Penny + Grace Review August 2019

Penny + Grace has gotten a makeover! This modern, minimalist jewelry subscription box just recently revamped some of its packaging. It now includes a gorgeous blush faux leather pouch and each jewelry piece comes in a little soft white pouch.

The monthly box is $24.99 USD, but you receive $65+ worth of product. Each month you will get three curated pieces of jewelry that create a stunning collection. When signing up for Penny + Grace you can customize your profile to choose what colour metal you’d like to receive, your ring size, and if you’d like to receive earrings or not. You can also cancel or skip a box at anytime.

In the August 2019 Penny + Grace box, there is a clear theme with the pieces all having something to do with the sky!

Hot Air Balloon Necklace

First up in the box is this dainty gold necklace with a hot air balloon charm. The chain is simple and the charm is ‘cut-out’ of a hot air balloon. A super fun and playful piece.

Birds Necklace

Next up is this gold necklace with birds on it! The necklace is a simple chain with three birds on it. I think this piece is super gorgeous and would look lovely paired with the hot air balloon necklace.

Cloud Earrings

To finish off the collection are these adorable gold cloud studs. I love the clean minimalistic shape of them. They are the perfect fit to wear with the birds and hot air balloon necklaces!

Penny + Grace Review August 2019 – Final Thoughts

I’m loving the new  Penny + Grace packaging, they will be excellent for packing up your jewelry pieces when travelling! I also love how cohesive this set is without it being too “matchy”. The Penny + Grace box is perfect for anyone who wants to keep up their jewelry, but also might not have the time to look for new pieces each month. A great box!

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