Panda Pals by Sock Panda Review March 2017

Sock Panda designs original socks and sends them to you every month. They also donate a pair to the homeless for every subscription. Choose from different types of fun socks for every personality type such as bold and conservative, and designed for Men, Women, Tweens, and Kids. They kindly sent us this box for review.

This will be our first time reviewing one of the subscription options from Sock Panda; hopefully the first of many reviews. Sock Panda has a few different subscription options to choose from:

  • Men’s Sock Subscription
  • Women’s Sock Subscription
  • Tweens Sock Subscription (9-11 years)
  • Kids Sock Subscription (3-8 years)

Today we are reviewing the Kid Sock Subscriptions, otherwise known as Panda Pals!

Panda Pals subscriptions include socks and fun things to do: brain teasers, games, crafts, stickers and more…..

Activity Sheet

From what I understand, Panda Pals introduces a pal each month. This month they are featuring Charlie the Monkey! They have included him on the activity sheet, which is a super cute idea. I didn’t know that they included little extras like this, I think it is a wonderful idea. Your child can color, learn the alphabet, work on their math and do a word scramble.


We definitely have a reading theme this month, and that is something else I didn’t know about Sock Panda – they have monthly themes!

The stickers are another fun item for this age range.

Charlie the Monkey Socks

These are stinkin’ cute!! Oh my goodness. Just look at the details. How cute are the ears!

Alphabet Socks

These aren’t as cute as Charlie the Monkey but I still love them. Why you might ask? Because they fit the theme perfectly and I LOVE a good theme.

Panda Pals by Sock Panda Review March 2017 – Final Thoughts

What an adorable little subscription box! My first Sock Panda delivery exceeded my expectations. I love how organized and professional this subscription is. I love that they have an option for everyone in the family, and I love that the kids subscription has a bit of a theme going on. To say that I am pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. I think this just might be my favourite sock subscription for children. Not only do they receive something they “need” but they also receive something they “want”. I’m all about necessities when it comes to subscription boxes. Everyone needs new socks every now and then, and the activity sheet and stickers jazz up the subscription and provide some entertainment. We should be receiving the adult subscription any day now and I can’t wait to see what that package includes!





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