Ohana Beach Box Review February 2024

Open look at Ohana Beach Box including a beaded purse, earrings and starfish tray

The Ohana Beach Box is new to our subscription box directory, so I was excited to check it out. This is a monthly subscription for beach lovers.  Delivering themed beachy products every month they include a variety of items such as jewelry, accessories, bath & body products, and more.  As an avid beach lover myself, I couldn’t wait to dive into this pretty blue box.  They kindly sent us this box for review.

Ohana Beach Box on a tray with sea shells around it
Subscription Details

Ohana Beach Box is a monthly subscription box, delivering the beach to your doorstep each month.

Each box is themed and includes 5 or more beachy items to go with the theme, such as jewelry, accessories, bath & body products, home decor, and more. Each box has a $65+ value.

They have several different subscription options available:

  • Month to month
  • 3-months pre-paid
  • 6-months pre-paid
  • 12-months pre-paid

Some of the pre-paid terms do include a cost savings.  Boxes ship between the 20th-25th of the month.  They also have a t-shirt subscription add-on.

The February Ohana Beach Box was themed “Wish Upon a (Sea)Star” and here’s a closer look at what was included…

Starfish Beaded Earrings

Starfish Beaded Earrings: These beaded earrings had so much detail.  The mix of all the colors created such a gorgeous representation of the sea.  I was amazed by how intricate they were, there were so many tiny beads – it was impressive. They have a nice felt backing so they’ll be soft against skin and believe it or not, they’re very lightweight!

Starfish Resin Tray with Starfish Gold Hair Clips

Starfish Resin Tray holding gold starfish hair clips

Starfish Resin Trinket Dish: This resin dish was one of my favorite products in the box. It was so delicate (not heavy at all) and the beautiful swirls and flecks of gold were just gorgeous.  This piece was handmade by the owner, Katherine.  She always handmakes at least 1 product in each monthly box. This resin tray could be used in so many ways, from jewelry to office supplies, or even as a candy dish.  It’s a bit oversized from regular ring dishes/trays – which I loved.

Starfish Hair Clip Set: These gold hair clips are shimmery and shiny and almost too pretty to put away! I thought they were very unique and I think they’d look beautiful in a half-up hairstyle or as an accessory to a low pony.  I think these are one of those pieces that you can dress up or dress down and it will always work!  I hope Ohana Beach Box shares some photos of how they’re wearing the clips, or how their customers are wearing them on social media. I think that could be a cool way to get inspired for how to best wear them.

Beaded Coin Purse in Under the Sea Pattern

Starfish Beaded Coin Purse: This was my other favorite product in the Ohana Beach Box this month.  This zipper pouch is stunningly beautiful.  It’s made of sparkly blue sequins and a medley of orange, coral, teal, and neutral beads to create a really pretty under-the-sea pattern.  It’s clearly very high-quality craftsmanship, you can just feel the quality when holding it.  It zips close with a cute little pom pom on the zipper.  It’s even lined inside.  Loved this one.

Starfish Oil Diffuser with Oil Vial

Starfish Oil Diffuser: I loved this too!  It’s a diffuser made of lava stone and rosewood beads. It has a little leather strap you can hang in your car or other small space. They also included a little bottle of oil to get started.  It smelled so delicious, mine was a floral-based scent – I’m not sure exactly what it was, but it was lovely.  The directions say to apply a few drops to the stone or the beads, give it a few minutes to absorb, and then enjoy the scent for several hours before re-applying.  Sounds like a little will go a LONG way, which means this vial of oil could last months 🙂

This was also handcrafted by the owner.  She’s so talented!  On the back of the packaging, there’s a QR code that links to her shop where she has lots of other fun, handcrafted products under her main brand, Lani Makana.

Ocean Breeze Bathbomb Sticker Trio

Ocean Breeze Bath Bomb: This was an oversized bath bomb in a fresh “ocean” scent.  I love bath bombs – and I feel like even if you’re not a bath person, they make such a great gift to tuck away or to share with kiddos.  I always like receiving them.

Stickers: The team at Ohana Beach Box also included this trio of stickers perfectly themed in the shape of starfish, and a wave that says “seas the day.”  They’re really cute and match nicely.  I have a feeling my sticker-obsessed boys are going to steal these from me for their laptops and water bottles.  Do yours do that too? Let me know in the comments!

Flatlay of all the products included in the Ohana Beach Box, February Box
Ohana Beach Box February 2024 – Final Thoughts

There’s just something so peaceful and serene about the beach.  I definitely felt that through the Ohana Beach Box this month.  It’s curated with a lot of care, and I love that many of these pieces are unique, handcrafted, artisan pieces you won’t find anywhere else.  I think that makes it extra special.  I would have loved to see more of the owners’ story in the box, maybe on the product card – she’s such a big part of this box, it would be neat to learn more about her process or the story behind some of the handmade products.

A beach subscription box like this would make a great gift for anyone who loves the beach, and who appreciates handmade products – or to treat yourself if that’s you!

Don’t miss the coupon code they’ve shared with us to take $10 off your first box!  It’s linked below.

-AYOB Jessica

Ohana Beach Box

Ohana Beach Box is like the beach delivered to your doorstep every month! Beachy themed products like jewelry, accessories, bath & body, and more!

Ships to:
Use code AYOB10 for $10 off your first Ohana Jewelry Subscription Box! Learn More about Ohana Beach Box »

3 comments on “Ohana Beach Box Review February 2024

  1. Lilly says:

    I think you should know two things about this lady and her box.
    1) I used a valid code, but I was still charged full price. I was NOT notified that the code was expired or not working before the total was charged on their last page . I had no opportunity to cancel.

    2) I have emailed the owner 3 times to ask that my subscription be cancelled for the next billing cycle and thereafter. I get NO response. In her FAQ, she says ” Do not contact me through FB, Insta, or other SM to CANCEL” which gives the impression that I am not the only one who has had cancelling. I am stuck with something I didn’t realize was almost all stickers. I thought it was starfish and beachy jewelry, pouches. Nope, it’s not, so it’s not for me.

  2. Lilly says:

    I would like to apologize for the above post. It is not always a beach- themed box, but I think it is worth the price every month. Also, I was not kind and there’s no excuse for rudeness. I am dealing with a new and serious disease, but it’s not the fault of anyone at all.
    I am so so sorry. The photographs of Katherine’s work are beautiful.

  3. Hi Lilly, I’m glad you were able to get it sorted, and I’m sorry to hear you’re facing a new health challenge. Sometimes box owners don’t want to be contacted for pressing issues by social media because they are faster to respond through their preferred method of contact such as email or chat.

    If there is something from the February box (pictured above) that you really wanted to receive, I’d be happy to send it to you from my box! Just let me know. Wishing you all the best!

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