Maybe Norlii will consider carrying them for the holidays? 😉)

Linen · “We have introduced a luxury linen cloth. You can use this as a small informal table cloth to collect your new items into a cozy setup. The cloth is made in Denmark at a small sewing factory in eastern Jutland. We chose the colour ‘latte’ for its cozyness. $16”

Layering different textures lends cozyness to a space and the contrast between the natural linen and the cast iron is giving me major hygge vibes. I love the colour of this cloth too. So versatile!

Ring box · “You must have a container for the sweets to present them elegantly — in a bonbonniere. Luckily you now have the large ring box, also from Normann Copenhagen. You might already have a medium-sized ring box from an earlier Norlii box, and this is an elegant addition. We love to build on previous boxes to make your home coherent in style and expression. $50”

Having a candy dish in the house can be tricky when you have young kids and zero willpower ha ha but I like to fill one on holidays and special occasions to make guests feel extra welcome. And an elegant dish makes treats feel that much more special. I’m so glad Norlii included this one to go with the ring box from February’s edition! Both are lovely and again, so versatile.

Norlii Box is one of my favourite subscriptions and probably the one I get the most use out of in that the contents fit so seamlessly with our decor and can be used every day. I’ve consistently loved the sweet treats Norlii includes from time to time and tho it pains me to share, my family has too. 😂 If you enjoy Scandinavian decor it’s a marvellous way to build a collection of authentic Scandi pieces that are functional, versatile and at the same time, quite elegant. I just love it!

October’s Norlii Box is available to order while supplies last.

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Norlii Box is a Nordic Living home decor and accessories subscription box. Rooted in Scandinavian design and lifestyle we strive for simplicity, elegance and harmony in every box.

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