Panty Drop Review September 2016

Panty Drop Review September 2016

I think I have a new favourite panty subscription. This will be my first Panty Drop review so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Panty subscription are pretty straight forward, but the panties themselves vary and so do the subscription options. I already had a peek in the box and it was love at first sight.

Panty Drop Details

If you aren’t familiar with Panty Drop it is a premium women’s underwear subscription box that delivers a personalized box of designer panties to your door, matched to your panty preferences. Get 3 pairs in each box, with prices starting from $35 per box.



The Box: Panty Drop


  • Basic – $35 per quarter
  • Premium – $65 per quarter

What You Get: 3 pairs of underwear, shipped every 3 months. Customize your shipment frequency anytime. Each box is curated based on your personal preferences.

Ships to: US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

Shipping Cost: FREE to US

Coupon Code: Use code BTS2016 to get 15% off Panty Drop gift subscriptions – CLICK HERE

YouTube Unboxing: CLICK HERE

Subscription Details

When you sign up for a Panty Drop subscription you have a few options to choose from. First you choose between the basic and the premium subscription. Each one features panties from different brands. The basic subscription includes brands such as Honeydew Intimates and Felina. The Premium subscription includes brands such as Commando and Hanky Panky. Today I am reviewing the Premium subscription.

After you choose your subscription you then let them know your size (xs, s, m, l, xl) and what style you would prefer (thong, bikini, boy shorts). You also get to choose the materials you would like to receive – performance, cotton or lace.

Commando Printed Thong

If you aren’t familiar with Commando Thongs, you need to be. I absolutely LOVE them. They are the most comfortable panties I own, and they are seamless. They are the perfect panty to wear under your yoga pants… panty lines.


Commando Solid Thong

I’m really happy that they included a printed thong and a solid thong. I like to have both in my panty drawer.

Commando Printed Bikini

How fun are these! I love printed panties, and love them even more when they are versatile like these ones are. You could easily pair these with a black bra, pink brad, blue bra, etc…. I’m one of those girls who needs to match her panties to her bra…..maybe too much info, but it’s true.

Panty Drop Review September 2016 – Final Thoughts

My first Panty Drop box is better than expected. I was so excited when I opened it up and saw 3 pairs of Commando Panties inside. These are a must-have for any panty drawer. They are comfortable, don’t show lines, and don’t cut in at the top. My only complaint would be the fact that Panty Drop isn’t a monthly subscription, it is quarterly. I definitely want to receive a package like this every month!





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