Oceanista Review Winter 2018

“Get ready to experience the excitement of receiving the Oceanista signature box delivered to your door every season, and uncovering the hidden treasures that await you inside. You’ll be awash in whimsical beach inspired essentials from brands we love that are sure to compliment your beach lifestyle and wardrobe. Featured artisan pieces, luxury skin care products, mid-season surprises, and the chance to win a free gift every season guarantees our box will be one you look forward to again and again!”

Oceanista is $81 a season, BUT if you use my code “Courtagonist” you’ll get 10% off your first box! How awesome is that?!?! The annual subscription is a great deal because there’s already a $30 discount going annual. So the savings is almost $60.00!!!!

Plus, the value of the box is always worth $150 or more! The winter Oceanista box had a retail value of over $215 dollars! Now, let’s get into the goodies, shall we?

JJ Sterling is probably one of the most genuine people I have had the pleasure of talking to when it comes to the creators of boxes. He is always reaching out to me asking me my sizes for clothes and shoes as well as updating me on any information that his wonderful company needs their customers to know. I love this quote that he put on this stunning spoiler card! It is those little touches that makes me a loyal Oceanista customer!

Custom Greeting Card ($4.95)

If this card doesn’t give you the urge to visit the ocean this winter I don’t now what would! I love the bright and vibrant colors as well as the poem on the front. It was the first thing on top of the box when I opened it and I immediately smiled!

Swell Made Co. Monstera Leaf Key Tag ($8.97)

This is such a beautiful and delicate key ring. I love how light weight it is and the subtle gold coloring is just stunning. I love how dainty it is and that it will fit all of your keys and not take up too much room!

Hotel Luxe Candle by Beach Style Collective ($35)

There is nothing better than getting a wonderful and relaxing candle in a box. I don’t know about you but I love having candles burn in my house year round. If it isn’t candles it is my essential oil diffuser. I love the beautiful box that this came in! And as the name suggests it is very luxurious in smell and in quality of the make!

Winter 2018 Featured Artisan Paradise Coast Beads ($20)

One of the MANY things that I love about this company is how they support and showcase new and upcoming artisans! I love that they really take the care in getting these items as well. They aren’t something that is just thrown together and they hope that people like them. You can tell that this box is beautifully curated in every item.

This item was created by Kat with Paradise Coast Hospitality. The beads are home decor that are intended for guest to welcome them and bless and protect their home. This is perfect as we glide into the new year!

Oceanista Kimono in Lavender Blue with Fringe ($29.95)

I love that each box comes with a wearable of some sort! Whether it is jewelry, sandals, or a  kimono! This is a wonderfully soft and light weight kimono! This is 100% viscose and it is extremely easy to wear. You can wear it as a kimono or even as a scarf. It is perfect!!

Oceanista Bamboo Eco-Friendly Drinking Straws ($6.95)

One of my goals going into 2019 is to take more care with what I am putting into the environment. Using less and using more quality items. This includes using reusable straws. This is a phenomenon that is sweeping the world in the effort of really trying to be kinder to our world. We have one world, we need to respect and love it!

Ancient Roman Glass Hook Earrings by The Roman Glass Company ($88)

These are my MOST favorite item in the Winter 2018 box. I have worn these earrings every day for over a week! They are stunning. The card that came with the earrings stated:

“Your jewelry is inlaid with a fragment of ancient glass, discovered in an archaeological excavation in the Holy Land. The “patina” was created by chemical interactions with mineral-rich soil over the course of 2000 years.”

I can’t express enough how much I love these earrings. They are exquisitely made.

Sun-kissed Pearls Gel Eye Liner by Elizabeth Arden ($22)

Last season we received a beautiful eye shadow palette and this season we are getting a beautiful pot of eyeliner that is rich in emollients and natural oils. It comes with an angled brush to help get that PERFECT cat eye effect.

Oceanista Review Winter 2018 – Final Thoughts

Oceanista is one of my absolute favorite seasonal boxes. I love how much detail, care, and love goes into curating every inch of the box. I love that they stick to the theme and keep striving for better and more luxurious products. $81 is an amazing price for everything that you receive every season. It is like a small gift to yourself or someone you love. I can’t wait to see what Spring 2019 holds for us.

Until next time.


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