Penny + Grace Review February 2018

Delicate, modern, and beautiful jewelry is what you’ll get if you subscribe to the Penny + Grace monthly subscription box. For only $19.99 USD ($25.61 CAN) the Penny + Grace box contains three gorgeous pieces of jewelry that equate to at least $55+ USD. That’s a pretty great deal if you ask me! An added bonus to this box is you also get to choose what colour metal you want your jewelry to be in – silver, 18k yellow gold or 18k rose gold. You can easily change your colour preferences each month, and if you’re wanting a total surprise you can even choose ‘surprise me’ as a colour option. Also, for those of you who might be sensitive to certain pieces jewelry, all of Penny + Grace’s jewelry is 100 percent nickel and lead free.

For the February 2018 box, I received the rose gold colour – which is my obsession. But before we dive into the goods, let’s chat about the adorable packaging. Penny + Grace doesn’t actually come in a physical box, but instead a padded and beautifully printed envelope. I’m living for the colour combo!

When you finally stop admiring the pretty envelope and open it, you’ll reach in to find a cute black pouch that says Penny + Grace with a sweet little pin on it. I’m definitely going to use this either as a jewelry bag or makeup bag for travelling. Inside the black pouch is where you’ll find three smaller white pouches that house each piece of jewelry.

Heart Bracelet

In my February box the first thing I pulled out of the pouch was the sweetest rose gold Heart Bracelet. The bracelet is a single heart that lays flat against your skin on a simple chain. It also has three different rings to attach it together for three sizing options. It’s seriously the cutest bracelet I’ve ever seen. The price: $18 USD.

Je T’aime Necklace

The second item I pulled out just might be my favourite. And that is the Je T’aime Stamped Necklace in rose gold. This necklace has a single circle pendant with the words ‘Je T’aime’ stamped on the circle. The chain is a really nice length, with three length options like the bracelet. I’m getting all the Parisian vibes from this beautiful piece! The price: $22 USD.

Double Heart Necklace

Last up, is the Double Heart Lariat Necklace in rose gold. I really love this piece. What I like about lariat necklaces is that you can adjust them to sit the way you like. I think this necklace would look particularly nice with a v-neck cut top or dress. It’s delicate, but definitely makes a statement. The price: $20 USD.

Penny + Grace Review February 2018 – Final Thoughts

I just love this box. For what you get – in this case $60 USD of product – for only $19.99 USD, it’s so worth it. Each piece is simply stunning, and gorgeous quality. And I love that they played off of Valentine’s Day with the heart theme for the box. I also think that these pieces of jewelry would be such beautiful gifts. All in all, this box is a gem!

Xo, V

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