Orglamix Review January 2017

Orglamix is a vegan and cruelty-free beauty subscription box. Their mission is one of not only beauty, but also compassion. For every box sold, they provide a meal to orphaned children in need. Look good, feel good, do good. They’re empowering women + changing lives one box at a time. They kindly sent me this box for review.

Orglamix mailed their first box in February of last year but this will be my first time reviewing the vegan beauty box. Yup, that’s right! This gorgeous little box is full of VEGAN beauty products. Imagine how excited I am right now. Need me to tell you? SO DANG excited!

January Theme

Every month promises a different theme. This month the theme is “detox” and that makes so very happy. I don’t know why I love the idea of detoxing so much, but I do. The product card says:

Happy New Year! January may be half over, but that doesn’t mean everyone isn’t still talking about detoxifying. However, laying off the wine isn’t the only way to clean up your act. Add a little activated charcoal to your beauty routine, the results may amaze you.

Activated Charcoal is the new craze, and for good reason. Here’s the deal:

Activated Charcoal acts as a powerful sponge to suck up any impurities, chemicals, dirt, and other such micro-partials in its path. It’s the ultimate way to detox. 

Overnight Detox Face Oil

This lightweight, dry oil is a 100 percent plant-based formula that helps support natural cell renewal and toxin elimination. Free-radicals and dead cells are eliminated during the nighttime when cells are most efficient at healing. Skin is left smooth, hydrated, and youthful-looking.

Face oil is amazing!!! I rave about it all the time. If you are a little hesitant to try it, take my word for it, it’s not scary at all! I use to think it would make my skin oily, clog my pores, etc. But, it doesn’t do those things at all. I use some sort of face oil every day and I’m really looking forward to testing this one out. The idea that it supports toxin elimination really intrigues me.

Charcoal Aloe Face Cleanser

All natural treatment cleanser formulated with organic ingredients for daily use or as needed for treatment use. Activated bamboo charcoal draws out skin pollutants, helps to heal and prevent breakouts. Aloe gently hydrates to prevent over drying. Blended with antibacterial essential oils to help eliminate bacteria on the skins surface and deep within pores, smooth the skin and reduce inflammation.

I rarely use face cleanser. I usually just use a natural soap. But, the fact that this one is made with bamboo charcoal really makes me want to try it. And antibacterial essential oils! That sounds fun, truly it does.

Black Magic Detox Sugar Scrub

Detox scrub is activated charcoal and pure organic cane sugar both of which are believed to detox the skin, tighten pores and smooth skin texture. Add to that an exquisitely uplifting fragrance with a healthy helping of essential oils.

I feel like this is an awesome combination. I love a good scrub, and I love activated charcoal (so far). I feel like this will work very well. Is that weird? I haven’t even tried it yet, but I have a good feeling about it.

Charcoal Konjac Sponge

If you are looking for a gentle way to exfoliate, a konjac sponge laced with charcoal is for you. Made from the root of konnyaku plant, the natural sponge is gentle enough to use daily – just apply a pump of your cleanser to the sponge and massage it over your face for soft skin without irritation.

Now this is where I need to take a little breather and do some thinking. I have received Konjac Sponges before, but I always end up gifting them. I feel like I haven’t really given them a chance. But’s it’s probably because I haven’t really done my research, and didn’t know you were suppose to use them with your cleanser. When I tried them before I just used them on their own. I like the idea of using them with my cleanser much better. I’m going to commit to using this one for at least a month. I’ve heard great things about these sponges. Time to jump on the Konjac train.

Skin Detox Tea

Here’s to a Healthy Glow! Our skin reflects our diet and lifestyle choices: it’s the mirror to internal health. It’s just as essential to cleanse from the inside; reducing internal impurities can help to promote cleaner, glowing skin. Yogi Skin DeTox was purposefully formulated to support a healthy skin care regimen.

YES!!! This is amazing! I have been looking for a tea that would support healthy skin, and here it is. I think I might be most excited about this item. I am going to give this tea a try and will probably end up purchasing a box for myself.

Orglamix Review January 2017

So here’s the deal. This box has me pumped up to test out a new skincare routine, and that rarely happens, if ever. I am VERY careful with my skincare products because I went through a phase in my 20’s when my skin was horrible. Not a lot of people know that, so consider yourselves on the in. I thought it was important to tell you all this personal info so you would know how much it means for me to say that I am considering a new routine. It’s HUGE! After going through my first Orglamix box, I kind of want to set all my current skincare faves aside and test out all 4 of these items for the next month……really give it a good shot.

Oh…..and did you know they also have makeup and fragrances! I wonder if we will see those kind of items in future boxes? Pretty darn excited about this one.





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