Penny + Grace Review June 2018

Penny + Grace’s June subscription box contains three gorgeous pieces to spruce up your jewelry collection. But before we dive into what each piece is, let me give you the low-down on how Penny + Grace run its jewelry box subscription:

What are you signing up for? A monthly box filled with three gorgeous, dainty and modern pieces of jewelry. It could be anything from necklaces, bracelets, to earrings.

How much does it cost? $19.99 USD a month, and you get at least $55 USD worth of jewelry each month.

What colour metal is the jewelry? When you create an account you can choose what colour metal either silver, gold, or rose gold. And if you want a surprise on what colour you get each month you can even choose surprise me!

Okay now back to the goodies! This month in my Penny + Grace envelope I received two necklaces and a bracelet. And the bracelet and one of the necklaces are a matching set.

Cactus Stamped Necklace – $22 USD

First up in the June box is one of Penny + Grace’s signature stamped necklaces – the Cactus Stamped Necklace in Rose Gold. This time the stamped design is of a super cute cactus plant. The stamp design is so well done and I think this is a perfect layering piece for summer!

Cora Hammered Bracelet – $22 USD

Next, is one of the matching set items, the Cora Hammered Bracelet in Rose Gold. I absolutely love the design of this bracelet. It is the wonderful piece for everyday or to dress up! Also because of it’s flat design it’s very comfortable to wear.

Cora Hammered Necklace – $26 USD

Lastly is the matching necklace to the bracelet above, the Cora Hammered Necklace in Rose Gold. Just like the bracelet this is a necklace you can easily dress up or down. The cora hammered design is super classy and is the perfect touch to this minimalistic piece.

Final Thoughts

Just like the previous Penny + Grace boxes I’ve received the stunning design and quality of the jewelry inside did not disappoint. But, the biggest surprise of this month’s box was actually how much ‘bang-for-your-buck’ you received. The total box value of all three items is $70 USD which means you’re paying less than a THIRD for it – what a deal! If you love jewelry, I would highly recommend this box. It takes the ease out of shopping and ships beautiful, good quality jewelry to your door every month. Can’t wait for next month’s box!

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