Oh Hello Greeting Card Review January 2017

Oh Hello Greeting Card Review January 2017

Oh Hello Stationery Co. has a new subscription starting in January and it’s pretty darn cute! I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing their planner sticker subscription and now I get to review the newest option in their subscription shop…….I have a feeling there will be more to come.

Oh Hello Stationery Co. Details

If you aren’t familiar with Oh Hello Stationery Co. it is an online shop for all your planning needs. They offer sticker kits, washi tape, sticker books, pens and more. They kindly sent me these cards to review.

The Box: Oh Hello Greeting Card Subscription

Cost: $7 per month

What You Get: Get five greeting cards delivered to your door every month. You’ll never forget to send a card for a birthday or a holiday again!

Ships to: Worldwide

Shipping Cost: Domestic shipping is free and $2 for international orders for each subscription

Let’s Toast to the New Year
Lettuce Celebrate

Coffee Cup
Happy Birthday
Thank You
Oh Hello Greeting Card Review January 2017 – Final Thoughts

You all know how I feel about greeting cards, I love them! So it will come as no surprise that I like this new subscription option from Oh Hello Stationery Co. Plus, the price point is extremely reasonable. The word cheap comes to mind, but I almost don’t want to use it to describe this subscription because the cards themselves aren’t cheap, they are super cute. They aren’t as detailed or stylish as the cards I receive in other subscription boxes, but they are cute and simple. Here’s the rest of the details as per their website:

  • Five greeting cards a month
  • One of the five cards will always be a new, unique birthday card
  • Cards will usually be thematic for the month’s holidays and season
  • Five envelopes with red foil insides

I didn’t realize until now that the envelopes are red foil inside. How fun is that! I will make sure to take a photo next time. So far I am a fan of this new subscription. You can’t go wrong with 5 greeting cards for $7……..I will definitely be keeping my eye on this one.





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