Panda Crate Review December 2021

Panda Crate is a bimonthly subscription from KiwiCo for ages 0-24 months. Curated based on the science of early development and are practical, helpful, and convenient for parents.

I decided about a month ago that I wanted to sign Steven up for a couple subscriptions. I went through our list of kid’s boxes and decided on Lovevery and Panda Crate. Lovevery is a box I had received before and therefore knew what to expect, but I have never reviewed Panda Crate and have always been interested in trying it.

So…..let’s have a look and learn about this cute little subscription together…..

Subscription Details

What You Get: Stage-specific quality products in every Panda Crate. Each crate includes a set of high-quality products made just for your child’s developmental stage.

How it works

  • Enter the child’s birth or due date. We offer products specific to each baby’s age.
  • Choose a plan. Pick a subscription plan that’s right for you. Pause or cancel anytime.
  • Receive crates every other month. First crate ships in 2 days!

First of all, I LOVE the packaging and I love how organized everything is. They get an A+ for first impressions.

Here’s a closer look at our December Panda Crate….


This month’s box is all about……

  • hand-eye coordination
  • focus
  • depth perception
  • visual discrimination

Activity Cards

Here we have a set of cards with tips and activities corresponding to the stage at which little Steven is at.

Wood Rainbow

Build hand-eye coordination with a colourful puzzle.

This cute little stacking puzzle will help Steven with color recognition, and he can learn to build and balance pieces.

Ramp Racer

Roll a ball down a ramp to explore physics and motion.

I’m not really loving the fact that this racer came with a wooden ball, only because Steven loves to throw balls as of late and my walls/floors don’t appreciate that, but I do love the idea of the toy itself. He will have a ton of fun with this.

Butterfly Drop

Follow the butterfly’s path to promote visual tracking.

How fun is this! Steven can drop the little butterfly in the top and follow it as it travels down to the bottom. I’m even excited to play with this one:)

Spin-and-Slide Board

Strengthen visual discrimination skills with seek-and-find play.

Steven is a typical boy who loves moving parts, figuring out how things work, and learning how to maneuver things himself, so he is going to adore this spin-and-slide board. And it will be perfect for travel.

Poppy’s Duck Chase

Follow along as Poppy gets a stray duckling home safe.

Here we have an adorable little book, perfect for toddlers given the compact size and the fun illustrations.

Add-On Book

We also had the option to add on a book with each crate and as much as I love our books, I think this is something I am going to cancel for future boxes. The box itself already included a book so this is perhaps a little redundant.

Panda Crate Review December 2021 – Final Thoughts

For our very first Panda Crate, I am impressed! As I mentioned above I love how organized everything is, and I also love the reading material for the grown-ups. I think the toys are perfect for the stage Steven is at and I appreciate the fact that they are made with wood and pretty to look at. I also love the fact that the box included a book. I will cancel our book add-on option which will save me a little bit of money and make the box itself more suited to our budget. Overall I am VERY happy with Panda Crate and can’t wait to receive our next box.

-AYOB Sarah

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